Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ello govnah

I can't believe that there are only 2 weeks left of January. What this is crazy. I can't believe that Kate and Jeff are both home!! It sounds like they both did a great job on their talks too. I bet Kate's English is hilarious. Haha that's great! Only  2 months til e comes home? Crazy!! :) 
It sounds like things at home are going great! And it sounds like mom and dad had a fun week in Arizona! Also glad to hear the Utes are doing great this season sad to hear they lost but glad it's only been like what 3 loses? That's what's up!!! 

This week was great!! It went by so fast though. But I will try and give you a good update :) on Tuesday we had really good lesson with lady named Mary. She is really cool. She wants to know the truth and has so many questions about the Book of Mormon. It's great :) when we were teaching her about joseph smith the spirit was so strong. It was amazing. And well on Tuesday night we had a great night. Except I got chased by a huge black dog. It was TERRIFYING. I was backing Hermana torres out and I saw this dog and it was barking and coming at me. I didn't think much of it but then I realized that it was coming at me! So I freaked out and ran to the door of the car and was like "open it open it open it" and i scared Hermana Torres to death I think. Haha all in all I got in and we were safe from the doggy :) 

I got sick on Thursday morning. It was bad. I had a huge headache and just thought I was going to throw up. And you all know how I am when I am sick... Haha don't worry I held it together. I started to feel better and by about 11 I was back to myself again. We had a really good lesson that night with angie and eddy. We taught them the plan of salvation and sister Hales came with us. It was great. Angie absolutely loved it and she just wants to be baptized so badly. She is amazing. The only problem is that we need them to get married first and eddy is a little mas o menos... Hermana Torres and I did a special fast on Saturday for them and are hoping things will work out so they can get married and then baptized :) yahoo! 

Saturday was a great day!! But a crazy day. We taught this new lady her name is Jessie and she is so dang cute. Seriously and she was really taking in the whole lesson and everything. It was great! Then we had Hermana Socorro come with us for the afternoon, Sister nobles mom. It was so fun. :) 

We had our first 3rd sunday sacrament meeting in Spanish on Sunday. It went great and we had about 25-30 people there. Hermana Torres and sister noble spoke. They both did a great job! :) OH also we had a really good lesson with Sabu and committed him to live the word of wisdom. Yahoo :) also my testimony grew so much stronger for the word of wisdom and why it is so important. Before we came to earth we saw that Heavenly Father had body and we wanted one so badly, Heavenly Father gave us one and it's our responsibility to take care of it. We shouldn't do anything to defile it or make it sick. I really am so grateful for the word of wisdom and the blessings I receive by obeying it. 

Things are going great here. I feel like my Spanish is improving and I'm starting to get a hang of it more and more. So that makes me so happy. Well I hope you guys have a great week! I will be enjoying the weather. It is suppose to get up to the 60s and sunny all week :) l love you all so much! 

Hermana Brown :)

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