Wednesday, October 29, 2014


HAPPY TWO MONTHS TO ME. So I have realized that in all my other emails it s been about my week and I will keep doing that, but I kinda wanna tell yall about Tennessee!! Okay so there are trees everywhere! And like hills too. And Saturdays are my favorite because everyone is just walking around places in their Tennessee orange t shirts. It's so cute! It's kinda funny though because it's kinda like byu and Utah but Tennessee and Alabama hahaha I always tell people i know one of the quarterbacks... Hahaha anyway, as you know the south is called the Bible Belt, and it's so beyond true!!! First, there are SO many churches. And it's just crazy. Like the same religion, but 12 different churches, with different names and it just a lot. To me that doesn't make much sense....but whatever haha it's actually pretty amazing to watch people's faces when we tell them that our church is all over the world. It's also awesome because then we can ask them if they have ever wondered why there are so many churches, a great way to go into the restoration! So far we have only had one time where someone kinda wanted to bible bash a bit... (Some preacher) but we stayed cool and just let him talk. But occasionally I had to slip In a couple verses to help him understand. It was so interesting. He was trying to tell us that in the bible it says we should not add or take away from the word of God, trying to tell us that the Book of Mormon contradicts the bible, but he is reading this verse out of some modern bible that doesn't even use the correct words as the bible. And I just was thinking... Man you are doing exactly what the bible says you shouldn't do!  The people are pretty nice here. But some people can be pretty rude too... But it's all good! I'm lucky and Hispanics are all really really nice to us. To be honest I haven't had like super good southern food yet.... Mostly cuz we eat with Hispanics... But that also means REALLY good authentic food too... Not complaining :) 

This week was good, we had some way good lessons with Felipe! On Monday we had the most amazing lesson. We have really gotten past that awkward stage and finally we are getting better acquainted with him. And we joke around which is good but then we have like these amazing lessons! He felt the spirit so strongly. It was awesome. He was almost in tears. It was great! We talked about baptism again but not so much pressure on him. He says he wants a family like mine and Hermana Torres. He wants happiness. He says it's hard because he needs to show his faith, then he said, well maybe that is by baptism. I was smiling so hard it probably scared him but whatever. It was great. He is so awesome! But please please pray for him. He needs it! I'm afraid he is starting to go into a depression and we really don't want that at all. He is amazing. I can really start seeing people as Christ's sees them since being out on the mission. It's incredible. 

Another really cool thing happened to us on Tuesday night too! We decided to stop at the laundry mat before heading in for the night, we had about 20 mins left and we met this lady Rhonda. She was amazing. And I mean we didn't talk much about the gospel but we just chatted about life and everything. And she really was just awesome. We all connected so fast. And I just love her. She told us she loves learning about God and listening about other churches because after her mom passed away it's really helps her. Well I just bore my testimony about how our message will help her feel peace in her life and that she will be able to find happiness at those times. And she was just so cute and smiled and said "wow y'all are gonna make me cry" and we just told her we loved her and we barely know her and we hugged and she said she would call us... So I sure hope so! Then we are walking to the car and this lady comes like running to us and says "are you guys missionaries? Mormon missionaries?" And we go "yeah we are!" And goes "can I have s Book of Mormon? And a pamphlet if you have one?" I was in awe. So I guess this lady, Deborah, had the missionaries teach her and her mom like 20 years ago, but nothing really happened cuz her mom died and she moved her and she just kinda forgot about it all. Then she said the last few months she had been praying so hard to God for help and strength. And when she saw us she remembered the other missionaries that taught her mom. She said has been looking for us and wants to come to church. It was CRAZY. I about cried right there. I have been praying so hard to find someone who is looking for us. Ahhh she said she was gonna go home and read the Book of Mormon tonight. Wow. The lord is so amazing and I just am happy I get to experience all these miracles. 

Okay I just have one story that is probably my grossest story so far with bugs n all... But so idk if yall remember telling you about Tina but Tina just has a lot of problems and we always go and I visit her or try to once a week. Well we went yesterday and ohhhhh her trailer is full of bugs. Big ones, small ones, all kinds. It's so so so gross... No le Gusta. Like I didn't want to have a grossed out face the whole time but I probably did. But it was bad. Just all on the walls, floors, tables. Everywhere. It was awful. I just have a feeling dad would have maybe had a panic/freak out. We got out of the lesson and just looked at each other and wanted to cry cuz we thought we got bug infested. Seriously. Ew. 

