Monday, May 25, 2015


Hola hola hola!
Can you believe that I hit 9 months on Wednesday. THIS IS CRAZY. I
don't really know how I feel. I feel like I have been gone for a long
time but I also feel like there is still so much to learn. I am
definitely at the top and about to go down the slope... So crazy. But
I am excited for what will come in the next 3 months but then it's
gonna be super weird once I hit a year and only have 6 months left,
but I can't even think about that right now! Haha also a quick
anniversary shout out to Brandon and Haley! That was such a fun trip
down to Arizona.
As for this week it was a good week. We went on exchanges with the
STL's and that was really nice. I went with Sister Aiono. She is so
cute.  I love going on
exchanges there are always such great learning experiences and always
so fun. We had a crazy weird experience when we were knocking doors.
This guy like answered the door wide enough that we could see like
only half his face (weird right) so we are talking to him and asking
him about religion and stuff and he is just like super weird and then
we hear this girl from inside yell "yeah well I am Buddhist and I am
naked" and the guys face just goes red and we just are like "here is a
picture of Jesus bye" it was so weird but soooo funny. I had to share
it with yall Face with tears of joy
Friday was like a miracle day! :) here in clarskville we do a ton of
Spanish and English work, and I have really been praying so that we
can do more Spanish work. Well Friday was a great day because we ONLY
DID SPANISH WORK. seriously every person we taught and talked to were
Spanish speakers. It was awesome. For awhile I had been having the
feeling to go to this trailer park I saw on the map but I was nervous
because the area it is close to has some really sketchy trailer parks
too, but on Friday I was just like "Hermana we need to go to this
trailer park. We will drive there and drive a round and if it's scary
we will leave." So we get there and it's like SUPER NICE! What?! And
there are tons of Spanish people there! We didn't have time to knock
every door but the ones we did we were able to set return appointments
for this week! We are about to see BIG things here in the clarskville
Spanish area! :)
As for the food goes I tried two new things this week. 1. I had deep
fried catfish and 2. Corned beef. The senior missionary couple took us
out to dinner on Saturday to a place called the catfish house. It's so
cool and so cute and southern. It's like hidden behind all these
trees. It reminded me kind of like market street grill, but with some
southern twang. I ordered a hamburger, but Elder Bolos insisted that I
eat some of his catfish. Well I tried it, and it was super good!! Like
really really good. They also served us some slaw with our dinner, and
it was good too Winking face the corned beef.... It was good but not my
favorite. When I first saw it I thought it wasn't cooked so that kind
of freaked me out, but it was still pretty good. Hermana Rudolph said
that canned corned beef is pretty good too, but I told her I would
have to pass on the canned meats.
Oh I also wanted to tell you about the Alamaraz family. It's this
adorable family we have been teaching and they are just so amazing.
Maria, the mom, she really loves the Book of Mormon  she doesn't have
a super strong religious background, but what she does know is that
she finds peace when she reads in the Book of Mormon. And that is
something that is so true. The Book of Mormon is a book of hope, love,
truth, and happiness. It's a book about Jesus Christ! And that is why
the Book of Mormon can change lives. It draws us close to Jesus Christ
and helps us change our ways and gives us the guidance we need. I love
this family, they make me happier every time I see and visit them. I
am so blessed to be able to serve them :)
One more thing, yesterday we get to church and about 5 minutes before
sacrament meeting starts the first counselor in the bishopric said
that they were in need of one more speaker for the meeting and asked
if I would give a talk and testimony on service and missionary work. I
accepted and then the meeting started. Then it was time for the
sacrament and i then I remembered that I had to give a talk after the
sacrament. I hurried and pulled out my scriptures and looked for a
couple I could share. And then I prayed soooo hard. After the
sacrament was over the first speaker spoke then it was my turn. I
think it was pretty well! I felt like I was rambling for a little but
then I just felt so peaceful and confident. It was a good experience
to have but I also hope maybe next time I will maybe have a little bit
more preparation time Winking face
Anyway I hope that yall have a great Memorial Day and have fun at the
graves of the great and glorious dead. And at the BBQ at grandmas :)
tell everyone I say hello. Thanks for all updates, support, and love
you always send me :) I love you all so much!
Hermana Brown :)

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