Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is butter a carb?‏

Wow sounds like it's been a great week having E home! I am happy that everyone was able to be there. I am also glad Haley and E got to meet! That's awesome. Our family is just the best. Also GO UTES!!! Yeah baby!! Sweet sixteen!! We met this guy when I was at the orthodontist and we were talking about March Madness (don't worry we brought up the gospel afterwards Winking face) and he was trying to tell me the Utes weren't going to even make it past the first round. That's what's up! Kinda sucks they have to play duke but there always is an underdog story, right? Hahaha 

Well this week was good. It was our last week before transfers! It was a great week. We found 10 new investigators!!! All Spanish too :) not sure how solid they are will be but, we will see! I hate that I haven't been able to use time Spanish as much here but I have noticed that I know a lot more too. I also feel like I am really truly learning it because I have to know how to translate it and everything, so that's really good. 

Last week on Friday we were doing our weekly planning. Since We cover three English wards we decided to look at the ward rosters and call everyone with a Spanish last name and go visit them (since the Spanish branch dissolved and most of the members stopped coming to church). That sounds kind of bad, but as a Spanish missionary you gotta do what you gotta do. So, we call this guy named Horacio Gonzalez. Well he answers the phone in English, no Spanish accent whatsoever. We asked if we could stop by and visit with him and his family and he says, "Just for like a home visit?" So it was really awkward because we came to the conclusion that he must be an active member and we basically invited ourselves over for dinner. Well, we get to their house a few days later and we found out that Horacio has been inactive since his teens and his wife Tiffany isn't a member. He asked if we knew Jaykob Jackson, he's one of the YSAs here, we said we did and he said "Jaykob is one of my soldiers at Fort Campbell, this week I heard him talking about the church and I asked if he was a member, he said he was and then shared his testimony with me. He's so solid, his testimony was amazing, I told him to stay strong because this job can pull you away in a heartbeat. And then, fifteen minutes later, you guys called me." How cool is that?! So long story short, coincidences don't exist, but God does, and His hand is in our lives. I am so grateful that we called him. Even though we thought it turned out awkward it turned out amazing! 

Well like I said this week was transfer calls and I am staying here in Clarksville, but I am getting a new companion! I am kind of nervous to be taking over the area but I think it will be good. The wards here are so amazing and so willing to help. We have a dinner every single night for the next 3 weeks! Wow. That doesn't happen. I am so grateful for the support we have from the ward and how missionary oriented they are. That's what really helps so much! As a missionary when you have a ward that will help bring all your investigators in and welcome, you can leave the area knowing they will be watched over. Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. 

BROOKE GETS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY. I am so excited for her. But man opposition is soooooo real. Satan has really tried to get her unfocused for her baptism. Like tons of drama and then she almost broke her leg!! It was crazy but, she is doing great and is soooo ready. It's amazing to see how much she has grown in the gospel!! Wahhhhh I love watching the gospel change lives. :) 

I hope yall have a great week and start enjoying some spring weather :) there are buttercups all over the place down here. I love spring in the south! It's great. I hope you have a great week! And GO UTES!!!! 


Lizzy :)

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