Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gobble gobble 11/22/2014

Hello family! It sounds like you guys are all doing well!! Also sounds like utah is getting cold... Tennessee is so bipolar... One day it's super cold, the next in the high 60s or 70s.... But luckily I have my handy dandy knee, so I can tell if it's going to get colder or not. Its a little achy right now so let's see how the week unfolds... Haha this week was a good week!!! We taught a total of 30 lessons!! Cool right?! I was pretty excited. I'm still trying to figure out how this week went by so dang fast... I seriously can't believe that this week is thanksgiving!!! It will be fun to have Brandon and Haley home this next week! Don't do anything too fun without me ;) haha and now Brandon can eat all the garlic he wants and I won't be there telling him how gross he smells... Haha But maybe don't sleep in my room... Who knows how long that smell could stay in my room.... Hahaha just kidding :)

This week was really good but also just kind of disappointing.... Satan is the worst! Things went well with Felipe when we had another lesson with sister noble. The spirit was so strong and wow it was great. Then it just goes back to the same old... Felipe just doesn't want to put in the effort... We decided we are just going to give him some space and time to realize what he wants  and needs to do with his life. We got Irene and her kids to come to the Wednesday night activities and it was great. They loved it. We then just had a lesson with them. It went really good and then Irene said the most heartfelt prayer ever. On Thursday we also had a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon. We showed the Mormon message of elder Hollands testimony of the Book of Mormon and it is so powerful. You could tell that it really touched Irenes heart. She definitely seemed more interested in reading now. But then Satan got a hold of their hearts and they didn't come to church on Sunday :( Irene kind of has depression and anxiety... And some days are just better than the others... We are still working so hard with them. Please pray for them to come to church!! But we did have a cool miracle. There is another family in the Ward, the Hales family and they are amazing. The mom is Mexican and the dad went to Costa Rica on his mission so he speaks fluent Spanish. Well they have told us about their friend Franco who is interested in the church. He came to the breakfast for dinner dinner at the church and then he came to church yesterday!! It was great. We didn't have much time to talk with him after, but he stayed for all 3 hours! The cool part though, we were walking to some investigators houses yesterday and guess who we see driving? Franco!! He pulled off the side of the road and we ended up talking and teaching him for about and hour!! He said that he has been to a lot of different churches but he just feels something different here.... He is so amazing!!! ALSO another tender mercy!!! We got a referral from the English elders in Thompson station so we went to go visit them and they are amazing!! It's a mom, Angie a dad Eddie and two kids Eddie Jr. (4) and Amy (2) and they love the gospel. They have been seeing English elders for the past 2 years but not much has happened.... And now Angie just loves the gospel and wants to get baptized. The only problem is that they aren't married.... And that is all that is stopping them from getting baptized... So hopefully we will be hearing some wedding bells soon... :)

Also funny story of the week, We were walking in the trailers and we walked up to the yard and walk around the side and there was this Hispanic family, just in the yard gutting a deer. I just stood in shock because I had never seen that happen before, then I just started laughing because what!? The guy just is holding the leg while the other one skins it and just is like "hola buenas noches" then it was weird so we said bye and I thought Hermana Torres was gonna pass out walking back to the car. 

Thanksgiving should be fun this week! We are allowed to got to two dinners. We are going to one with an American family, the cooks so that should be really fun! Then we are going to another at our less active, margaritas house!! It should be fun to have like an American Hispanic thanksgiving. I'm a little sad to be missing thanksgiving this year... But it just sounds like so much fun!! Dinner at aunt cindys and then at grannies on Friday! Is grannie having more missionaries over again?? I wish I has a couple like grannie and grandpa in my district. They are just so dang cute! :) sad to hear about the Utes.... I actually knew about the game before your guys email.... Oops. Haha we went to dinner Saturday night and I just was sitting there and I realized the ute game was on tv..... I only looked for about 1 minute..... There was only 4 minutes left of the game.... It was sad... I was hoping maybe I would see you guys in the stands... Hahaha 

Well this week was good and I look forward to this next week too :) I love you all so much! And happy thanksgiving!!! :) 

Love always, 
Hermana Lizzy Brown

Ps have a nice glass of swag juice for me too

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