This week was good and I am praying next week is too! :) I love you so much, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Have a good week and happy Halloween :) I will send pics next week from, our Ward Halloween party/ mine and Hermana Torres' Halloween party cuz we have to be in early that night. Love you all so much! 

Love always, 
Hermana Brown :)
We broke down and got mcdonalds breakfast today... I love those cinnamon melts

Cool bikes

Me, Anegles, Hermana Torres, and Anegles daughter Joselyn

The Piggly Wiggly

Tennessee Sweat Shirt

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tornados, trailer parks, and David Archuleta‏

This week has been an okay week but gone by fast! But also slow.... The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days... SO true. Well Monday was a good day, we just cleaned our nasty apartment and went to the store, which was a scene because we bought a little too many groceries for our baskets on our bikes haha but we made it work. Then, we were getting all ready to go out and teach Felipe and weather goes crazy. Serious. Then we get a text saying there is a tornado warning and to not go out until. 6:30 or told otherwise. So then about 6:15 we get a Text saying to not go out until 7... And then our zone leaders said we needed to be inside by 8:30 because the storm was gonna get worse, right when we got in at 8:30, things got crazy outside! It's amazing how brave I have gotten from coming out on my mission Winking face Tuesday was better but not by a ton, it's been hard getting around without a car, we trade with the elders every other week, and some of our members and investigators live so far away... Our closest member to us is the Abac family and it takes us about 40 mins just to walk to their house... Luckily we have been able to find rides. It's hard cause we want to ride our bikes, but when it's rainy and all sorts of windy we would rather just walk, it's a lot easier, and I mean I don't have rain pants like E does... Haha just kidding. BUT we challenged Felipe to get baptized on November 1st! He is so awesome. But also so frustrating to us as missionaries. He knows why baptism is important and how he needs it to change his life, he says he will prepare to be baptized that day but he can't commit.... It's so frustrating! I think he has a hard time reading the Book of Mormon and praying. We are going to focus more on that next lesson. We had dinner at the Abacs again and it was good! Just different. I am happy I have been taking those probiotics because seriously some of the stuff they give to us to eat is kind of a littler interesting. 

Wednesday was a better day! But we decided to bike... Oh man. Columbia just have like tons of little hills and it hurts. I should have been better prepared... But it was good for me! Oh but we had a terrible experience. We were knocking doors and on the last house we knock and the door is open and we can hear him and like 3 mins later this guy comes all wrapped up in some blanket. And we start talking to him and he goes "I would love to listen to your message, but let me hurry and go and put some clothes on..... We go "okay..." He walks inside and Hermana Torres and I just look at each other like what the heck.... But he was a nice guy and listened to our message and we talked for awhile! Then we headed back home because one of the ward members was bringing us dinner. Her name is sister Brady and wow she is the sweetest nicest southern lady you will ever meet! After we left for our appointment with Felipe. But we had to walk... And it was a lot farther on foot. But when we were about halfway there we got a text from him saying he just got back from his doctors appointment and he was so tired. I don't know if I mentioned this before, he fell at work a couple months ago and the doctors thought he would be paralyzed and he is now walking. Truly a miracle. And it's crazy, but this accident has really humbled him and helped him realize what he wants in his life. Anyway he canceled and that sucked because we still had an hour in a half before another member picked us up for our other lesson. So we just went finding. We had another lesson with a lady named Irene and she is awesome but is a talker! Unfortunately sister noble and Hermana Torres had to listen to her talk about the same thing for 1 hour, because the little girl just wanted to talk with me, in English. Even better Winking face but I taught her the restoration and I tried my best to help a 7 year old understand! 

Thursday was a great day! Like I said earlier, our area is huge and we cover a couple towns. Well we went to Franklin for a day and it's SO cute! I love it there. Franklin is actually really wealthy and where a ton of famous people live. It felt like straight out a movie scene. We went tracting there up in a trailer park and it was like heaven haha I think there were maybe 2 white families in the whole park, the rest = Hispanics. And it was like a nice trailer park too! Haha nice compared to the ghetto ones in Columbia. Then we decided to walk back to down town and wait for our ride. It is so cute. And I guess some LDS people own this frozen yogurt shop so we stopped by and they gave free frozen yogurt. My fav! We came back and met with Felipe. He is great, but it's just so hard. His life is hard right now. He doesn't do much and his kinda ex girlfriend/ not ex girlfriend won't let him see his son ever and he can't work and he is home alone all day. Can't walk all that well and is only 26... It's just hard. We read the book of Mormon  together and he loved it. We read in Enos and all about Enos' prayer and everything. It was awesome. We are still trying to do our best with that baptism date! 

