Wednesday, October 29, 2014


HAPPY TWO MONTHS TO ME. So I have realized that in all my other emails it s been about my week and I will keep doing that, but I kinda wanna tell yall about Tennessee!! Okay so there are trees everywhere! And like hills too. And Saturdays are my favorite because everyone is just walking around places in their Tennessee orange t shirts. It's so cute! It's kinda funny though because it's kinda like byu and Utah but Tennessee and Alabama hahaha I always tell people i know one of the quarterbacks... Hahaha anyway, as you know the south is called the Bible Belt, and it's so beyond true!!! First, there are SO many churches. And it's just crazy. Like the same religion, but 12 different churches, with different names and it just a lot. To me that doesn't make much sense....but whatever haha it's actually pretty amazing to watch people's faces when we tell them that our church is all over the world. It's also awesome because then we can ask them if they have ever wondered why there are so many churches, a great way to go into the restoration! So far we have only had one time where someone kinda wanted to bible bash a bit... (Some preacher) but we stayed cool and just let him talk. But occasionally I had to slip In a couple verses to help him understand. It was so interesting. He was trying to tell us that in the bible it says we should not add or take away from the word of God, trying to tell us that the Book of Mormon contradicts the bible, but he is reading this verse out of some modern bible that doesn't even use the correct words as the bible. And I just was thinking... Man you are doing exactly what the bible says you shouldn't do!  The people are pretty nice here. But some people can be pretty rude too... But it's all good! I'm lucky and Hispanics are all really really nice to us. To be honest I haven't had like super good southern food yet.... Mostly cuz we eat with Hispanics... But that also means REALLY good authentic food too... Not complaining :) 

This week was good, we had some way good lessons with Felipe! On Monday we had the most amazing lesson. We have really gotten past that awkward stage and finally we are getting better acquainted with him. And we joke around which is good but then we have like these amazing lessons! He felt the spirit so strongly. It was awesome. He was almost in tears. It was great! We talked about baptism again but not so much pressure on him. He says he wants a family like mine and Hermana Torres. He wants happiness. He says it's hard because he needs to show his faith, then he said, well maybe that is by baptism. I was smiling so hard it probably scared him but whatever. It was great. He is so awesome! But please please pray for him. He needs it! I'm afraid he is starting to go into a depression and we really don't want that at all. He is amazing. I can really start seeing people as Christ's sees them since being out on the mission. It's incredible. 

Another really cool thing happened to us on Tuesday night too! We decided to stop at the laundry mat before heading in for the night, we had about 20 mins left and we met this lady Rhonda. She was amazing. And I mean we didn't talk much about the gospel but we just chatted about life and everything. And she really was just awesome. We all connected so fast. And I just love her. She told us she loves learning about God and listening about other churches because after her mom passed away it's really helps her. Well I just bore my testimony about how our message will help her feel peace in her life and that she will be able to find happiness at those times. And she was just so cute and smiled and said "wow y'all are gonna make me cry" and we just told her we loved her and we barely know her and we hugged and she said she would call us... So I sure hope so! Then we are walking to the car and this lady comes like running to us and says "are you guys missionaries? Mormon missionaries?" And we go "yeah we are!" And goes "can I have s Book of Mormon? And a pamphlet if you have one?" I was in awe. So I guess this lady, Deborah, had the missionaries teach her and her mom like 20 years ago, but nothing really happened cuz her mom died and she moved her and she just kinda forgot about it all. Then she said the last few months she had been praying so hard to God for help and strength. And when she saw us she remembered the other missionaries that taught her mom. She said has been looking for us and wants to come to church. It was CRAZY. I about cried right there. I have been praying so hard to find someone who is looking for us. Ahhh she said she was gonna go home and read the Book of Mormon tonight. Wow. The lord is so amazing and I just am happy I get to experience all these miracles. 

Okay I just have one story that is probably my grossest story so far with bugs n all... But so idk if yall remember telling you about Tina but Tina just has a lot of problems and we always go and I visit her or try to once a week. Well we went yesterday and ohhhhh her trailer is full of bugs. Big ones, small ones, all kinds. It's so so so gross... No le Gusta. Like I didn't want to have a grossed out face the whole time but I probably did. But it was bad. Just all on the walls, floors, tables. Everywhere. It was awful. I just have a feeling dad would have maybe had a panic/freak out. We got out of the lesson and just looked at each other and wanted to cry cuz we thought we got bug infested. Seriously. Ew. 

This week was good and I am praying next week is too! :) I love you so much, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Have a good week and happy Halloween :) I will send pics next week from, our Ward Halloween party/ mine and Hermana Torres' Halloween party cuz we have to be in early that night. Love you all so much! 

Love always, 
Hermana Brown :)
We broke down and got mcdonalds breakfast today... I love those cinnamon melts

Cool bikes

Me, Anegles, Hermana Torres, and Anegles daughter Joselyn

The Piggly Wiggly

Tennessee Sweat Shirt

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