Monday, June 1, 2015

She ate her peas one at a time....‏

Happy June!
Wow I can't believe that it's June already. That's just crazy. I am
jealous of your trip to the cabin that sounds nice! Well except for
the whole cleaning part of it... I still remember when we went up
there that one year with aunt Cindy and uncle Steve and there were so
many dead birds and disgusting things... Gross haha But I can imagine
that it looks super nice now and super clean I know everyone will
appreciate it :) sounded like the weather was nice too. I hope e
didn't have tooooo much fun being home alone for the weekend Winking face but I
think after my mission I wouldn't mind taking a weekend being alone
either haha
Well this week was great! I have many stories to tell you. I will try
my best not to make this email toooooo long, but again, no promises!
The weather has been good but also crazy this week. Some days it
poured rain, and the others it was blue skies. Some days it was pretty
humid, I remember standing at s door way and my glasses started to fog
up. It was so weird. somedays it's like so humid and other days it's
not humid at all. Either way I am usually always warm and gross and
sweaty so I guess if you really ask me it doesn't matter too much if
it is that humid or not.
Tuesday was a really cool day. It was sister Browns birthday (sister
missionary in the clarskville 1st Ward. We also came in to the mission
field the same day) and so we went out to lunch with the sisters to
noodles and company. It was delicious. I hadn't had eaten at noodles
and company my whole mission and it made me remember how delicious it
is! It was a fun time. I am grateful that there are the cv1 sisters
here, they are like my saving grace somedays! Tuesday night was pretty
interesting. We go over to Liz's to have a lesson with her and then
right before we start the lesson there is a knock on the door. It was
the Elders and some members coming to have a lesson with Liz's son
Nathan. She totally spaced she had told the elders and Us that we
could come over that night. We told the elders we could go and do some
finding in the neighborhood if they would just call us after their
lesson with Nathan. So we start walking down the road when we see
these Hispanics putting these huge plastic bags full of stuff into a
bed of a truck. We start talking to them and it looks like they are be
moving or something. But their hands were completely black and there
was some caution tape around the entrance of the door. We asked them
if they needed any help with anything. So turns out that about 2 weeks
ago their kitchen caught on fire and they had smoke damage throughout
the rest of the apartment. It was crazy. The whole kitchen was just
black ashes and burns everywhere. Everything was completely covered
with ash and smoke residue. It was seriously so heartbreaking.
Although we were not in any type of service clothes we offered to
help. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to help this family
salvage their things from this small 2 bedroom apartment. As we were
talking we came to find out that the elders had been teaching this
family about a year ago. How awesome is that? Then an even bigger
miracle, is in our area book there is a family the elders had been
teaching, and we have tried to contact them but never have been able
to because they moved and we didn't have their phone number, but guess
what? It's turns out that the family was the same family we had been trying to
contact, is this family that we were helping out! It was such s 
sweet moment helping this family out. The whole time I couldn't help
but thank Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that Hermana Rudolph and I
were able to be in the right place at the right time to help this
family and to find this family again. It just makes my testimony even
stronger that Heavenly Father truly knows everyone of his children and
he knows all our needs and everything we go through, and he truly does
send people to help us and answer prayers. Although I was covered in
ash residue I think this experience has been one of my favorites on my
entire mission. I have never felt so much love, joy, and gratitude. I
love being a missionary!
Quickly I wanted to tell yall about Liz. Oh my goodness she is SO
amazing. I love her. Every time we have a lesson with her she just
bares testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. It's such an
amazing thing to watch someone who has been looking for the gospel
their whole life finally find it. She mentioned that her whole life
she has been trying to find some way to connect everything in her life
and now with the gospel she feels like everything just connects. I am
so grateful and blessed to be able to watch her grow in the gospel :)
Can you believe there is only 2 weeks left of the transfer? Time has
really gone by so fast. I have almost been here in clarskville for 4
months! I am getting nervous because the work here has really started
to sky rocket... Which only means one thing, I have to leave right
when things start picking... Who knows. I don't want to stress too
much about being transferred yet! I love this area and the members of
the church here. They are amazing! I feel so blessed to be able to be
a missionary at this time. :)
I will end here for now. Thanks for all the love and support you send
me. And always keeping me updated on things back at home. And thanks
for always sending me pictures. They always make me happy :) well i
love yall so much! Have a great week!!
Hermana Brown
With the bishops daughters. They are the cutest girls ever

Once again.

I have entered the mission field. 
Haha found this in sign when you exit the Nazarene church that's down the street.
 Hermana Rudolph was embarrassed to take a photo 
but I made her take one of me. Lol

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