Friday, January 16, 2015

Sorry if this email is crazy and makes no sense

Hello! :) 

Well this week was crazy busy but so much fun! We had a great FHE with Sabu and the Hales family. Their daughter Rebecca got baptized on Thursday and so we had a lesson talking about baptism and understanding it. Sabu really seemed to like it. One thing I loved is that he seemed so concerned about making such a strong and important covenant. He really just wants to make sure this is what he wants to do before he does something he isn't fully committed too. I really loved that because he truly wants to know for himself and he wants to know the truth of all things too. His desire inspires me so much. So that of course was great! The Columbia English sisters are in a trio right now and two of them had to go to a meeting in Nashville on Tuesday so sister Owen came with us! It was fun to be in a trio! We had a ton of good lessons and all that jazz. Sister Owen is on her trial mission and she actually got her real mission call to the tennessee Nashville mission. What?! Crazy!!!! So she leaves in two weeks, goes to the mtc for a week and then comes right back :) so that's exciting. She is great. 

We had interviews this week with president and that is always fun. And always a good time. President Andersen is just amazing. He really is just great and is an amazing mission president. On Thursday we had Rebecca's baptism and it was really nice. It actually made me think back a ton about my own baptism. I loved my baptism and I am so grateful to have that memory of my baptism. We had both Franco and Sabu came and Sabu even sang with the family for the musical number. Haha he was representing the future members :) well I have some sad news... We have to drop Felipe. He just doesn't want it anymore. He always makes appointments with us and then we go to teach him and he is no where to be found. He just isn't making commitments and isn't progressing... So that is pretty sad. 

Also this week it got down to 10 degrees!!!! But it had a wind chill of -3. I was dying. It was so cold. And the humid cold is seriously just so much different from a dry cold. I am freezing yet my hands are super clamy.. Weird right? Haha who knows. WELL also we had a great miracle today. We were at the laundry mat and we saw this Hispanic guy and decided to talk with him. WELL we come to find out that he has just moved here not to long ago and doesn't know that may people. Well we start telling him about the gospel and our message and he really likes it. He says that yesterday his brother called him and told him he needed to start going to a church. And then today he was on his way driving to a different laundry mat but felt like he needed to come to this one. WHAT. how amazing is that?? The lord truly is preparing so many people. We are going to meet with him this week :) also he lives on the same street as almost all our SPANISH members. How amazing is that? I am so grateful to be here and serving the lord :) the work is great!!! 

It sounds like mom and dad are having fun in Arizona. I am jealous. The heat sounds nice. Also I got a hair cut... My ends were so bad. But I didn't get much taken off so that's good.  I'm jealous of the oranges and fruit trees too. I can't believe Kate and Jeff get home this week. That is so crazy!!!! Tell them I say hello. Next up is e! Even crazier :) 

Well I hope you all have a good week :) and are having fun in Arizona and with school and all. I love it here and I love you too. Thanks for all your prayers and love and support. Have a good week :) 

Hermana Brown :)
cute Rebecca at her baptism

Freezing cold

The temp

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