Friday was a looooooong day! Since I have training and language study we are in the apartment for 2 extra hours... So that means until 12... Then we have lunch and on Friday we do daily planning which usually takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to do... But after weekly planning we went to go and have soupas at Hermana Angeles house. It was so fun. We taught her for awhile and talked about going to the temple. She is amazing. Hermana Torres and I have decided to give free English classes once a week! We went and made flyers and passed them around. As we were walking a guy in our Ward pulled up and invited us to dinner with his family. We walked over to the restaurant and it was so good. Really yummy southern food!the family was so nice. After we saw this girl we had talked to for a bit, Molly. She is so cute. And I feel like she really wants change in her life. 

Saturday was a good day! Hermana Anegles' sister, Olivia (who is Felipe's woman... Sorta...) was moving into a new apartment so in the morning we went and helped move. It was fun!! Hispanics are so awesome. I love them! After just went out teaching, and finding, and finding and teaching. It went great. We went to go meet with Felipe and when we got there their was no one but his brothers home so we couldn't go inside and his other brother and some friends were having a normal Saturday night... Drinking in the front. We left him with a quick message and an article about why the Book of Mormon is so important. We continued looking, walking, finding, and teaching the whole night. Spanish, I love it, but it has become a frustration for me. I just want to connect with my investigators and build that relationship....

Today was awesome!! We had a special mission meeting tonight and guess who was our guest speaker? DAVID ARCHULETA. it was really cool! All the sisters were kinda freaking out but it was just awesome. This week I have been stressing and been frustrated with Spanish and he just was a tender mercy to me, the things he said. One of my favorite things he said was, "Take a step. It's scary on the stormy waters. All you need to do is take a step and trust in the savior. Do you trust the savior? He will give you the strength to do the miracles that are out of your comfort zone." I need to just do the best I can with Spanish and trust that I can do the best I can because right now speaking in Spanish is definitely out of my comfort zone but I need to trust that the Savior will be there for me and help me get my message across the way. I also saw Elise!!!!! It was so fun! She was the first person I saw when we walked in the church! She is so dang cute. And I was so happy to see her! 

Overall this week was frustrating and really great at the same time! I am so happy to be here. And it just is such a tender mercy to be here and know that I have my support from my family. I love you all so much. Maybe even too much... Hahaha thanks for being the best, and of course, GO UTES! 

Hermana Brown 

Ps DAAAANK (do you guys miss me yet? Swag)
Country side of Tennessee

Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville and sunset

The activity day girls sent these to me, SO CUTE

Cats on a car

ME AND ELISE (I look kinda scary and gross cuz I was so tired.. But so happy and energized at the same time haha)

BIG leaf I found

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The First Time In Forever‏

Dear Mom and Dad,
This is gonna be a LONG email because I typed on my iPad just every night so I can get the most info to you guys for my first week :) but first I will tell you some basics. First off I need a bike, BUT good news, there is a walmart down the street and I can just buy one there. Is that okay? Should I just use the American Express? Second THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY WELCOME PACKAGE :) it was just what I needed :) I have the best mom and dad ever! I love you both so much! Okay get ready to read :) - my address is 1513 Hatcher Ln #F66 Columbia TN 38401 so check out on Google maps my ghetto home... Haha and just send letters and packages there too :) 

