Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thunder storms and fireflies‏

Hello my dear family :)
Sounds like this last week was a fun, but busy one in the Brown home!
I hope you had a great time celebrating all the fun birthdays this
week! I am pretty sad I missed out on the Cheesecake Factory, as well
as cake roll!! Those both sound pretty delicious right about now Winking face
Can you believe that we get transfer calls on Saturday? Crazy. And
next week I will be informing yall what's going to become of me and of
Clarksville. I don't want to leave clarskville but I am kind of
feeling like my time is about up here :( but who knows! I will be
super happy if I get to stay another transfer, but I also know that if
I do get transferred that is where I need to be. We will see what will
So this week was good, but also one of the weirdest weeks on my
mission. Last week was an awesome week, and we had so many things set
up for this week, and soooo many of our lessons just fell through. And
kept falling through. It was insane. People would set up lessons, we
would call them, they would say we could come over, and then when we
would get there, they wouldn't be there... Talk about a let down. I
could really feel the Lord testing Hermana Rudolph and I this week,
but it was good! We pushed through and we were able to see a ton of
miracles and do a lot of service as well :)
This first miracle, was that... WE FINALLY GOT TRANSLATION
EQUIPMENT!!!! Bishop Young called us on Wednesday night informing us
that we got translation equipment, and when he told us i starting
screaming, I was pretty close to tears as well... But it's just so
exciting. After 8 months, since the Spanish branch was first
dissolved, we have translation equipment. We are now able to invite
our investigators to sacrament meeting, and tell our less active
members that sacrament meeting will now be translated into Spanish.
Seriously definitely one of the highlights of the week :)
We also did a lot of service this week. So that was fun. One of the
sisters who was in the Spanish branch is very very sick right now and
can hardly get out of bed. We went over and decided to help clean her
house. It's so sad because she can't do much and her family does NOT
help clean anything. We ended up spending about 2 hours cleaning a
room probably the size of my bedroom.. And by the time we finished, it
wasn't even all that clean. It was such a humbling experience to have.
I am also grateful that were able to help serve Hermana Gil.
Did I ever tell yall about Luis? Well a couple of weeks ago we were
walking down the street, actually right in front of the church, and we
passed this guy and started talking to him, his name is Luis. He is
from Puerto Rico and is like the nicest old grandpa guy EVER. He is
just so cute. We went and taught him about the Book of Mormon this
week and he was so excited to read it. He also told us that his
neighbor in Puerto Rico is actually a member of the church and he use
to talk to him about the gospel all the time! And he use to see the
missionary over there always walking down the streets and such. Talk
about prepared! I am so excited to see where he goes in the gospel :)
Last night we had a stake fireside about the Book of Mormon. The stake
president asked if I would share my personal experiences and testimony
of the Book of Mormon. It was a great meeting. I always thought that
when I was a missionary I wouldn't be as nervous talking in front of a
lot of people, but that's not true. I was still pretty nervous. But I
think overall it went well :) I love love love the Book of Mormon and
I know that it truly is the word of God. How lucky are we that we get
to read and have the Book of Mormon today? It has blessed my life so
much, and the knowledge i receive when i am reading the Book of Mormon
is never ending.
Well I think I will close for now! I hope yall have a great week :) as
I was actually writing this email the power went out because of a huge
thunder and lightening storm which is taking place right now. I hope
that it comes back on soon so I can send this and we can chat! I love
yall so so so much!!
Hermana Brown

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