Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ello govnah

I can't believe that there are only 2 weeks left of January. What this is crazy. I can't believe that Kate and Jeff are both home!! It sounds like they both did a great job on their talks too. I bet Kate's English is hilarious. Haha that's great! Only  2 months til e comes home? Crazy!! :) 
It sounds like things at home are going great! And it sounds like mom and dad had a fun week in Arizona! Also glad to hear the Utes are doing great this season sad to hear they lost but glad it's only been like what 3 loses? That's what's up!!! 

This week was great!! It went by so fast though. But I will try and give you a good update :) on Tuesday we had really good lesson with lady named Mary. She is really cool. She wants to know the truth and has so many questions about the Book of Mormon. It's great :) when we were teaching her about joseph smith the spirit was so strong. It was amazing. And well on Tuesday night we had a great night. Except I got chased by a huge black dog. It was TERRIFYING. I was backing Hermana torres out and I saw this dog and it was barking and coming at me. I didn't think much of it but then I realized that it was coming at me! So I freaked out and ran to the door of the car and was like "open it open it open it" and i scared Hermana Torres to death I think. Haha all in all I got in and we were safe from the doggy :) 

I got sick on Thursday morning. It was bad. I had a huge headache and just thought I was going to throw up. And you all know how I am when I am sick... Haha don't worry I held it together. I started to feel better and by about 11 I was back to myself again. We had a really good lesson that night with angie and eddy. We taught them the plan of salvation and sister Hales came with us. It was great. Angie absolutely loved it and she just wants to be baptized so badly. She is amazing. The only problem is that we need them to get married first and eddy is a little mas o menos... Hermana Torres and I did a special fast on Saturday for them and are hoping things will work out so they can get married and then baptized :) yahoo! 

Saturday was a great day!! But a crazy day. We taught this new lady her name is Jessie and she is so dang cute. Seriously and she was really taking in the whole lesson and everything. It was great! Then we had Hermana Socorro come with us for the afternoon, Sister nobles mom. It was so fun. :) 

We had our first 3rd sunday sacrament meeting in Spanish on Sunday. It went great and we had about 25-30 people there. Hermana Torres and sister noble spoke. They both did a great job! :) OH also we had a really good lesson with Sabu and committed him to live the word of wisdom. Yahoo :) also my testimony grew so much stronger for the word of wisdom and why it is so important. Before we came to earth we saw that Heavenly Father had body and we wanted one so badly, Heavenly Father gave us one and it's our responsibility to take care of it. We shouldn't do anything to defile it or make it sick. I really am so grateful for the word of wisdom and the blessings I receive by obeying it. 

Things are going great here. I feel like my Spanish is improving and I'm starting to get a hang of it more and more. So that makes me so happy. Well I hope you guys have a great week! I will be enjoying the weather. It is suppose to get up to the 60s and sunny all week :) l love you all so much! 

Hermana Brown :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sorry if this email is crazy and makes no sense

Hello! :) 

Well this week was crazy busy but so much fun! We had a great FHE with Sabu and the Hales family. Their daughter Rebecca got baptized on Thursday and so we had a lesson talking about baptism and understanding it. Sabu really seemed to like it. One thing I loved is that he seemed so concerned about making such a strong and important covenant. He really just wants to make sure this is what he wants to do before he does something he isn't fully committed too. I really loved that because he truly wants to know for himself and he wants to know the truth of all things too. His desire inspires me so much. So that of course was great! The Columbia English sisters are in a trio right now and two of them had to go to a meeting in Nashville on Tuesday so sister Owen came with us! It was fun to be in a trio! We had a ton of good lessons and all that jazz. Sister Owen is on her trial mission and she actually got her real mission call to the tennessee Nashville mission. What?! Crazy!!!! So she leaves in two weeks, goes to the mtc for a week and then comes right back :) so that's exciting. She is great. 

We had interviews this week with president and that is always fun. And always a good time. President Andersen is just amazing. He really is just great and is an amazing mission president. On Thursday we had Rebecca's baptism and it was really nice. It actually made me think back a ton about my own baptism. I loved my baptism and I am so grateful to have that memory of my baptism. We had both Franco and Sabu came and Sabu even sang with the family for the musical number. Haha he was representing the future members :) well I have some sad news... We have to drop Felipe. He just doesn't want it anymore. He always makes appointments with us and then we go to teach him and he is no where to be found. He just isn't making commitments and isn't progressing... So that is pretty sad. 

