Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Go Utes !‏

Hola mi familia ! 
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING PACKAGE !!! It was like the best surprise in the world !!!!! I almost started crying eating the snicker doodles, they were just so delicious. Thank you. And that skirt, I LOVE IT! I have the best family. 

Well this week went by like super fast ! Last week of the transfer and boy did we see a ton of miracles ! It was awesome. First off, transfer info !! Are you ready for this ? I am staying here in Buena Vista for another transfer , with Hermana Dansie !!! I am SO happy and SO excited !! I just know we are about to do big things here and see huge miracles :) 

First off I have to brag about how awesome the branch members are here. Like seriously they are so amazing ! And what is even more amazing is that our branch is a pretty small branch. It's like bigger than a group but not super huge. Probably more like a stick... Haha but what is so awesome is that literally everyday this week, a different member came out with us to teach our investigators and less actives. Seriously these people have like the strongest testimonies ever and literally the gospel is their life. I feel so blessed to work with these amazing people ! They truly do want to share the gospel with everyone they know! Their righteous examples have really helped me want to be better and truly have the gospel of Jesus Christ engraved onto my heart. 
We did our last exchange of the transfer this week and it was really fun. I stayed in the area and sister Hammond came here with me. She is darling and just now finished her second transfer. She truly wants to baptize nations and wants to be the best missionary ever. She is also hilarious so you can guarantee we had some greats laughs together. 

We switched back from exchanges on Thursday morning, which happened to be Hna Dansie's birthday, so before we switched back sister Hammond and I made a "¡Feliz Cumpleaños!" For Hna Dansie and wrapped her presents. Which we didn't have anything to wrap them in, so I used a Walmart bag haha BUT it actually didn't look that bad, so that was good :) anyway it was a great day and we had some great lessons! We taught our awesome investigator, Gloria, who loves reading the Book of Mormon, loves everything in the gospel, but won't come to church.... Soooooooooo annoying ! But we had a great lesson with her about the spirit. We noticed as teach her every time the spirit is strong in the lesson she will purposefully get up to do something or something to like make the spirit go away. But we had a great lesson with her about the importance of the spirit, and the spirit was soooooo strong ! Yay happy day :) please pray that she will come to church soon ! She is amazing. 

Oh also Thursday night we had our English class too, and it was a lot of fun ! Something cool is that this guy in our class, Santos and he is so cool ! He actually doesn't live in our area, he lives in Madison which is like 30-45 minutes away but he decided to come to our English class and he loves it ! We asked him if the missionaries in Madison could go visit him and he said yes ! Well like two transfers ago we kept bugging and bugging and BUGGING the elders in Madison to go and visit and teach him and they never did.... Imp so then we just decided well we might as well teach him when he comes to English class, so we did and then we started coming to church on Sunday's too ! (Btw santos literally lives like 5 minutes away from the Madison church building...) well remember how last transfer we had the multicultural fair ? Well it was at the Madison building , and so santos finally met the elders and now they are teaching him and he had a baptismal date for Halloween !! Sooooo awesome. Santos is just so cool and I am so excited for him ! English class brings miracles and people unto the gospel. It's a real thing ! 

We are still working with Mario Cardiel... I love this guy but he also makes me so frustrated.... Like he gets so close to baptism and then he just gets like cold feet .... I have faith that this transfer is his transfer. I will not give up on him !! Tonight we are having a noche de hogar with them and the last few weeks we have been focusing on the principles and ordinances of the gospel, and tonight we are teaching baptism. We told him we are going to do a live visual and just bring the font to his house... Haha pray for him ! 

I think that might be it for this week. It was a great week ! Lately my studies have been super focused on putting and giving all our trust in the Lord. I love the scripture in Mormon 9:21 "Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth."  I feel like I have learned so much and still am learning so much about the importance of putting all of our faith Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I feel like a lot of times we have the faith to start building ourselves upon the rock of Christ,  but then we don't have the trust to finish building, but I know that as we trust in the lord we won't fall! It made me think of dad's favorite hymn, How Firm a Foundation. We truly are held up by God's righteous, omnipotent hand. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ keep their promises, they will never let us down !

Longest email ever, but I hope y'all have a great week ! I am verrrrrry happy to hear about my Utes doing awesome and I hope they keep winning ! Thanks for all y'all do for me. I am so blessed! I love y'all so much !! 

Hermana Brown 

Ps I ate cow stomach this week 
menudo cow stomach soup. It's pretty good
found these creepy dolls that look like us...

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