Friday, June 19, 2015

Let's get coconutyy!‏

Hello my family! Thanks for all the fun updates and cool pictures at
out of school party :) sounds like it was a fun busy week, but also a
hard one, especially with the passing of sister Murphy.. I am so sad
to hear about that and poor brother Murphy I will be sure to keep him
in my prayers!
Well I was going to wait till the end of my email to tell yall about
transfers but I thought that would be rude so i won't do that... Well
I am saying ¡adiós! To my cute little city of Clarksville, I am pretty
sad but I had the feeling I was going to be leaving... But want to
know what's even worse? Hermana Rudolph and I are both being
transferred out of clarskville and they are putting elders back in
here... I don't know how I feel about all this. Needless to say I was
pretty upset when I found out on Saturday... We were the first
hermanas here in the Spanish area in about 4 years. I can't help but
feel like it's because I didn't work hard  enough or I am not a good
missionary and that's why they are taking us out.... but I don't think
that's the case, well I sure hope not! I think it's just satan trying
to get me down. It's just so hard. This town has been like my baby and
we have been working so hard the last four months. It's scary to just
have to give it away and hope that the new missionaries will help all
these people here. I guess I have to have more faith in the
missionaries, my mission president, and the lord. I know the Lord is
aware of this area and all these people and I know he will do what is
best for them. But it's just SO stressful. I feel like a mom leaving
long notes and to do lists and info about all the investigators and
members here so that the elders coming in will be able to take care of
them. I won't find out where I will be going or who my new companion
is until tomorrow at transfer meeting! So yall will have to stay tuned
for next week to see where I end up! (Inside I hope I get to go to
Nashville Smiling face (black and white)Cityscape at dusk)
Now to fill yall in on my last week in clarskville!
So the south is like so awesome because of FIREFLIES!!! Wahh. They are
the coolest lil buggies ever. I love them. So the other night we were
driving down the road and I took a wrong turn and we got to a dead end
that was Like an entry way into the forest or something. Well I turn
off car lights and it's like we are in a forest full of twinkle lights!
There were fireflies everywhere!! It was one of the coolest things I have
seen ever :)
So we have been teaching Rosa's daughter Emellyn and preparing her for
baptism. She is so adorable and I am so sad that I won't be able to be
here for her baptism. She was suppose to get baptized yesterday, but
her uncle who was going to baptize her, him and his family got in a
car accident on Saturday afternoon. Everyone was totally fine and not
injured but just a little banged up so they wouldn't make it to the
baptism on Sunday... I am glad everyone was okay but I am sad that we
will be missing her baptism next week :( I love Emellyn and Rosa and
that whole family!!! It was just so sad to have to say bye to them :(
I feel like just so connected to them. I feel so blessed to be able to
serve here with this family and share those unforgettable spiritual
moments with them. The mission is an amazing thing.
Okay the CRAZIEST thing happened with week. But to make all of it make
sense I must rewind to my first transfer here in Clarksville. We were
sitting in the church having district meeting when, These two people
(Hermano y Hermana Falcon) come knocking on the door. They were from
Puerto Rico and so me and Hermana LaPine were talking to them. Well
the husband is in the military so he was got stationed here, and they
didn't have any information about the church (they are members!) well,
Hermana falcon was still in the process of moving here so she would
come every four months, stay for about a month, and then go back to
Puerto Rico. So get this. It's time for her to come back and she comes
to church and she says how she wants to come out with us sometime this
week. So she comes out with us and we are driving to an appointment
and I am telling her how my cousin jake is serving in Puerto Rico on
his mission but i didn't know what area he was in. So we are just
driving still and I remember that the Brazilians (James and Vivian)
are in Puerto Rico too. So I continue to tell her that my other
cousins are there as well because he is doing dental school there. She
asked me what there names are and tell her, she thinks about it for
awhile and says "ella es de Brasil?" (She is from Brazil?) And I look
at her and say YES!! So get this. Hermana Falcon is the primary
president of her Ward in Puerto Rico, and about 4 months ago they had
this big primary activity with multiple different stakes in the area
and that is where she met and talked with Vivian at! HOW CRAZY IS
THAT?! Oh my gosh. I was like speechless the rest of the night in
shock. How crazy is that? It truly is a small world after all Winking face
One more thing, we taught Liz the word of wisdom this week.... And she
is in the process of quitting smoking right now!! Smiling face (black and white)Smiling face (black and white)Smiling face (black and white)️ I am so
happy. She let us take all her vapor pipes and nicotine and throw them
away. It was an amazing experience. Liz is so awesome. I am so sad to
be leaving her :( she has been an answer to my prayers and I feel so
grateful that I have had the chance to teach her. And to be taught by
her! She will make an amazing member of the church. But I am so
excited to come back for her baptism in just a couple of weeks :)
 Well that's about it for this week. Hermana Rudolph will be spending
the rest of the day packing and cleaning up the apartment. I hope yall
have an amazing week. Thanks for all your support you give me. I can
really feel your prayers! I am so blessed to be a missionary. Have a
great week and I will try not to roast in the sun Black sun with rays️
Hermana Brown Heavy black heart

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