Wednesday, November 19, 2014

One Transfer Down

Hello family! It sounds like things have been good and busy back at home! Happy first snow fall to you guys!! We have just had glorious rain here in Tennessee. And when it rains it pours. It pretty fun... I'm kind of starting to get a bit of a cold so I'm just grateful we have the car this week :) this last week was so good!!!! We didn't have the car and it was probably our best teaching and finding week! We were pretty excited. We actually did exchanges with the sister training leaders in Franklin this last week and I was super stressed that I was gonna have to stay in columbia and attempt to speak Spanish by myself. But thankfully I went to Franklin so that was fun!!! But I did have to speak some Spanish. Since we have some investigators there sister Dixon wanted me to go and follow up with them... HAHA it wasn't too bad.... I did have to default back into English a couple of times. It was actually a really good experience to have. It made me realize how I need to just be that much more confident in my Spanish. It's getting there. Little by little. We had like a wayyyyy good lesson with Felipe this last week too. Sister noble came and kinds just told him what's up. It was awesome. Sister noble is the bomb member missionary!!! Felipe said he was going to start reading her Book of Mormon for real this time and start praying. So that was really good!!! :) we have this new investigator, Felix who is probably like 65 or so and he is really cool! But just such a crazy Hispanic. Sometimes he just says how he wants to learn more and know God better and then he goes off about something random like about midgets and satan.. It's rather strange... so we taught him Saturday and we asked him not to drink alcoholnSaturday or Sunday and to come to church.... And on Sunday morning guess who was at church? Felix!! And his friend. It was great!!! And the Spanish members were totally just fellow shipping him like crazy. It was so great!! We were so happy and he told us he didn't drink for those two days :) hopefully we can start seeing more success with him!! 

Our Ward had like a breakfast for dinner, Ward dinner on Saturday and it was great!! We had 8 nonmember Hispanics come and 7 less actives come!!!! Plus our Hispanic members too. It was great!! We were so so happy. Our Ward is starting to get more comfortable with them and with us too!! And on Sunday our less active margarita and her kids came to church!! And stayed for all 3 hours too!! It was awesome. We had a lesson with her after and she said that she really loved the sacrament. She felt so much peace and happiness. Yay!! I love her she is so amazing! 

So something kind of funny that happened this week was we were teaching and this little boy brings out his pet chicken. And it's just running around the trailer. Hahahaha I felt like dad would have died. It was so funny. I got some pics with it to show you! Also it was transfers and I am obviously staying here in Columbia so that will be fun!! :) I can't believe thanksgivings next week!! How crazy. And then soon enough it will be Christmas. 

This week was so busy but so good and this next week is going to be even busier I feel!! So that is just even better :) I love being a missionary. Everyday I am just happy to be here to be with these people. I couldn't imagine doing anything else!!! I have really been able to draw closer to my father in heaven and truly trust and rely on him and my savior Jesus Christ. I just love this gospel so much!! And I just am so honored that I get to wear Christ's name over my heart everyday day :) 

Also very glad to hear that's the Utes are still doing good!! I can't believe that basketball is already starting up!!! That kind of makes me sad. Just because you know how much I love basketball too... Oh well! You will just have to keep me updated on it all!! Thanks for all your love and support!! Love you all so much!! 

Love always,
 Hermana Lizzy Brown :)
Trying to take artsy pics while walking and walking and walking some more

Chicken in trailer

Chicken selfies

My district before transfers

montzy at the breakfast for dinner

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