Monday, May 18, 2015

Save Ferris‏

Hello Family :)
Wow so this week was really good! It was a lot of fun as always, HOT.
Seriously guys everyone says it just keeps getting worse and I am like
it's already worse!!!! And you know us Browns, we are sweaters... And
I just am so sweaty all the time. Ugh. It literally is gonna be a long
hot summer.
So for some good news, Liz (our totally cool investigator) has a
baptismal date!! Yahoo. So this is what happened. So the Elders here
are teaching her son Nathan (9 years old) because he likes "the men
better". So on Friday night the elders went to go and teach Nathan and
were hoping to set a baptismal date with him. So we come in at 9 and
start planning and we finish planning and we get a call from Liz. In
my head I am like "crap the elders did something to tick Liz off..."
But then she starts talking about the lesson with the elders. At the
same time we are getting a call from the elders on the other line. So
Liz goes on to say how the lesson was amazing and that Nathan picked a
baptismal date for June 20th!!! We were so exciting. So she says
the lesson ends and that they are saying bye when one of the elders is
like "you know Liz you should really pray about a specific date for
your own baptism" and then Liz said that she could hear elder Powell
talking to her, but when he was talking with her the date July 11th
came to her mind. It's a Saturday!! And now Liz's baptismal date!!!
Wahhhhh hermana Rudolph and I were just like screaming!! I am so
excited for Liz! She is so incredible and I know I was meant to meet
her here in clarskville.
This week we also had zone conference. It was really awesome. And
guess what we had for lunch. CAFE RIO SALADS / BURRITOS !!! Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eyeFace savoring delicious foodSmiling face (black and white)️😀
okay so not the like legit kind but like super close. It was so
delicious.  I was the happiest ever. Haha but zone conference was
really good. We talked a lot about working with members. And that has
been something I have been trying to work in better, working with
members. Because I know that when we have a good relationship with the
the members the work starts to pick up. We also talked a lot about the
atonement. We talked about how through Christ we are converted and
then changed. One of the AP's gave the example of Lot's wife. If we
look back at the past or want to go back to who we use to be, we might
not actually turn into a pillar of salt like Lot's wife did, but we
allow that salty taste into our lives. Would we rather have the salty
taste of our past, or the sweet taste of partaking of the fruit of the
tree of life, or in other words, allowing the atonement to work in our
lives, so we can partake of fruit which is most desirable of all? I am
so grateful for the atonement. I have really seen it help shape me and
change me while being on my mission. I know that through Christ we are
made whole, and clean, and we can receive forgiveness. And because of
the atonement the laws of justice and mercy are satisfied.
As for the rest of this week we walked a ton! Like so much. I have
blisters on the bottoms of my feet. Ouch Persevering face but it's okay! On Friday
night we didn't have our car and we had to go to one appointment to
another and the lived the opposite ways we needed to go. It was hot
and humid and I was tired but we did it. We calculated where we walked
and we walked about 5 miles within 45 mins. Like what? How crazy.
It was a great week and I am
loving this area and the people more and more every day. I love being
a missionary!!!
Thanks for all the updates going on back at home. I hope dad can get
his pots done soon :) thank you for all your love and support you send
me! I can really feel your prayers helping and supporting me :) I hope
yall have a great week. I love yall so so so much!!!
Hermana Brown :)
Ps I also got fed SPAM this week and I thought I was going to die or
throw up or both. But I made it out alive

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