Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why is there cork on his fork?‏

Wow sounds like yall had a semi good week, considering the UTES lost
:( I was sitting in sacrament meeting and I heard these two brothers
talking about the UTES and so I asked them and they told me the Utes
lost at home to Arizona... Also that is so heartbreaking about Murray
in the basketball tourney.. That is just so sad. But so amazing that
lone peak lost! That's what I like to hear! Who did they lose too?
That seriously is amazing!
Okay this week was great!! Seriously so many miracles. First off,
justin got baptized! it was a good baptism and I think he was really
happy about it but like I have said before he doesn't have much
emotion or expressions but I think he was pretty excited :) in overall
it was a pretty good baptism! Also we had a mission wide conference
this week! It's all about the new iPads we are going to be getting
next week and the new system and software. I thought it was going to
be kind of boring but it was really cool actually! They have made this
cool new program called the last 6 weeks and you have to make this
life plan on your iPad and present it to your stake president when you
cme home. It's so amazing how cool technology is and how effective it
is for missionary work. The sad thing is, our mission is now doing a
facebook fast so we are off facebook for the next 2 months. But it
will be good to get refocused on our purpose and improve our work with
Okay next miracles. BROOKE HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE!!! So we were sitting
in our mission meeting and I looked at our phone and Brooke sent a
text to us saying "Hermanas! I have a baptismal daTe!" WHAT?!? Who
just picks their own date out of no where!? But she is getting
baptized on March 28th! And her father inlaw is going to baptize her
:) we are so excited for her! And last night we were teaching Brooke
the word of wisdom, which she doesn't really have a problem with,
besides like all southerners, sweet tea and green and black tea. BUT
last night she agreed to live the word of wisdom and she let us dump
out all her tea in her fridge! :) yahoo! I have such a strong
testimony of the word of wisdom and how by the small and simple things
we can receive the big things that Heavenly Father has in store for
us! Also the day Brooke chose her baptismal date, her husband got a
promotion at work! she said she had been praying for this promotion
for a couple of months now, and the day she sets her baptismal date
she gets it! Say what! Seriously I know that when we are obedient
Heavenly Father will bless us! MIRACLES ARE SO REAL!!
Next miracle was we got in to a less active part member family.
The moms name is Shamily, the daughter is
Shamilka, and the son is Salim, and the dad is Jose. BUT the
elders had been trying to teach them but they have been so cold but we
went over and Shamily let us right in and it went great. But the other
miracle was that she is from Puerto Rico and she talks like 500 mph
and I was freaking out. I had never prayed so hard in my whole life
for the gift of tongues. And it came! I was able to understand her and
talk with her. I was so happy.
Also yesterday was a great day at church! We had a great fast and
testimony meeting too. I have just grown so much since being out on my
mission and I just want to share my testimony with everyone I know!
It's so amazing how when we share our testimony our testimony keeps
growing and keeps getting stronger and stronger!
The weather has been getting a little bit better but still pretty
cold. But I am happy to say, no snow yet.... Fingers crossed that we
don't get anymore of it... Mom to answer your question a lot of the
people we are teaching are English but we are working with a lot of
less active and part member Spanish families. Which is good! Our goal
is to get a group of Hispanics here in Clarksville.
I cannot believe that e comes home so soon! That is so crazy. That
like literally blows my mind. So weird. Maybe she could come out here
and find a nice military guy to mary and come on splits with us. We
would have sooooo many member presents ;) Oh also i saw Elise at the
mission wide conference and gave her a big hug to give to you mom and
dad in case I don't go to transfer meeting. She said she would :)
Well I hope yall have a great week and I hope mom you can have a good
break from basketball before the craziness starts up! And I hope dad
and the boys have fun in Vegas Vegas Vegas :) I love you all sooooo
Have a great week!
Lizzy Spouting whale

Me and my buddy sister Hulme

Justin's baptism

My first time eating chipotle

Brooke's texts. Haha we were so excited.

Brooke's texts. Haha we were so excited.

Pouring out Brooke's ice tea! Sorry I look so gross... Long day at
church... Haha
Spiral shell

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