Saturday, August 15, 2015

I don't think I could ever get tired of Mexican food‏

Hello Family!!!

I am grateful yall made it to California safely! i hope yall have a great trip! i think that sounds awesome! Jealous yall already went to an Angels game too. Thats too bad that they lost so badly, oh well, i bet mike trout looked cute as always though! Also that sounds terrible about the hotel in vegas. i probably would have rather slept out in the car, but after being in tennessee where EVERYONE smokes, maybe i would have been used to it ;)

Well this week was a great week! but it went by wayyyyy to fast!!

First off, i want to tell you about Aida and Jose! So they are just super awesome and have been taught since about December. They both want to be baptized, but they need to get married and jose needs to get divorced from his first wife, so thats been kind of tricky, BUT the divorce papers came in! and so hopefully in about 1-2 weeks the divorce will be final, they will get married, and then baptized! they are both soooo awesome. Aida has the biggest heart for everyone and just makes you feel so loved. And jose is like a big friendly giant. We went over to their house this last week, and Jose had caught 3 wild turkeys and 8 babies! so we helped them move the turkeys to another cage where they will raise them. SO much fun :) i will send you some videos, it was a blast.

Next is about Mari y Enrique 
They are getting baptized on SATURDAY!!!! yay! this is so exciting! :) they are so awesome and soooo prepared for the gospel. its so amazing how the Lord is truly preparing so many people to receive the restored gospel :) They still need to be taught a couple more things, but overall they are excited and ready to be baptized. Every lesson with them is great, and they just know that this is Christ's true church! We are pumped for their baptism!

Also i went on my first exchange this week, I went to Shelbyville TN with a cute sister who only has about 1 1/2 months on the mission, Sister Therhault. It was sooooo much fun! we didnt have a car that day, or bikes so we got to walk walk and walk some more in the rain :) it was really fun. i have grown a love for tracting, i think its just soooo fun! especially when we are walking, we have the chance to talk to sooo many people :) We tracted into one family, and they are so nice and kind! the dad used to be taught by the missionaries but stopped after a little bit. He is super nice, but he had to get his voice box thingy taken out from smoking, and so he had one of those holes in his throat, and he did have a cover over it... you could like see all the way down his throat. at first i was freaked out! i probably had the worst look on my face, BUT after a while i got used to it. Then he got a drink and started drinking and i was terrified it was going to like seep out of his throat of something, but it didnt :) so that was good. haha Sister Therhault is from Bakersfield California, and is so sweet. She is pretty shy, but has a heart of gold and has the desire to be the best missionary in the field! i know that one day she will! Also, on our exchange the ward mission leader and his wife (the relief society president) came out to a couple of lessons with us. They are both really awesome, and supppper young. like 24 years old. buuuut The husband he works for nissan, and he was able to lease nissans sports car, a GTR or something like that for 6 months, and so we got to drive in it on thursday night. it was SO awesome. I had never reallly driven in a sports car before, they are really small, but also so much fun. It was a great exchange but i was happy to come back to hermitage and be with hermana dansie.

So one of the less active members in our area is living in a hotel. A very sketchy everyone who lives there drinks like bad and smoke things that shouldn't be smoked.... like its worse than that awful place we stayed at in Kansas City, comfort suites! Well the A/C broke in her room and so her room was basically a sauna! HOT! HUMID! and GROSS! Well because she has been living there for 3 months she got really sick. Like really sick. Hermana Dansie and I were out with a member and we felt like we should go see her. We went to see her and good thing the member was with us because he gave her blessing! I am so grateful for the priesthood! Then the branch got on it right away! She got a new hotel room with working A/C WOOT!!! And the good thing is now she wont be dying of breathing 2nd hand marijuana smoke! And neither will we when we go visit her! We went and helped her move all her stuff over,..i hope she finds somewhere to live soon, because that hotel is messed up.   

Friday we had an AWESOME Zone Conference. I am just so thankful for President and Sister Andersen. They are seriously so amazing and I feel so blessed to have them as my mission president and wife. We learned a lot at zone conference, and it really gave me that energy and desire to get out and get to work. One of our main focuses was having the faith to do. This really stuck out to me. There are 2 types of faith. the faith to try, and the faith to do. This really hit me and made me think about what kind of faith i truly have. I hope that i can always have the faith to DO! to do what is needed to be done, to have faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, to have the faith to align my desires with Gods, and then to have the faith to work with all my heart, might, mind, and strength with unfailing determination. :) i know that this is the kind of faith that Nephi had, and Alma and if i want to be a successful missionary like them, I must DO like them :)

Okay i am sorry that this is like the longest email EVER, but i just have one more thing to tell yall about! So, we went and saw the Cardiel family yesterday ( the part member family, and the husband has been investigating for church for 10 YEARS) and we had like the best lesson EVER with them. This family is amazing. I love them so much. We decided to talk about goals and all set our own spiritual goals. We set goals for 10 years from now, where we want to be spiritually, and then goals from 1-2 years from now that will help us reach our 10 year goals, and then we set goals for this week that will help us reach our 1-2 year goals. it was incredible. It was so cool to go around the table and all share our spiritual goals.  The best was when we got to the dad, mario His goals were 1 to be baptized 2 be sealed with is family in the temple and 3 serving a mission with his wife. WHAT!!! How incredible is that? I really feel like this activity helped him get a vision and helped him realize what he needs to be doing NOW to get where he wants to be :)

Okay sorry to drag on and on and on! But this week was a great week :)

I hope you all have so much fun this week in Cali! Enjoy the beach for me and watch out for those sharks! I love you all so much and i am so thankful for the chance i have to serve as a missionary and for my amazing family who supports me so much. I love yall so much! Les quiero MUCHO!!

Hermana Brown :)

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