Thursday, September 11, 2014


Wow it seems like i was just emailing you, but it also feels like i haven't talked to you guys in forever! Okay before i tell you about my week, i am going to answer your guys questions! Gym time is really fun. we get 1 hour everyday except for Sunday! so that is really nice. I have gym the same time as my whole zone (who is awesome) and Cortland's zone so that is really fun. we play volleyball most of the time or just kind of hang out in the gym and relax outside or something. gym is always a good time :) The food has gotten a little better, but i think its because i just find things to eat now, so that's good. Tuesday is the best because we get costco pizza for dinner, i almost cried the first week :) I did use my own sheets. They give us new sheets every week to change our sheets with, but i just feel more comfortable with my own, so i just end up washing mine with everything anyway too. 

 it sounds like this week at home has been good. that is so crazy about all the rain!!!! i can't believe that. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DOUGHNUTS!!!! I started to tear up a bit when i got them and your cute little card :) i sent you a letter with the address for that package thing so you should be getting it soon, so maybe more packages and letters would be nice :) hahaha But really, it made my Monday! and yesterday i got a cute letter from aunt Les and Millie and i started to cry again. but hey i have been pretty brave!! I get really homesick but i do my best not to think too much about you guys or else it could be a bad scene.  

I actually got sick this week.... I started getting a sore throat on Thursday and so i didn't want to get sick so i went to the enfermio, its like the clinic here in the ccm, and they gave me some medicine and it helped but i still was sick all weekend. then on Sunday i started feeling better but lost my  voice, now i feel like totally fine, but i don't have a voice, i have this weird cough and a little bit of a stuffy nose, but besides that, i am feeling so much better. 

Things with Spanish are coming a long good. I had a really cool experience this week.  we are starting on our second investigator and i was so nervous. i didn't want to just read a paper for the whole lesson like we did with our first investigator, i prayed so hard to be able to know what he was saying and to be able to actually speak back. AND guess what!? I DID IT!!!!! it was seriously such an amazing experience. i mean i didn't speak fluent Spanish but we were able to connect and talk. Heavenly father is so mindful of us. he knows our hearts and desires and if we just do whats best, he will bless us. I also had a really good experience too. On Sunday i was feeling really homesick and I was actually really missing E, and on Sunday nights we have like a devotional and then watch like church movies, well during the movie we were watching this one about the first sister missionaries and i was just thinking about E, and then at the beginning of the video it showed like a choir singing, and then all of a sudden E was on the screen!! it was a clip from when the missionaries sang at the general women's meeting last year! it was so amazing. and was just a tender mercy from heavenly father. i started to cry. 

I really like my companion she is a sweetheart.  overall this week has been a great one! I also almost have my testimony in Spanish down :) Also dad, i am sorry to hear about your poor flowers... that makes me sad! Maybe you should have mom get to work and start learning how to do all the flowers now, since she does yard work now.... ;) hahaha just kidding. I love you both so much and I am grateful to have you have my parents. You have taught me so much and because of that i have the testimony i have today. I love you!

Hermana Brown

my room

some of the awful food i don't actually eat because its so gross

this is what the campus looks like


the fence around the CCM

my district

i saw this picture of the tuxtla temple and thought of josh :)

this is a picture of me and hermana widdison!! she is greg bakers cousin!! we have actually gotten to be best of friends!!! remember when kay told me to look for her? i found her!!
here is a picture of me and hermana levao with the krispy kreme hats from the doughnuts yous sent me :)

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