Monday, August 24, 2015

Rainy Monday here in TN‏

Hello my cute familia!

Sounds like everything was fun on the vacation! And i am glad yall made it back home safe, thanks for all the great pics and everything :) i am excited for next year!

This week was GREAT!! it was a weird week, but at the same time, it was incredible! First off,
MARI AND ENRIQUE GOT BAPTIZED!!! yahoo. it was a little bit stressful getting them all ready for the baptism, but it was incredible. Monday night we were a little stressed because we knew we had to teach them a few of the commandments, like the word of wisdom, and we didn't know if they had any problems with it or not, BUT it is really truly amazing to see how the Lord truly is preparing his children to receive the restored gospel. It was a really cool experience because as we were about to teach them the word of wisdom i had all these doubts and everything come into my head, but as we taught them and asked them questions, we found out that they live the word of wisdom PERFECTLY. in that moment, i heard a little voice in my head tell me, "i told you they were prepared." I was definitely called to repentance in that moment for sure! learning to have more faith and not to doubt, but i am so grateful that i am able to work with this incredible family! and that i was able to be here in Hermitage and be apart of their conversion to the true church of Jesus Christ! So to say the least, it was a great day when they got baptized! and guess who came? Hermana Torres! it was so great to see her :)

Also this week we did a really fun service project with some members of the bishopric and stuff. one of the recent converts here lives kind of out in the country and has a ton of land, and her husband has been gone away for business for a while now, and her lawn was like a literally a forest! so we went and mowed it and cleaned it all up for her. it was so much fun! we had like 6 lawn mowers and everything it was great! and the first time i had ever mowed a lawn! so that was fun, but i can definitely say that my back has kind of been sore since then ;) haha it was fun because we actually had a few investigators come help and even a non member (who will soon be our new investigator :)) come help us too! i love service, the best part was that the family didn't even know we were coming, and so they just woke up to a ton of lawn mowers going off. it was a fun surprise!

This week we also went on another exchange with some sisters. I stayed here in hermitage and sister mcbride came up here with me. it was so much fun! Sister mcbride is from orem, and a super hard working missionary. she has been out for about 5 months, but really truly has the desire to share the gospel with everyone. We had a really cool experience when we were knocking doors together. we knocked on this door and we met an older hispanic lady, Rosie. She was so cute and inviting. we talked to her for a little while. she actually lives in mexico city and only comes here about every 4 months to work and then she goes back to mexico. i asked her if she had ever talked to or seen the missionaries in mexico before, and she said yes! she said that they always come and help her when she needs things or help around the house. We started to talk about the church, and then she started to cry, she said that she has been a widow for about 5 years now and that she feels so alone all the time. We talked about the restoration and the plan of salvation with her and testified that heavenly father has a plan of all of us, and he wants all of us to find happiness in our lives. She was so sweet. She was leaving back for mexico like 2 days later, so we gave her our number for when she comes back for work, and the information to have missionaries come to her own house when she goes back to mexico. I am so grateful for this opportunity i had to meet her, and give her a message about hope and peace! I know that heavenly father is aware of her and that there is not a coincidence in the world that we knocked on her door that day. I know that she will find the peace the gospel brings sooner than later in her life :) Its moments like this i am so happy and grateful that i am a missionary!

Also this week we had a way super fun activity! All the wards that meet in our building got together and we had a big "Meet the Mormon's" movie night and potluck dinner! It was so much fun! They gym was all set up and had a huge projector screen and twinkly lights and everything. it was so cool. We were able to set up another tv in the relief society room to watch in spanish too. it was so fun! we had 2 investigators come and 2 non members! and yesterday we were able to have a lesson with one of the non members that came too!  it was so cool and it just reminded me of how truly grateful i am to be apart of the Saviors church ! :) by the end of the movie there wasn't a dry eye. it was so great and the spirit was so strong :)

Overall it was a GREAT week!! I am so happy to be a missionary and to be doing the work of the Lord. In my studies today I was reading about the gathering of Israel, and i read a really cool quote by President Hinckley. basically, he said how blessed we are to be living on the earth at this time. and how we were chosen to be apart of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, how we are living in the time that was prophesied of being "a marvelous work and a wonder among the children of men" How cool!! What a great opportunity to do the work of the Lord, but also what a great responsibility :) I hope yall will be able to think of things yall can do to remember that you are apart of this marvelous work and a wonder! 

Anyway, I hope yall have a great week! I love yall so much! thanks for all your love and support you give me, i couldn't do this without yall! 

Hermana Brown

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