Thursday, February 5, 2015


Well this week went by super fast! Strange to have a PDAY on Tuesday
the week goes by that much faster but this week was great none the
less :)
It got really warm the first couple of days like in the high 50s low
60s it was great! Wednesday probably the best day of the week so far!
We had district meeting and the zone leaders and the Aps came. They
are really cool and funny and it made our district meeting a little
bit more fun than usual so that's good :) after Hermana Torres and I
went to go and contact a referral we got from one of our less active
members. It's actually weird. Our less actives always give us
referrals and all our active members never do.... Haha but any we went
and contacted Remedious and she is so cool!!! We taught her the first
lesson and really talked a ton about the Book of Mormon. At the end of
the lesson she asked us about baptism. Say what?! We were just about
to talk more about baptism and ask her to be baptized when she had to
leave for work... Lame but that's okay because she is so awesome! :)
after our lesson with her we decided to go do some finding in this
neighborhood. Well we were finding and knocking and no one was
answering and I thought of this house that is on the corner of the
street close by to us. I told Hermana Torres and she said I was
thinking the same thing. We have never knocked this door and we
weren't even sure if they were Hispanic of not. Well we knocked it and
that's when we met Narsico! He is 14 years old and awesome!!! He
totally just understands the gospel so clearly and perfectly. He was
even asking way good questions. Seriously the best miracle ever!! I am
just so thankful that Hermana Torres and I were able to listen to the
promptings of the spirit and act on those promptings. I know that
Heavenly Father is truly preparing so many people for us to teach who
are ready to accept the gospel! Missionary work is awesome :)
The Columbia English sisters had a baptism on Saturday and we got out
3 little girls to come! And they loved it!!!! :) they kept saying how
excited they are to be baptized.... They make me so happy. I love
these girls with all my heart. They came to church on Sunday and wrote
Hermana Torres and I little notes. I almost started crying haha they
just make me so happy and they truly know so much and are taking all
of the things we teach them into their lives. They have come so far :)
E sounds like she is doing good! However I am a little concerned that
her toes are purple in that picture!!!! I can't believe she comes home
so soon :) crazy.  e is such a great
missionary. I wish we could be together. We would kick butt as
companions! Literally and non literally haha just kidding :)
Mom have so much fun on your trip! I'm sorry that you aren't staying
at the nice hotel with the robes... You can bet I use my robe
everyday. I love that thing :) haha dad have fun but don't get too
crazy with mom gone Winking face  also mad props to Brit for having to be on
lock down with the missionaries last week! That's crazy. But I'm glad
all in all everything worked out :)
Tonight I am going up to Franklin for exchanges so that will be fun! I
have a love hate relationship with exchanges. They are fun but you
also just want to be with your own people! Well anyway, I hope you
have a great week! I love you so much family :) thanks for all your
prayers, love, and support.
Te quiero mucho!!!!
Hermana Brown :)
Cats on cats while tracting

My district

 Selfies with cutie ailyn

My cute girls!!!!!!! Heavy black heart

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