Tuesday 10/7/14 Today was a good day! My first day as what I felt like, a real missionary! How cool is that? Yesterday was a long day! Well listen to what happened on our way to Tennessee.... Okay the flight was like.... 45 mins, way short! But it was so bumpy... I hated every second of that.... Then as we were starting our descend you won't believe what happened. Our plane got struck by lightening!! Like all of a sudden there was this bright flash and pop and our plane made these weird movements and everyone on the flight was thinking the same thing.... Like holy crap our plane just got struck by lightening... Can you imagine how I reacted? So me and Hermana Levao said a prayer and then we landed like 10 minutes after that, safe and sound :) then we met president Anderson and sister Anderson too :) they are so nice! President Anderson reminds me of like a mix of Scott Hutchison and President Bryan... Haha he is awesome! We met with them then they told us to go proselyting in the airport while we were waiting for the Provo missionaries to come in. THAT WAS TERRIFYING. But after some prayers we were able to get the courage and pass out some Restoration pamphlets! After once the new missionaries came we left for the mission home. Wow. Tennessee is BEAUTIFUL. it has everything. Green. I felt completely at home. The mission presidents house is huge! And really nice. We had dinner then orientation stuff then we got our iPads which also is really nice. After we had a small devotional. I had a hard time staying awake. I was so tired. We finally got to bed at like 11:30! The beds at the mission home are SO COMFY. like the comfiest bed ever. I slept like a baby. Tuesday morning we had breakfast then packed up the cars and went to transfer meeting. That was cool. It was fun, all the missionaries who left this week spoke and then they announced us and our trainers! My trainer is Hermana Torres and she is from Texas. Her family is from Monterrey Mexico! She is fluent in Spanish and English, which is actually a blessing! She has only been out for 4 months! I love her, she is awesome! After we packed up our stuff in a members car and off we went to Columbia! It's about 45 mins south of Nashville! It's really awesome! I love it here!! It's what some people call the city sticks but definitely still a city! It's beautiful too with all trees and changing leaves. But it's crazy. So we are called to the Columbia Spanish area... But since we are the only Spanish we actually cover 2 other areas, spring hill and franklin! Which is like so far! Hermana Torres and I are "white washing" the area. Which means we both are new to the area. We are replacing elders and they haven't had Hermanas in like years they said! We got to our apartment and let's just say.... Sketchy haha and elders are pretty gross.... And it smells like Vegas haha the guy below us is like this crazy chain smoker... So we got all our stuff in and then we had a dinner appointment at some members house. The Abacs! They are really nice and from Guatemala! Dinner wasn't bad... Haha I didn't say much because well my Spanish isn't that good... Haha but I tried my best and just listened to as much as I could. The food wasn't bad but the drink was! So it made it even harder to swallow the food or to wash it down. The rest of the night we went tracting to a trailer park behind the Abacs house. It was kinda sketchy but we met some nice people and handed out some restoration pamphlets. After we went and met some of the investigators that the elders were teaching when they left! We went over the Aidee and Edger Ponce's house and man are they awesome! It's hard though because they have been investigating the church for 3 years!! Our goal is to get them baptized this transfer :) they are so nice. They have 3 boys too. Also we didn't know how to get back to our apartment and we didn't even know where we lived so Edgar had us follow him, it was so nice! We love them! Also there was a HUGE lightening and thunderstorm tonight which woke me up but I was so tired and out of it, I slept through it! 

Wednesday 10/8/14 Today we had our first district meeting! Our district has 6 people total and 3 are new... It was kind of an awkward hour and a half... But it was good! After the other sisters and Hermana Torres and I went to chick-fil-a! Yum. My favorite :) and mom's too! Haha later that night we went to dinner at a less active members house! It was really fun, we had a ton of food tho. By the end Hermana Torres and I both felt like we might throw up we were so full! After we went to a members home and met them! Sister Noble! She is like the best member missionary ever! She knows all out investigators and is always trying to help us help them. 

Thursday 10/9/14 Today was kind of a long day! But it was great. We met with one of the investigators that the elders left for us, Felipe. We taught him at sister nobles and the lesson went great. He is so ready for baptism! Hopefully we can set a date next week and work towards that date for the next 2 or so weeks :) he has so much faith! He said "I just want to find happiness and peace in my life" he totally has that desire and want to change!! That lesson went great. After sister noble made lunch for us, she is so awesome! We had BLT's and they were so dang good :) the rest of the day went well, but Hermana Torres and I thought we would attempt riding bikes since next week the elders have the car. FAIL. Haha we gave up once we got out of our parking lot. Hopefully this next week will be netter :) the night was good. We didn't have tons of luck but we talked to quite a few people. We were knocking trailers again and we met a cute 15 year old named Angela. She seemed pretty interested and so we got her number and are hoping to go and visit her next week :) 

