Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ello govnah‏

Hello my cute family ! Happy Monday ! I can't believe another week has come and gone. That's just crazy. This week was a little harder but it ended with an AWESOME General Conference. I am in awe at how inspired the leaders of the church truly are ! I am also just filled with gratitude that I get the chance to live on the earth at this time with prophets and apostles called by God. How cool ?! So awesome. also how cool about the new apostles?? I met Elder Renlund last year when he came to our mission. so that was sweet. i am excited for these 3 men. they seem awesome ! 

I truly feel so amazed at how loving Heavenly Father is. I felt like everything that was on my mind or a question I had was answered at this General Conference. I love the spirit, hope, and all spiritual experiences that are always shared at conference. Smiling face (black and white) they just get me so pumped up!

Something I really learned from this General Conference was the importance of being an example. I LOVED President Monson's talk on being an example in word, conversation, charity, spirit, faith, and purity. I think that if we all try a little harder, to be a little better in these things in our lives we will find so much more happiness and help those around us better themselves as well. I can't say which was my absolute favorite, I really think ALL of them. I am grateful for iPads because you know I have been listening to all the talks over again in the morning and at night. I can't get enough ! 

This week was good, but also kinda bad... I got sick Face with medical maskFace with medical maskFace with medical maskFace with medical maskFace with medical mask it was TERRIBLE. Let's just say it was pretty close to when I last got sick before I came on my mission... Remember that mom and dad ? Terrible. Haha please don't put that on the blog. BUT luckily I held myself together pretty well. Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye I think there was like a virus going around because like every person we talked to was sick or someone in their family was sick. I mean it was crazy because I have never gotten that sick on my mission before. Like I have felt sick but never enough to have to stay in... so that was super lame. Wednesday we went to district meeting and i looked and felt like death, and sadly everyone agreed haha but after district meeting we came home and i knocked out for about 3 1/2 hrs. But the good news is that i cowboyed up and i went out that night because we had some awesome lessons set up and i couldnt imagine having to cancel them. and it was great because they all turned out awesome !! And thankfully I am feel so much better now. Smiling face (black and white) 

So a little update on my favorite investigator, Mario. I love this man. He is so cool. It was kind of crazy because last week he said he was ready to be baptized... Again.  I was a little skeptical because he says that a lot, but Monday night we had a great noche de hogar with them and he said we wanted us to come back on Wednesday to talk more about his baptism. Well it was crazy, and this is why I think the reason as to why I got sick too... Wednesday we were suppose to go on exchanges and I was suppose to leave the area. Well thankfully I stayed because it was seriously one of the most amazing and most spiritual lessons we have EVER had with Mario. Although I did not like being sick! I am grateful Heavenly Father made it possible for me to stay for that lesson with him. I feel so blessed that I get to be here at this time for this big step for Mario and his family. I kinda feel like I don't deserve it or something, like that someone else should be here to experience all this. But truly I am so thankful. I have been so blessed by this awesome family. God is good ! 

I love being a missionary and I love sharing the gospel ! I love watching the light in people's eyes turn on as they come to feel the spirit testify to them. I am grateful for this mission experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world !! :) 

I hope y'all have a great week and enjoy the beginning of fall with all the colors changing. I do have to brag, Tennessee's fall is like the best EVER. Oh and also remember to save money every week and to ponderize a scripture this week too :) (I think the money part was for me specifically... It was said twice... By elder Hales and Devin G Durrant.. It must be pretty important Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye) 

I love y'all ! Thanks for all your prayers and support ! 

Hermana Brown :)

Sick selfies


Cute girls in our branch. We made vision boards together. It was
also "kids day" in Guatemala so their mom, Hna Reyes gave us some ice

5. Some of my favorite people !!! Hna Diana, Hna Burgos, and can you
see Talim ? Haha I love them.

I love this food. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

Ashley's vision board. CUTIE I love this girl

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