Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 Days More (Les Miz)‏

Can you believe that I have been out serving for 1 month already?? How crazy is that? The CCM has gone by so fast, which is good, but I cant wait to get out of here!  Also, thank you SO much for the cinnamon rolls! They made my monday so much better and were so delicious :) These last 2 weeks have seemed long mostly because I have been homesick... But its okay I think the homesickness will go away once I get out of here and into Tennessee. Thank you SO much for sending my blanket and boots and  shoes! that makes me the happiest girl in the world :) Mom- I really hope and pray that I will get to at least see Elise if not get to be put in her district or something! That would just be the best! I havent watched the Womens Conference yet, we are going to watch it on Saturday while the Elders watch the Priesthood session! It sounds like it was fun when you guys all went and everything! I am jealous. Also Dad - you cant send me pictures of that delicious food! its making my mouth water.... I need real good food right now! only 5 more days.... One thing that has been nice, since there aren't like any missionaries here the food has gotten a little better because they can buy more of the good stuff. Like the other night we got chicken bakes from costco! i mean like those aren't my favorite but i ate two.. and they also had KFC chicken one day too, which i don't like either but i still had about 6 pieces.. So that is good.

Okay I am so sad that the Utes lost! That makes me pretty dang sad. Hopefully they can pull off something this next week! Your guys drive through the canyon looked so pretty, that is definitely one thing i miss about Utah... is fall... but i hope that when i get to Tennessee it will be fall there too! I sure hope so at least. The weather here has been pretty nice. Its been cooler during the days here, which i love because I am hot like 24/7 and i don't really know why...But it rains almost every night. when it rains, it pours! I will send you guys a video. The power has gone out a couple times during out night classes too... its kinda scary! But i am pretty brave! but not when it comes to thunder... I hate it! This week has been good, just ready to get it over with. I am ready to leave! I feel like i am ready but i don't think that my spanish is ready yet... But i know i am. I am actually starting to understand more and more. It makes me so happy! On sunday we had fast and testimony meeting and it was seriously one of the most spiritual experiences I have had since coming and being on the mission. Since i can understand the language more. I have been able to really feel the spirit so much stronger as well. I even bore my testimony in spanish too! I was really nervous, but everyone said that i did a really good job and it made sense! So that made me really really happy! I feel like not much has happened since the last night we emailed... I think thats good because maybe that means the time is just flying by! I started getting a really bad headache last week because of my contacts... so I took my contacts out, but then i remembered my glasses were broken... so i just had to tape them back together and I looked kinda silly but I felt so much better!! I am excited to go back to the states so I can send letters and get more letters! It will be really fun :)

Its going to be hard saying bye to all my friends i have made here but it will be good at the same time! So our flight leaves at 7 am Monday morning! We have to be at the Reception at 2 am and our van to the airport leaves at 2:30 am... talk about an early morning.... There are 6 missionaries going at that time to the airport but only Hermana Levao and I are going to Tennessee! We should get to Atlanta about 11:30, so 9:30 utah time. Our flight from Atlanta leaves at 3:05 and we get to Nashville at 3:15. which is kinda funny. Atlanta and Tennessee are different time zones, but so the flight is an hour and ten minutes but its really like we are only flying for 10 minutes haha kind of silly. Its weird to be the oldest ones in the CCM now! But its fun too! We seem like we know so much... although we dont know all that much.

How is Hayden doing? I need to email that kid! Also a big congrats to Danny!!! That is so exciting! Angie is such a sweet girl! I am excited for her to be in our family! hopefully she can handle it :) I love you guys so much! I hope you guys keep having a good week! I can email again on saturday! It will probably be between conferences! I cant believe i am actually leaving this is so crazy!! I am getting my package already to send to you guys! I hope i can send it at like the atlanta airport! is there a post office there do you think? I love you all so much! Please tell everyone i say hello! also i hope brandon and haley are keeping their promise and checking in on you guys every day for me :) I love you so so much!

Hermana Brown

Ps I am SO excited for Conference!! I am pretty sure we are watching it in english! So that is so good too :)
This is my DL and on pday he looks like an old man... haha its so funny i had to take a picture

district pictures

Me and my good old buddy Courtland

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