Sunday, May 17, 2015

heat and humidity do not mix well with me....‏

Hello! Wow it seems like we talked less than 24 hrs ago.... Oh wait... Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
I am so grateful that we were able to skype yesterday. Seriously the
best. And can you believe no tears?! Me too. That's kind of strange...
I am worried they will come in the next couple days and that could be
kind of scary.. Hopefully I don't scare my companion... no promises!
Well this week was a really good, long, hot week!! This email probably
wont be terribly long, considering we talked yesterday, but who knows
it could be.. I am pretty long winded.
Tuesday we walked, and walked and walked and knocked doors, and walked
some more. FOR 5 HOURS! I was so tired and so hot, but i just said to
my comp, having all the faith i could, "Hermana I know that if we are
showing Heavenly Father that we are willing to work hard we will be
blessed" so we continued walking, and knocking, and walking... well we
get over by the church and there were a couple trailers down the
street i have always wanted to try knocking. So, we head over there
and that is where we meet Alejandro! he had just come home from work
and was sitting outside drinking a beer (classic hispanic) and we
start talking to him and his brother about the church. Hermana Rudolph
and i have been trying better to teach people things that they want to
learn more about instead of what we think they need to learn about. So
hermana asks alejandro if he has ever had any questions about religion
that he felt like he has never gotten a good answer to. (she is a
boss) and he asks why there are so many different religions and
churches in general if there is just one God? HOLLER. so we start
teaching him about the great apostasy. He was so interested! He said
he has to work a lot and he doesnt know his exact work schedule, its
not regular, but that we are welcome back anytime! it was seriously a
tender mercy and miracle from heavenly father! As we are leaving i say
to hermana "i knew it! heavenly father will bless us as we put our
faith into this work" then our phone goes off. we got a text from one
of our investigators who has been dodging us the last 2 weeks or so.
she texts us and says she misses us and wants to have us over for
dinner this week!! WHAT even more blessings! although i did get a mad
farmers tan and a tiny bit of heat stroke, I am grateful i was able to
see those tender mercies and miracles that heavenly father sent us :)
Thursday was kind of a different day. We woke up and hurry and got
ready and went over to a less actives home. she needed us to go and
translate for her at the hospital. So we go there and had to wait
forever. It reminded me how much i hate waiting at the doctors office.
the worst!! so we go and translate for her and it was fun, i realized
i know a lot more than i thought i did, that was until we had to try
and translate the medical terms... thankfully i brought my dictionary
;) we got home about noon! it was SO LONG! we hurry and ate lunch and
had a little time of studies and then our member came and picked us up
to go to a lesson with us. after the lesson she took us to another
side of town and did some finding. our dinner was suppose to come and
get us at 5:30 but didnt end up coming until about 7.. so basically we
were walking and talking and tracting, and knocking on doors from
about 2:30-7.. again another 5 hours!! and man it was so hot... i dont
know how i am going to survive the "summer" because i am already dead
and everyone keeps saying that this weather is nice compared to what
it gets like.. oh boy.... so then we went and had dinner and then they
took us home.... it was a strange day... but looking back at it, we
talked to so many people about the gospel and taught a ton of people!
And then it was my birthday! it was a great day! thank you for all my
presents and all the birthday wishes! it was a little bit different
not to be home for my birthday but it was really fun! i cant believe
that i am actually twenty! it seems so strange. Overall it was a great
week and a great birthday :) and it was a great mothers day! i am
grateful for my mommy. she is the best! i feel bad for everyone who
doesnt have her as a mom, because she is awesome :)
Well, this email turned out a lot longer than i thought it would be!
anyway i hope yall have a great day! and a great week! love you all :)
hermana lizzy brown :)


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