Monday, October 20, 2014

Tornados, trailer parks, and David Archuleta‏

This week has been an okay week but gone by fast! But also slow.... The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days... SO true. Well Monday was a good day, we just cleaned our nasty apartment and went to the store, which was a scene because we bought a little too many groceries for our baskets on our bikes haha but we made it work. Then, we were getting all ready to go out and teach Felipe and weather goes crazy. Serious. Then we get a text saying there is a tornado warning and to not go out until. 6:30 or told otherwise. So then about 6:15 we get a Text saying to not go out until 7... And then our zone leaders said we needed to be inside by 8:30 because the storm was gonna get worse, right when we got in at 8:30, things got crazy outside! It's amazing how brave I have gotten from coming out on my mission Winking face Tuesday was better but not by a ton, it's been hard getting around without a car, we trade with the elders every other week, and some of our members and investigators live so far away... Our closest member to us is the Abac family and it takes us about 40 mins just to walk to their house... Luckily we have been able to find rides. It's hard cause we want to ride our bikes, but when it's rainy and all sorts of windy we would rather just walk, it's a lot easier, and I mean I don't have rain pants like E does... Haha just kidding. BUT we challenged Felipe to get baptized on November 1st! He is so awesome. But also so frustrating to us as missionaries. He knows why baptism is important and how he needs it to change his life, he says he will prepare to be baptized that day but he can't commit.... It's so frustrating! I think he has a hard time reading the Book of Mormon and praying. We are going to focus more on that next lesson. We had dinner at the Abacs again and it was good! Just different. I am happy I have been taking those probiotics because seriously some of the stuff they give to us to eat is kind of a littler interesting. 

Wednesday was a better day! But we decided to bike... Oh man. Columbia just have like tons of little hills and it hurts. I should have been better prepared... But it was good for me! Oh but we had a terrible experience. We were knocking doors and on the last house we knock and the door is open and we can hear him and like 3 mins later this guy comes all wrapped up in some blanket. And we start talking to him and he goes "I would love to listen to your message, but let me hurry and go and put some clothes on..... We go "okay..." He walks inside and Hermana Torres and I just look at each other like what the heck.... But he was a nice guy and listened to our message and we talked for awhile! Then we headed back home because one of the ward members was bringing us dinner. Her name is sister Brady and wow she is the sweetest nicest southern lady you will ever meet! After we left for our appointment with Felipe. But we had to walk... And it was a lot farther on foot. But when we were about halfway there we got a text from him saying he just got back from his doctors appointment and he was so tired. I don't know if I mentioned this before, he fell at work a couple months ago and the doctors thought he would be paralyzed and he is now walking. Truly a miracle. And it's crazy, but this accident has really humbled him and helped him realize what he wants in his life. Anyway he canceled and that sucked because we still had an hour in a half before another member picked us up for our other lesson. So we just went finding. We had another lesson with a lady named Irene and she is awesome but is a talker! Unfortunately sister noble and Hermana Torres had to listen to her talk about the same thing for 1 hour, because the little girl just wanted to talk with me, in English. Even better Winking face but I taught her the restoration and I tried my best to help a 7 year old understand! 

Thursday was a great day! Like I said earlier, our area is huge and we cover a couple towns. Well we went to Franklin for a day and it's SO cute! I love it there. Franklin is actually really wealthy and where a ton of famous people live. It felt like straight out a movie scene. We went tracting there up in a trailer park and it was like heaven haha I think there were maybe 2 white families in the whole park, the rest = Hispanics. And it was like a nice trailer park too! Haha nice compared to the ghetto ones in Columbia. Then we decided to walk back to down town and wait for our ride. It is so cute. And I guess some LDS people own this frozen yogurt shop so we stopped by and they gave free frozen yogurt. My fav! We came back and met with Felipe. He is great, but it's just so hard. His life is hard right now. He doesn't do much and his kinda ex girlfriend/ not ex girlfriend won't let him see his son ever and he can't work and he is home alone all day. Can't walk all that well and is only 26... It's just hard. We read the book of Mormon  together and he loved it. We read in Enos and all about Enos' prayer and everything. It was awesome. We are still trying to do our best with that baptism date! 

Friday was a looooooong day! Since I have training and language study we are in the apartment for 2 extra hours... So that means until 12... Then we have lunch and on Friday we do daily planning which usually takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to do... But after weekly planning we went to go and have soupas at Hermana Angeles house. It was so fun. We taught her for awhile and talked about going to the temple. She is amazing. Hermana Torres and I have decided to give free English classes once a week! We went and made flyers and passed them around. As we were walking a guy in our Ward pulled up and invited us to dinner with his family. We walked over to the restaurant and it was so good. Really yummy southern food!the family was so nice. After we saw this girl we had talked to for a bit, Molly. She is so cute. And I feel like she really wants change in her life. 

Saturday was a good day! Hermana Anegles' sister, Olivia (who is Felipe's woman... Sorta...) was moving into a new apartment so in the morning we went and helped move. It was fun!! Hispanics are so awesome. I love them! After just went out teaching, and finding, and finding and teaching. It went great. We went to go meet with Felipe and when we got there their was no one but his brothers home so we couldn't go inside and his other brother and some friends were having a normal Saturday night... Drinking in the front. We left him with a quick message and an article about why the Book of Mormon is so important. We continued looking, walking, finding, and teaching the whole night. Spanish, I love it, but it has become a frustration for me. I just want to connect with my investigators and build that relationship....

Today was awesome!! We had a special mission meeting tonight and guess who was our guest speaker? DAVID ARCHULETA. it was really cool! All the sisters were kinda freaking out but it was just awesome. This week I have been stressing and been frustrated with Spanish and he just was a tender mercy to me, the things he said. One of my favorite things he said was, "Take a step. It's scary on the stormy waters. All you need to do is take a step and trust in the savior. Do you trust the savior? He will give you the strength to do the miracles that are out of your comfort zone." I need to just do the best I can with Spanish and trust that I can do the best I can because right now speaking in Spanish is definitely out of my comfort zone but I need to trust that the Savior will be there for me and help me get my message across the way. I also saw Elise!!!!! It was so fun! She was the first person I saw when we walked in the church! She is so dang cute. And I was so happy to see her! 

Overall this week was frustrating and really great at the same time! I am so happy to be here. And it just is such a tender mercy to be here and know that I have my support from my family. I love you all so much. Maybe even too much... Hahaha thanks for being the best, and of course, GO UTES! 

Hermana Brown 

Ps DAAAANK (do you guys miss me yet? Swag)
Country side of Tennessee

Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville and sunset

The activity day girls sent these to me, SO CUTE

Cats on a car

ME AND ELISE (I look kinda scary and gross cuz I was so tired.. But so happy and energized at the same time haha)

BIG leaf I found

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