Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lousy Smarch Weather‏

 hey family!! Sounds like things at home are going good! Everyone
seems pretty excited that E is coming home so soon! That's just so
crazy!!! But so exciting!! I just can't believe it. So crazy. I want
tons of pictures!! :) this week has been great but also not much has
happened! On Wednesday night we had to stay in because we had a snow
ice storm... It was pretty intense then on Thursday we had to stay in
the whole day!!! It was crazy. And rather boring... But it's okay. We
planned a ton during the day then that night we went over to the other
sisters apartment and hung out and watched the restoration video. So
that was pretty fun! I really like being with the sisters
(sometimes..) haha so it was pretty fun :) Friday was a good day but
just hard too because we didnt have the car and all our people we teach
live like 7 miles away... so walking is just hard and president andersen 
had all the cars parked and so we could only get rides if members 
would come and drive us but all the people in our ward are like anti
driving in the snow.. which was like not that much snow anyway...

but so then on saturday we had to go to nashville! we went to a spanish conference which was so much fun! spanish conference was just really awesome! at first i was a little worried because it was all going to be in spanish but it was actaully great! i loved it and also the spanish ward in nashville  relief socitey made us all pozole! it was delicious and so much fun!! 

we had an awesome miracle because we went to go and see this less active and her husband sat in on the lesson! it was awesome. the elders have been trying so hard to get with him to listen to the lessons and he always said no! but guess what? on saturday he sat in!! and he seemed to really like it too, so that is really good :)

I am really sorry that this email is so awful. its been so crazy here! i am so excited for it to start to be spring. i really don't like the snow or the cold. i'm over it!! its starting to get a little bit better but you never know with crazy tennessee weather!

It sounds like everyone was having a good week! I hope that brandon and josh and dad have a great time in vegas! i hope you meet a ton of cool drunk people like last year ;) haha brandon i hope you had a great birthday and you got my birthday card i sent ya! if not it should be there soon!

things are going good but it was just a crazy week and not much really happened... so i am sorry! i hope you things are going great! i love you all so much and i appreciate all your prayers and support. it really means so much to me and i can feel your prayers everyday. I love you!!!

lizzy :)
Do you all miss me yet or what????

Being all southern on a porch swing

All the Hermanas!!!

All the Spanish missionaries

Me and Hermana Torres :)

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