Friday 10/10/14 Friday was like the best day ever!!! But really long too. We had studies all morning, conference call, and the our good old 3 hours of weekly planning! It rained ALL morning. Just pouring pouring pouring. I loved it. Anyway We went through our area book and made a huge map on our wall of all the people in it, so then we have people to go and visit. We set goals for ourselves and that was cool too, just too see what we can do to be better missionaries. We decided to say specific prayers to help us. We had texted Felipe to see how he was and if he was reading the chapter in the BOM that we assigned him. We said a specific prayer asking if we could hear back from him and right when finished our prayer, BAM text from Felipe saying he is doing good and we can see him on Saturday yahoo!, such a cool experience. We then prayed that we could find someone who would be willing to hear our message and invite us for a lesson next week and guess what happened? We went to a house in the area book and a lady answered and she invited us In and her 3 kids were there and we were just talking and she had so many questions, it was awesome!! She invited us over for next week :) it's so amazing how when we pray Heavenly Father truly hears our prayers and when we go forth with faith our prayers are answered! It's like what president Hinckley said, "First get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work" it's SO true. Faith without works is dead. The rest of the night went great just finding and sharing the gospel. Then we decided to say another specific prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help us find someone at Walmart who would be receptive to our message. We found her!! Her name is Gilla and she has two little kids. We shared a quick message and asked if we could visit her again, she said yes and gave us her number. She also said she would read the pamphlet and call us if she had some questions. Wow so humbling! It just makes you want to work harder and harder to find those who are ready for the gospel!

Saturday 10/11/14 Saturday was a tough day.... It rained ALL day. And was cloudy, not even a ray of sun, allllll day long. But it kinda made for a pretty nice gloomy day with all the trees changing colors and stuff! I will send you pictures :) but we went to this trailer park across town and we knocked and knocked and knocked. No one would answer. We talked to a few people but nothing big.... Then we were leaving and we decided to try one more. We knocked and that's when we met Tina. She isn't Latino or Hispanic just white, so we got to speak English (my favorite :)) haha anyway she has been struggling so badly lately. She is such an amazing person and willing to give anything to help someone in need, even when she doesn't even have very much. Hermana Torres and I were so humbled after meeting her. We are going to help her move and find a new place that's big enough for her and her kids. As well as help her get in with the church and the churches counseling. She said she can feel herself starting to get depressed again and she doesn't want to go back to drinking. She is SO ready for the gospel. Well after that just a day of no answering. Our 6 o'clock canceled on us :( boo but we just ended up tracting. Then we met with Felipe again! He is SO awesome! And just has the best spirit ever. He came with his brother and we actually ended up teaching him more than Felipe but it was awesome because Felipe was able to help us teach him too! I was really frustrated during that lesson tho. Just because I wanted to understand everything everyone was saying, not just bits and pieces. And because I want to be able to help them. I feel like I just am a cat sitting and watching. I want a relationship with these people and this language barrier is kinda a problem.... I'm just frustrated. I need to realize its my first week out here and I have been only learning Spanish for like 7 weeks... I guess I am lucky to even be able to communicate... Besides that and the no sun, today ended up being a good day out in the field :)

Sunday 10/12/14 Sunday! My first Sunday in the field. And guess who thought she was just introducing herself to the ward but ended up having to give a ten minute talk? Haha yours truly.... But it actually went pretty well if you ask me! I just talked about how important members are in missionary work! So we don't have a ton of spanish members so we just have headsets and a translator, usually sister noble, who translates the meetings. My goal is to be able to translate after my 12 weeks of training. Felipe came to church today!! And stayed for all 3 hours!! Also, our less active Anegels came to sacrament meeting, so that was good too :) she had to leave early for work but we were glad she came. And after church she wanted to meet with us, it was awesome. She texted us and said she realized that her way of living life was different than how God wanted her to.... We were kind of nervous at first, but it was good! She said she wants to change her life and break up with the boyfriend she is living with and date/marry someone she can go to the temple with and so she can be sealed with her daughter and how she wants to get her patriarchal blessing and everything. She said she is going to find a new job too! Wow it was so amazing to see how much she is willing to change here life! 

All in all I am doing good. Hermana Torres is awesome and I just love her! Tennessee is beautiful but the weather is crazy! I will send you some videos :) I love you so much! How is E? I didn't hear from her yesterday... Hope she is okay! 

I love you guys and am so grateful to be here on my mission :)

Hermana Brown
Streets here in Columbia


New Bike

A picture of my boots for grandma and grandpa

Yesterday fog at the church building

Me riding my bike
Smiling face with smiling eyes                                                          

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

She made it!!!

