Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This week I felt like that porky's guy at the airport‏

Wow it sounds like Arizona was a fun trip! But I am also confused
because mom said it will be weird not going back there as much.. Are
Brandon and Haley moving and no one told me?? Messed up guys....
Messed up.... Haha but it does look fun! That pool looks awesome with
the lazy river and water slides! And all those fun places at dinner.
That big bowl of posole sounds DELICIOUS. My love for Posole has just
grown so much more since being on my mission. Did you guys do sessions
at both the Mesa and Phoenix temple? Thanks for all the pictures :) it
sounded like a great time!
This week was really good but oh my goodness I don't know how I am
going to survive a summer hear because I am already DYING. the
humidity and heat. Oh man. I'm just so sweaty and it's only April...
And this humidity has got my hair just crazy and gross.. This is the
struggle. I don't know how I am suppose to deal with the summer here.
Haha pray for me that I won't be so disgusting that no one will
talk to us. But this week it actually wasn't too crazy of weather.
Just super humid and super hot! This week it's suppose to get super
stormy so let's see how that goes Winking face
I feel like we did so much this week but I can't remember it.. Like it
went by super fast. But the good news is that we found a ton of new
people to teach! So that's a plus. And we have contacted quite a few
less active members too. We also got bus passes and so this last week
my first time like bussing on an actual city bus. It was pretty fun!
But also a little different. Hahaha it's pretty nice because we live
relatively close to a couple bus stops so that is just a blessing!
Also I got to go to the temple again this week! We went and did
baptisms with Brooke!!! I had a great time and it was really just what
I needed. I just cried and cried. I was just so happy I got to be in
the temple. I love the temple so much. Brooke I think liked the temple
but just like anything you do for the first time is different and
unfamiliar. I was happy I got to go with her. She also came to a
lesson with us this week and she is a rockstar! Like she was just
telling our investigator that the only way to know the truth is to
read the Book of Mormon. It made me so happy! She is awesome and has
such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. It also was really
awesome to hear her teach and teach our investigators some of the same
things that we had taught Brooke. She is so amazing!!
I am sorry that is email is kind of short and lame, but really things
are going good! I am starting to love this area more and more, but I
think I need to still love it more and more. I have had a weird time
adjusting because I loved Columbia so dang much. I hope you all have a
happy fun week :) thanks for all your love and support! you guys are
the best :) annnnnnnd we get to Skype in 28 days!!!! Not that I am
counting Winking face get ready for a tear fest :) hahaha I love yall!
lizzy :)


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