Thursday, April 2, 2015

Still mad about josh and Brandon hiding the Easter eggs in the backyard...

Hello family!!
Sounds like yall had a great week full of craziness! I am glad you saw
Elise!! She is so cute :) she was a great missionary. I recorded her
departing testimony at transfers and will send it so yall can see. She
is awesome!! I have also heard from a couple other people that E's
homecoming was awesome! I am proud of her. She is a boss. Also josh is
the elders quorum president!!! That is awesome! He is going to do
great. Sad to hear that the Utes lost too :( what teams are in the
elite 8??? You guys gotta keep me updated please! Who are the under
dogs? I would like all the deets :)
Well as for this week, let's start with transfers! My new companion is
Hermana Rudolph. She is so cute. She is from Cody, Wyoming and has
been out for almost a year. She is really nice but quiet. We get a
long really well! I am excited for this transfer. I have been a
little stressed about taking over this area but so far it has been
good. Mostly it's just hard because i feel like everything is on me
because she just doesn't know anyone or this area. So basically I have
to do all the nightly and weekly planning.. But it's been getting
better once she started meeting more and more people. So that's good.
But please pray for me! Haha it's just a little overwhelming.
Especially having to plan and get everything 100% ready for Brooke's
baptism. Talk about some stress acne and the need for a coke... (Which
I didn't drink, I have been staying strong!)
That leads me to my next topic! BROOKE'S BAPTISM!! Wahhhhhh. Crazy. It
was awesome. She got baptized!!! Her in laws drove in on Friday night
and her father in law baptized her :) she was so happy and so excited.
We had a couple break downs on Thursday night with Brooke... Man satan
has some weird opposition tactics... But we worked through them :)
yahoo! And she was baptized. Hermana LaPine was able to come and her
new comp is actually Herman Levao so they both were there :) it was
nice. Brooke asked us to bear our testimonies and overall it was a
great day! She kept saying "I'm a Mormon now!!" It was so cute. She is
awesome :) Sunday she got confirmed and it was also amazing. And then
she bore her testimony and it was the sweetest thing I have ever
heard. I just cried and cried. I am so happy for her and her
willingness to take this step into the gospel :)
On Saturday night we went to Hopkinsville for the general women's
broadcast and man that was AMAZING. I loved every minute of it. I
loved the topic on eternal families. That was just amazing!! I loved
it. I also thought it was amazing just for Brooke too! She just cried
the whole time. It was so cute. The spirit was so strong! I loved the
talk by Sister Oscarson. I loved her challenge to us to be defenders
of the family. I was thinking about how blessed I have been to be
raised in a home where my parents know, love and cherish the family a
proclamation to the world. And it's amazing to me to watch those who
were raised by this proclamation raise their own kids. I know it is
truly so inspired and from our Heavenly Father to help us grow happily
as families. Also I loved the musical number "when there's love at
home and let us all speak kind words to each other" it made me think
of my cute mommy who always always is singing those songs :) overall
it was an amazing conference. It makes me so much more excited for
General conference!!! Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes
One more quick thought. Did I tell yall about Fatima? Well we found
her tracting when I was on exchanges, and we went back and found out
she was a member!! We went over last week and she shared the story of
her baptism. She is from Panama but found the church and was baptized
when she was in Maine. Years before she moved to Maine she remembered
having a dream that she was in a church and that she was getting
baptized. But she didn't understand it. She had never been in a church
like the one in her dream and she was just confused. She just forgot
about it and went on with her life. Well when she came to Maine she
said that when she was in the chapel she felt she had been there
before but she couldn't remember when... Then at her baptism as she
was going to the font she knew she had been there. She remembered her
dream she had had!! How awesome is that?? I know that Heavenly Father
is always preparing his children and is always looking for ways as to
help them come unto the fold. Although Fatima fell away from the
church, when she moved her to clarksville about a year ago she felt
like she wanted to go back but didn't know how. And then what
happens... There is a little knock on the door and it's the
missionaries :) how awesome!! I love her and I just feel such a strong
connection with her! We also have the same birthday. Cute Smiling face (black and white)️ haha she
came to church yesterday and we found her records and got them
transferred over! How great right? I am excited for her to get back to
church :)
Also a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM EVER!!!!! I love you soooo
much. Sorry I won't be home for your birthday... But I will next year
:) I love you so much mom.  And a happy Easter! And happy general
conference! And happy 1 year since I got my mission call. This is a
great week coming up!
Sorry for the longest email ever. This week was great! I hope all
keeps going well at home! Yall are in my prayers always! I love you
all sooooo much!!!
Lizzy Heavy black heart

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