Friday, April 24, 2015

Talk about a hole in one (happy Gilmore subway commercial)‏

Hello!! Wow so this week was crazy. It was like the most awesomely
horrible week ever. Haha like how does that happen? I will tell you :)
Well it rained. And rained and rained some more allllll week long. We
went on exchanges with the stl's on Monday night. I stayed here in my
area. It was fun! I was pretty excited. I thought I would be nervous
but not at all. Monday night was fun but all our appointments canceled
and we were without car... And then it started pouring. Like POURING
rain. Like it was good because sister mellor and I had umbrellas but
like they didn't even help. Our clothes were drenched same with
everything. Haha it was a good experience :)
Tuesday was a great day! We had a lesson with this sweet lady named
Maria. Hermana Samaniego came with us. She is so sweet!!! I always
call her my abuelita de Panamá. Smiling face (black and white)️  seriously she is so sweet. She
bore the sweetest testimony of her conversion and how to came to find
the church was true. Her testimony of the atonement really touched my
heart. Maria is awesome and she really wants to learn more. She
doesn't have much of a religious background besides being catholic and
going to church on Easter and Christmas and she really wants to learn
more. I am so excited to watch her journey in the gospel. I know she
will be so blessed. One thing that I love most about being a Spanish
missionary is that chance is which I get to work with these amazing
Hispanic and Latin people. Their testimonies are so pure and sweet and
will touch anyone's heart.
I am grateful for the gift of tongues. Okay it is SO real. As we were
on exchanges and I was a little nervous to have to try and teach
lessons by myself, but it was okay! I was just like talking and words
were flowing out of my mouth. What?! And I could understand everything
soooo clearly. It was so crazy. I am so thankful! :) speaking of
tongues.... I also had my very first taco de lengua.. In other words.
I had a cow tongue taco... It was actually really good!! I sometimes
would get a little freaked out because I could see like the tastebuds
and stuff and so that was weird but besides that I mean it was rather
tasty Cow-faceTongue
It rained a ton this week and we walked a ton. My hair is like getting
curlier by the minute I swear. The Cunningham river, which flows
through the western part of Tennessee and down to like Nashville and
stuff has started to flood a tiny bit! It was cool we went and took
some pictures. Everything here is so GREEN!!! It's beautiful. I will
send some pics :)
I had been feeling kind of down this week a little and so I was just
praying that I could just know that I was doing okay and actually
making a difference. Well on Wednesday we had heard one Of our older
Spanish sisters had been in the hospital, so we took like a 40 minute
bus ride down to the hospital and she wasn't there.... Don't worry
nothing bad happen she just got released and she was at home. So
that's good! But I was kind of bugged because we went all the way
there and had no luck. But we met this way awesome guy his name was
Grandpa Wayne. He was like the black version of grandpa Wayne!! Haha
but he was so nice and just told us  how thankful he is for young
people like us doing something good and that we are making a
difference! It was just what I needed to hear. And then like 3 other
people said that to us too during that day. It was a little tender
mercy from the lord.
I can't believe that it snowed like six inches last week!!!! That is
absolutely nuts. Also kind of scary about the wind and the mud storm!
That sounds terrible. I am glad dads yard is looking good. I need some
pics because I am bragging to everyone out here about how amazing my
yard always looks :) haha can you believe we only have 2 weeks left of
the transfer. Crazy!! Looks like josh and Brit are having fun in DC as
well :) thanks for all you do for me. I love you all :) have a good
Lizzy :)

Us with grandpa Wayne

So floody but so pretty

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