Also this week it got down to 10 degrees!!!! But it had a wind chill of -3. I was dying. It was so cold. And the humid cold is seriously just so much different from a dry cold. I am freezing yet my hands are super clamy.. Weird right? Haha who knows. WELL also we had a great miracle today. We were at the laundry mat and we saw this Hispanic guy and decided to talk with him. WELL we come to find out that he has just moved here not to long ago and doesn't know that may people. Well we start telling him about the gospel and our message and he really likes it. He says that yesterday his brother called him and told him he needed to start going to a church. And then today he was on his way driving to a different laundry mat but felt like he needed to come to this one. WHAT. how amazing is that?? The lord truly is preparing so many people. We are going to meet with him this week :) also he lives on the same street as almost all our SPANISH members. How amazing is that? I am so grateful to be here and serving the lord :) the work is great!!! 

It sounds like mom and dad are having fun in Arizona. I am jealous. The heat sounds nice. Also I got a hair cut... My ends were so bad. But I didn't get much taken off so that's good.  I'm jealous of the oranges and fruit trees too. I can't believe Kate and Jeff get home this week. That is so crazy!!!! Tell them I say hello. Next up is e! Even crazier :) 

Well I hope you all have a good week :) and are having fun in Arizona and with school and all. I love it here and I love you too. Thanks for all your prayers and love and support. Have a good week :) 

Hermana Brown :)
cute Rebecca at her baptism

Freezing cold

The temp

Monday, January 5, 2015


Happy 2015! 
How was everyone's new year?? I hope it was good! :) mine was very different but fun! We had to be in at 6 pm on Wednesday night but president approved the movies Ephraims Courage and 17 miracles to watch that night so we borrowed them from a member. It was great! We did a little New Years toast around 8:30 ;) haha don't worry I made sure we bought some sparking cider too! Haha BUT fun fact. As we were watching the movies I started thinking about our family history and I pulled out the family history stuff mom put together for me. WELL. We are related to Ephraim Hanks!! He married Harriet Decker Little? Haha how cool is that?? So that's a fun history fact :) haha then on Thursday we got to sleep until 8! We had studies from 9-11 and then we got together with all the sisters in the zone at the church! We were at the church from 12-6! It was pretty fun we watched FROZEN! Sorry to say E still hasn't seen it... But a ton of the sisters in my zone hadn't seen it either. Haha so that was fun. We hung out and talked and watched how to train your dragon 2 And that was just awful then we watched frozen again. Haha it was great! We came home and planned for Friday and then hung out and went to bed early. It was SUCH a weird day. Literally didn't do anything. But New Years was of course still a fun time :) 

I feel like so much has happened this last week but I just can't remember any of it.. Weird. It's crazy how fast everything is going by! We hadn't seen Felipe ALL week. We were heart broken. We stopped by his place on Saturday night and he just wasn't himself... I think he had been drinking. I was even more heartbroken. What's worse, he didn't come to church Sunday either :( but that's okay! He will get there. I know it! 

A few weeks ago we met this guy and then totally forgot to remember to go visit him again (worst missionaries ever...) well, we saw him at Walmart and he remembered us and asked when we're gonna come by again. Well we stopped by last Sunday but couldn't go in because his wife was at work. We made a plan to come Saturday with some members. His name is Sabas and he is so awesome!!! Just this way cool guy. We had a great lesson with him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. We had 2 members come, Dorian and Ashly (married) and Dorian just bore an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon! It was awesome. We can't wait to go and visit him again! 

We have been teaching Angele's boyfriend this week and so far it's been pretty great!! But it's hard because we aren't sure what he is trying to do or what he wants out of the lessons... He read some of the Book of Mormon but not much. 

On Monday we found this way awesome guy, Miguel and his 7 year old daughter Maria at the laundry. They are awesome!! We made an appointment Wednesday night but then had to cancel cuz we had to be in at 6... BUT we have a new appointment for this Wednesday. We are pretty excited. He is such a nice guy and his daughter is just beautiful! We feel pretty hopeful for them! 

Sorry this week sounds kind of lame but it really was great! And we did a ton too! I am really starting to love this area more and more and to love the people even more! Yesterday I fasted to have the gift of discernment and interpretation of tongues. I'm not saying am fluent or understand all Spanish, but as i sat in Sunday school I was able to understand everything being taught. How amazing is that? Fast and prayer really truly work :) I love bein out here and serving! Congrats to cute Lynn too! Give her a big hug for me. Love you all so much! Have a good week!! 

Hermana Brown :) 
 Pretty Tennessee sunsets

New Years toast

Frozen with the zone!

Hermana Torres outside the great and spacious building.