Lizzy left the CCM (Mexico MTC) on Monday.  She called us from the Atlanta airport.  She was a bit teary but sounded good.  She was excited to have a coke on the plane and at the airport and to get to Nashville.  That afternoon we received a picture from the mission.  Looks like she stopped crying.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 Days More (Les Miz)‏

Can you believe that I have been out serving for 1 month already?? How crazy is that? The CCM has gone by so fast, which is good, but I cant wait to get out of here!  Also, thank you SO much for the cinnamon rolls! They made my monday so much better and were so delicious :) These last 2 weeks have seemed long mostly because I have been homesick... But its okay I think the homesickness will go away once I get out of here and into Tennessee. Thank you SO much for sending my blanket and boots and  shoes! that makes me the happiest girl in the world :) Mom- I really hope and pray that I will get to at least see Elise if not get to be put in her district or something! That would just be the best! I havent watched the Womens Conference yet, we are going to watch it on Saturday while the Elders watch the Priesthood session! It sounds like it was fun when you guys all went and everything! I am jealous. Also Dad - you cant send me pictures of that delicious food! its making my mouth water.... I need real good food right now! only 5 more days.... One thing that has been nice, since there aren't like any missionaries here the food has gotten a little better because they can buy more of the good stuff. Like the other night we got chicken bakes from costco! i mean like those aren't my favorite but i ate two.. and they also had KFC chicken one day too, which i don't like either but i still had about 6 pieces.. So that is good.

Okay I am so sad that the Utes lost! That makes me pretty dang sad. Hopefully they can pull off something this next week! Your guys drive through the canyon looked so pretty, that is definitely one thing i miss about Utah... is fall... but i hope that when i get to Tennessee it will be fall there too! I sure hope so at least. The weather here has been pretty nice. Its been cooler during the days here, which i love because I am hot like 24/7 and i don't really know why...But it rains almost every night. when it rains, it pours! I will send you guys a video. The power has gone out a couple times during out night classes too... its kinda scary! But i am pretty brave! but not when it comes to thunder... I hate it! This week has been good, just ready to get it over with. I am ready to leave! I feel like i am ready but i don't think that my spanish is ready yet... But i know i am. I am actually starting to understand more and more. It makes me so happy! On sunday we had fast and testimony meeting and it was seriously one of the most spiritual experiences I have had since coming and being on the mission. Since i can understand the language more. I have been able to really feel the spirit so much stronger as well. I even bore my testimony in spanish too! I was really nervous, but everyone said that i did a really good job and it made sense! So that made me really really happy! I feel like not much has happened since the last night we emailed... I think thats good because maybe that means the time is just flying by! I started getting a really bad headache last week because of my contacts... so I took my contacts out, but then i remembered my glasses were broken... so i just had to tape them back together and I looked kinda silly but I felt so much better!! I am excited to go back to the states so I can send letters and get more letters! It will be really fun :)

Its going to be hard saying bye to all my friends i have made here but it will be good at the same time! So our flight leaves at 7 am Monday morning! We have to be at the Reception at 2 am and our van to the airport leaves at 2:30 am... talk about an early morning.... There are 6 missionaries going at that time to the airport but only Hermana Levao and I are going to Tennessee! We should get to Atlanta about 11:30, so 9:30 utah time. Our flight from Atlanta leaves at 3:05 and we get to Nashville at 3:15. which is kinda funny. Atlanta and Tennessee are different time zones, but so the flight is an hour and ten minutes but its really like we are only flying for 10 minutes haha kind of silly. Its weird to be the oldest ones in the CCM now! But its fun too! We seem like we know so much... although we dont know all that much.

How is Hayden doing? I need to email that kid! Also a big congrats to Danny!!! That is so exciting! Angie is such a sweet girl! I am excited for her to be in our family! hopefully she can handle it :) I love you guys so much! I hope you guys keep having a good week! I can email again on saturday! It will probably be between conferences! I cant believe i am actually leaving this is so crazy!! I am getting my package already to send to you guys! I hope i can send it at like the atlanta airport! is there a post office there do you think? I love you all so much! Please tell everyone i say hello! also i hope brandon and haley are keeping their promise and checking in on you guys every day for me :) I love you so so much!

Hermana Brown

Ps I am SO excited for Conference!! I am pretty sure we are watching it in english! So that is so good too :)
This is my DL and on pday he looks like an old man... haha its so funny i had to take a picture

district pictures

Me and my good old buddy Courtland