Monday, August 24, 2015

Holy 1 year mark....‏

Hello my cute family!!

Wow sounds like you all had a great week this last week. I bet it sure is fun having Brandon and Haley around for the last couple of weeks :) I am a little shock that all 5 of you have been sharing the one bathroom down stairs.. that's nuts! but pretty cool!

This week was a lot of fun!

First off, we talked with our investigators Aida and Jose about praying for a specific date for their baptism. Since they have to still pay the judge for the divorce from Jose's others marriage, we thought we would show the Lord our faith, and set a date for baptism :) They are so awesome. I sure love this family so dang much! It will be the best day when they enter the lovely waters of baptism!!

Also, this week we got to go to the temple!! Yahoo ! sooooooo much fun! I sure do love the temple so much. It was a great session and I truly felt like I learned so much during that temple trip. I was the last of the missionaries to actually get into the celestial room, and after being in there for about 5 minutes President and Sister Andersen asked Hermana Dansie and I if we would like to go and do a couple sealings with them. It was a really cool experience to have ! I sure love the temple. I just love the peace I feel there. I don't want to complain, but it is rough only being able to go to the temple 2 a year, but I am so thankful and blessed to at least get to go :)

When we were driving home from the temple it just started POURING rain! like so crazy and we had to bring in a bunch of stuff from the car to our apt, and since a member drove us we couldn't just wait it out... So lets just say we got soaking wet and then I got sick.... yahooooo.. not. But I am feeling better, so that's good :)

This week we went on an exchange with the Mt Juliet Sisters and it was so much fun. I went to Mt Juliet with Sister Wayment, and wow she is so awesome. she only has bout 4 months in the mission, but she is a rockstar. Such a hard working missionary! We had a lot of fun on our exchange! but I also realized that I am terrrrrible at teaching in English! so I guess that is a sign I am really supposed to be a Spanish speaking missionary ;)

Saturday was a great day too! We have been teaching this family, the Cervantes, and I LOVE this family! They have been taught for about 3-4 months but aren't really progressing because they never come to church.. but we had the idea of having a church tour on Saturday with them, so that they will be ready and feel comfortable at the church. It went great! they showed up about an hour and a half late, but they still came! we had a great tour and we ended the tour by watching the 20 minute Restoration Video in the chapel. it was so cool and the spirit was so strong! I am so excited to see this family grow in the gospel :)

Okay the BIGGEST miracle of the week!!!!
So yesterday we went over to have dinner with the cardiel family and have a lesson with Mario and his wife. Well we finish dinner and Mario asks what lesson we are going to behaving tonight and then he just kind of looks at us, we pull out our scriptures to start the lesson and he says "I have been thinking about my baptism, and I am thinking about getting baptized in 2 weeks" it was so quiet and I was nervous I didn't understand right because my companion just kind of had a blank look on her face, so we just sit there for a little bit and I just am like "wait what? did I hear that right?! you want to get baptized in 2 weeks?!" and he just starts laughing and says "well I would like to, before the transfer is over" WHAT!!!! GUYS I WAS FREAKING OUT!!!! This guy who has met with missionaries for over 10 years tells us he wants to get baptized in 2 weeks. AHHHHHH miracles :) He is totally ready, but his biggest problem is that he just likes to drink coffee. haha those are his exact words. "pero me gusta mucho" We talked a lot about fasting and prayer, and decided that all of us would fast from a habit we do this week. Wahhhh I am just so excited and I feel so blessed to have seen Mario change so much over the last 4 weeks that I have been here. The church is so true and the gospel can truly change any and everyone :)

Oh also, yesterday I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I was soooo nervous! since I have been in English wards my whole mission, every talk I gave was in English, and then yesterday was my first talk in Spanish.  I prayed and prayed and prayed and I think it went pretty good! so that is nice! I shared a story from President Eyring and yall should read it! its in the January 2009 Ensign called "Let Us Raise our Voice of Warning" its a good one and definitely will get you all pumped to do some missionary work :)

Anyway, this week was a good one. A little bit slower, but great :) I love serving here and I am so happy. I am so grateful that I am a missionary and that I chose to serve a mission. This last year has been to fun and full of spiritual life changing experiences. I will be forever grateful for my mission. and crazy only 6 months left.. wahhh!

I hope yall have a good rest of your week! I love you soooo much!!

Hermana Brown

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