Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Filling The Bucket‏

¡Hola mi familia! it sounds like you guys had a great  week!! And dad, it sounds like you had THE best birthday ever!!! Mom i am so proud of you, those football tickets were a great idea, i think that sounds like a great birthday present! Thank you SO much for my package! It seriously made me so happy! and i got your letter as well! so that was great! please send me those letters because i just love hearing from you guys! It makes me the happiest girl in the world :) I feel awful about what happened to Mackenzie Jensen, she will definitely be in my prayers. I hope she keeps on healing and recovering. its so crazy that everyone is leaving and going on their missions! I hope Hayden loves it! I think he will do great!! he is a hard worker. Thank you so much for all you have done with my bike and stuff. If i need to use Elise´s i will if not, i will just tell them i need to get one. haha Mom i loved your shout out in the article! I hope all is going good with Carson and i hope he keeps doing good! The Ross family is definitely in my prayers as well. I have a ton to tell this week so i hope you buckle down and love it!

This week was really awesome! But also really hard but also really fun! So to start out with the funny things. Okay so Hermana Levao and i were teaching a lesson to our investigator (who is really our morning teacher, Hermano Ortiz) and I wanted to say "Jesus Christ ordained his apostles" how you say ordained in spanish is ordenar, well on accident i said "ordeñar" instead which actually means to milk... I said "Jesus Christ milked his apostles" my teacher was laughing so hard we didn't even have time to finish our lesson.... he then told me what I said... i definitely learned the difference of those two words and hopefully i never get them mixed up again. haha Okay so like i was talking about my teacher hermano ortiz, he is SO amazing. like one of my favorite people ever! he has such a strong testimony and really cares about our district. Every single day I will ask him to bring me a coke, because I am definitely having withdrawals, but they aren't allowed to bring stuff from "outside the walls" to any of the missionaries. Well on Saturday i was kinda having a rough day, just frustrated with everything and with life, and comes over and puts his bag next to mine, opens it, and THERE IS A COKE INSIDE. so i carefully, and sneakily put it into my bag and I was the happiest girl in the world. it was still a little cold too :)  Well after getting my coke Saturday just kept on getting better and better. We had this thing called TRC and its when volunteers come to the CCM and we have to teach them. I was really nervous, but it was the best lesson we had ever taught. We used no notes and totally just taught by the spirit. My mouth and ears were totally opened. I was able to understand everything our investigator was saying to me, and i was able to speak back. The spirit was so strong in that room it was hard to think that was real life. It was such a great experience to have.

On Sunday we watched a devo by elder bednar and it was awesome!! He talked about how to be a preach my gospel missionary. sunday was a really good day to just be able to feel the spirit. Elder Bednar´s talk was just the boost i needed. Last night we watched a live devo from provo and it was elder ballard. he also did amazing! He talked to us like one on one like he would with his grandchildren. his talk really helped me out. he talked about his struggles he had on his mission and what he did to over come them.  He also talked about our families and how they are so important while we are on our missions... i may or may not have had a tiny breakdown.... This week just has been amazing already. Tomorrow we have a special morning devotional and i think its two people from the mission office in salt lake, so that will be way cool! yesterday we learned about teaching with the spirit. and how we can teach a lesson with the spirit. it was such a cool experience. I am so thankful to be here and to be on a mission. its incredible how much our Father in Heaven loves us, and if we obey him and choose the right we can receive so many blessings. 

I am grateful to be here on my mission and i am grateful to be able to represent my savior Jesus Christ. I know that his is his church and that he lives. I know he died for my sins, and for the sins of the world. and i know that joseph smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and that the book of mormon is true. I love the book of mormon. I can just feel the spirit every time i read it. I love my family. You guys are the best and i don't know what i would do with out yall. I am nervous but excited to go to tennessee in 12 days!! I know that is where i need to be and that is where i can teach people the gospel! I love you soooo soooo much!

Hermana Brown :)
my coke :)

beautiful sunrise

Hermana Hansen (Kalinee) She left for Peru today!!

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