Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What is this? A school for ants?!

Hello family!!
Well first off I am glad that E's surgery went well. That makes me
happy :) you guys know how I sometimes stress about stuff... Haha but
I am glad it's all good!
Well this week was better than last week! Things are starting to get
better. Can you believe that transfer calls are on Saturday?! So crazy
that this is the last week of the transfer. I am a little nervous what
is going to happen. I feel like I might stay here but I just don't
know.... I feel like I will stay because Hermana Rudolph doesn't
really know anything about the area and it makes me stressed if I had
to leave it in her hands.... So we will see what will happen!
The weather has been good lately! Saturday night it rained. SO HARD.
like the hardest I have ever seen. It was absolutely crazy but so cool
at the same time. I was running out to the car and I felt like in the
movie "Where the Heart Is" you know with Americas? and they have that
tornado and it's just crazy? That's how I felt minus the tornado and
such. Besides that the weather has been good. Someday cloudy, others
sunny. The heat hasn't been anything too crazy so that's good too!
So we have a new investigator Jesus Quijas. He is so cool!! We met him
last week and we had our first lesson with him last week. We taught
about the Book of Mormon and he seemed to really love it! He really
likes it because it's something he has never heard before. He said he
was going to come to church on Sunday and he never showed... I was so
sad.... He texts us and all of his messages come up blank and we can't
download them because of our ghetto dinosaur phone and so we call him
and he never answers... But I'm not too worried about it, but it is
kind of stressful because I feel like he is someone who would really
help out the Spanish members here!
I have gained like the strongest testimony of members helping the
missionaries. Seriously. All of our progressing investigators right
now are referrals that were given to us by members or they are the
members friends! It truly helps so much. About 2 months ago We had
challenged one of the families in the ward to share the gospel with
their neighbors and friends. The wife said she has been wanting to
take a Book of Mormon to her neighbor but was kind of scared. We then
practiced how she could give her the Book of Mormon. Well 2 months
later the neighbor has read almost half the Book of Mormon, stopped
drinking coffee, trying to stop smoking and now SHE wants to meet with
the missionaries. That is the coolest part. When members start doing
missionary work, nonmembers really want to learn more!
We have really been trying hard to find new people and contact all the
members who were in the Spanish branch. It has been a lot of hard work
but we have been seeing success paso a paso :)
One scripture that I felt like I can relate to a lot this transfer is
Mosiah 23:21 it says
"Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth
their patience and their faith."
I think sometimes we hate our trials so much and they are so hard but
when we come to understand the difficult times we have or the trials
we are faced with can be more appreciative of them and know that the
lord is trying to help us become who he knows we can be. I love the
being a missionary. Even though it so hard and i just want to cry
sometimes, I have never been happier. I love the Book of Mormon. It's
so amazing and I always receive the answers to my questions when
reading. Our stake here has been doing a Book of Mormon challenge and
we are reading the Book of Mormon together as a stake in 2 months.
It's so awesome and it's amazing to see how many times Christ is
mentioned in the Book of Mormon. It's the best.
Well I better close. But this week was better! I will definitely keep
Elsie and the Cramer family in my prayers. Thanks for being so
awesome. I love you family and I am grateful for all your support you
give me. Have a grrrrreeeeeat grrrrrrant week :) WE GET TO SKYPE IN
TWO WEEKS!!!! Face savoring delicious foodClapping hands sign🏻Mobile phonePersonal computerTelephone receiverHeavy black heart️
Hermana Brown :)

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