Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fiesta en Mexico City

Hola Familia!! How are you guys? Look how good my spanish has already gotten haha just kidding. Well, good news, this is the first week that I have actually felt like has gone by rather quickly! And that makes me so happy. And I am technically on my 4th week at the CCM and that makes me even happier! This week has been crazy but so fun!

Monday and Tuesday are when the Mexicans celebrate their independence day and wow they are crazy. Monday was a fun day, we got like "good" mexican food like tamales and stuff and guess what they had for dinner?! POZOLE!!!! I don't know if i spelled that right but oh well. I was so happy!!! i almost cried!!! it was so freaking amazing!! So after dinner we had an hour of study time then from 7-9:30 we had a mexican fiesta! So the CCM like you know, used to be a high school and so the old dance team came and performed and it was really cool! We had like a big flag ceremony and we all sang the Mexican national anthem. And like these fireworks went off and it was all crazy and stuff it was cool! It was nice to have a break from night classes for once. But wow we were up pretty late. The people outside the gates were going crazy and celebrating. They had music, fireworks, bells, the whole shabang! They were going hard all night! But it was pretty cool to experience, even if we are trapped inside a big cement wall, it reminded me of how the real world is haha

Tuesday night was really good too! Every tuesday night we have a devotional and last night was a live broadcast from provo with Elder Richard G Scott. It was a great talk! The provo choir sang and I actually saw a couple people i met up at USU in the choir so that was cool. Elder Scott gave a great talk. It was about prayer and how important prayer is to not just to missionaries, but to everyone. It was a great devotional!

 :) Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I am so happy to have you both as my parents! You guys are amazing. You have taught me so much and I am forever grateful! And the cutest wedding picture ever!! Sounds like it was fun at the Alabama concert! i hope you guys took a ton of selfies haha Mom no matter what kind of concert you go to, there will always be "interesting" people there hahah i am sad that i missed salsa making, but now mom and Brit understand what it is like to have your arms get all burnt when you are stirring that dang pot for 3+ hours.. just kidding, that was my favorite job :)

I am happy to hear that Hayden rocked it at his farewell, i knew he would! He is a tender heart. How did Les hold up during the talk? Has she had her breakdown yet? Aunt Michelle is gonna have her hands busy with two really sad sisters...

That's so great to hear about how involved the community is with the Ross Family. They are in my prayers! Carson is such a sweetheart and i hope he just keeps getting better.This week i found myself a little more homesick than usual, but thats okay. I think thats just how it goes. I just have to try my best not to think about it and then i feel better :)

The spanish is coming along. I can teach a lesson using just a couple of flashcards, but the good news is, our investigator, Marco just committed to baptism! unfortunately he is really just my teacher, but it still is exciting to teach someone and have them understand you and you understand them. I got an email from Elise Johnson today too! it made me really happy and excited! I will forward it to you guys! I really like the ccm but i feel like i am ready to be out in the real world, interacting with people and hopefully drinking a coke sooner than later :) My night teacher told me if i completed all my language goals he would bring me a coke, so you know i have been working extra hard! I am happy to be serving The Lord. I think about life back at home and i miss it, but I know i wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Please send letters through that mexico mtc place thing (like how you sent the doughnuts) Because letters are the best things in the world. I got a dear elder from Natalie Gochnour (Theo´s Mom) last week and it was just so nice! I also got an email from Dana Adams, court wants you guys to email him too. I see courtland a lot and we usually play volleyball together every gym time. It will be weird when we actually leave the CCM but it will be good! I am happy to hear that brandon haley josh and britt are all doing good :) I really miss my cute family, i take my picture book everywhere to show people because it makes me happy. I hear from E every week and that makes me even more happier! I am so lucky to have such a great sister and to have someone know exactly how i am feeling. I love you all so much!!! I can't wait to talk with you next week!!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Brown

ps i sent a letter on monday to you guys and there is a letter in there for Carly Adair if you would take it to her house when it comes, that would be great! I love you!!

pics of some friends

the pozole

the lunch room

me and courltand pointing to theos misison haha

me and hermana widdison (the bakers neice) courtland and elder webb we are all buddies here!


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