Monday, May 11, 2015

You're gonna die clown‏ (May 4, 2015)

Hola mi familia bonita!
Sounds like things are going quite well out on there on the west side.
I'm about to get scorched to death this next week. Face with open mouth and cold sweatFireBlack sun with rays️ but on the
plus side it's my birthday!!!! Yahoo! This is kind of crazy. Im gonna
be 20!!! But the best part is that 2 days later we get to skype. This
is gonna be the best week ever!!!
Okay to start off, TRANSFERS. So it looks like I am staying here in
Clarksville for another transfer, and Hermana Rudolph is going to be
staying here with me. I'm pretty excited. As tough as this area is, I
love it. And I am grateful I get to stay here another transfer :)
This week was horribly awesome as well. It's so strange. Here in
Clarksville you can have like the worst week, but also the best week
at the same time. It's actually pretty cool how when Satan tries to
intervene with the work, the Lord will continue to bless us. So we had
two of our investigators drop us this week. Two days in a row.
Absolutely awful. I just have been praying that one day they will have
the opportunity to have the gospel and they will open the door. It's
just sad. But we found a new investigator! Her name is Blanca and she
is so cute! We were talking with her and her family on Friday night
and she invited us over for Tuesday. She is so sweet and I really
think that her and her family will join the church! If not now,
sometime soon :)
This week was a week of "first times"
I learned how to stain a fence this week! I mean it was pretty cool
besides all the bug bites I got on my legs from sitting in the grass
for 2 hours. But it was good. A member in our ward is moving and she
asked us to help her stain her fence before they put their house up
for sale. It was really fun but like I said too many bug bites. Confounded face I
also this week over came my dislike for seafood. Well sorta. I
On Friday we were weekly planning when our dinner that night called
and canceled. About an hour later, a less active member, Irlanda,
called and asked if we wanted to come to dinner that night. Miracle.
We go over to her house and we are having sopa de mariscos... My heart
kind of dropped.... I was so excited because the whole time we were
walking over there I kept saying in my head "man I am so excited for
dinner because Irlanda makes the best food" then it was all sea food.
I don't think I have ever prayed so hard that food would taste good
and that I would be able to eat it. But it was really good!!! We had
lobster, crab, scallops, shrimp, and tilapia. And I ate all of it. And
it was delicious! Aren't yall so proud? I was pretty proud of myself
as well Winking face
last something funny that happened for the first time too was on
Saturday. Hermana Rudolph and I were doing our language study when we
heard a knock on the door. We were expecting it to be the sisters
dropping the car keys off. I open it and it is two middles aged
Hispanic women. They started saying how they were looking for Spanish
people, so I started talking to them in Spanish. They were Jehovah
Witness missionaries. They seemed pretty shocked. Then she noticed my
tag and asked what church we were with. We said the church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints. They looked like they has seen a ghost.
Haha they asked if they could give us a pamphlet. We nicely accepted
and asked if they would like one of ours, they declined it and then
left. It was so interesting and I M so grateful I got that opportunity
to like be on the other side of the door. I learned a lot and learned
how I liked being door contacted. Although I was pretty sad they
didn't take one of our pamphlets I am glad I got to have this
Anyway on our investigators that are so cool. First there is Liz. She
is so awesome!! She has been coming to church and meeting with us a
ton this last week. She is so cool because we will go over and teach
her a lesson and by the time we get there she has already studied
everything about it And taken like awesome notes too. The best part is
when she says "the best part I love about our church..." Or "I like
that our church does this..." And when her neighbors come by she is
always like "these are missionaries from my church.." She is totally
awesome. We are planning on setting a specific baptism date for her
this week so that's pretty exciting :)
Now I wanna tell yall a little about Maria. She is so cute. I love
this woman so much. She makes my heart happy every time we get to see
her. On Tuesday last week we went and saw her and taught her about the
Book of Mormon. As Hermana Rudolph and I testified about the Book of
Mormon the spirit it was so strong. You could see the desire she had
to read it. Something I love so much about Maria is her humility. She
is so humble but yet would give everything she has to help someone,
even if it was all she had. She is such an example of Jesus Christ.
Well I better rap it up for this week since we get to talk on
SUNDAY!!! :) yay happy Mother's Day! Also a big congrats to josh for
graduating college on the best day of the year too! That's so
exciting. I hope E starts doing better and that her knee can heal fast
so she can get to feeling better :) thanks for being the best family
ever. I love yall so much!! I will see you on Sunday :)
Hermana Brown :)

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