Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lake people‏

Well I thought I would be able to at least surprise y'all about where
I am but I guess that's impossible Winking face okay SO. My new area. I am in
Winchester Tennessee and I LOVE IT HERE!!! This is by far my absolute
favorite area since I have been here. So to my surprise, at transfer
meeting, I found out I was actually whitewashing this area with my new
comp hermana capener. So that would make all three of my areas
whitewashed... I think I might whitewash my whole mission....hahaha so
a little info about Winchester, it is a small town. My area covers the
whole Franklin county, a county full of small towns. I am in a small
English branch of probably 70-90 people, and yes we do meet in a
funeral home... It's very nice. The young women meet in the coffin
room..... Hahaha it's so different from anywhere I have been before.
Winchester is like a lake town. It's surrounded by Tims Ford lake.
It's so cute. And we live right next to the lake!!! We go for a walk
every morning around the lake. We are going to go get fishing licenses
today :)
My new companion is Hermana CaPener. I love her. She is awesome and we
get a long SO great. Seriously such an answer to my prayers. She is
such a hard worker and an amazing missionary. We are so excited to be
working here in this area together. Today we are actually starting a
40 day fast of English. Meaning for 40 days her and I will only speak
to each other in Spanish. It's going to a little tough, but I m
excited. We have so much faith that we will be able to have the
success that we need here.  Lately I have been
thinking a lot about the law of sacrifice and why it's so important. I
had the thought that my mission wasn't as big as a sacrifice as it
should be, because I was sacrificing things that really weren't much
of a sacrifice. So that is what my goal is for this transfer, is to
really sacrifice things that will show the Lord I am ready to do his
work, and be a servant that he can count on. Smiling face with smiling eyes
Okay so let me tell yall all a little more about my great first week
in Winchester.
So on our way home from transfer meeting we rode with an elderly
couple, the Veazey's (VZ) and they are amazing. So kind and loving.
They drove us home and took us first to the funeral home, aka the
church and gave us a tour. It was really different but also pretty
cool. The part that was probably the most creepy was the coffin
room...the chapels there are super pretty and nice so it's pretty
awesome we get to have church there. After that we went to our
apartment to drop our luggage off. Our apartment is really nice and
big. It's more like a little town house! But since we were
whitewashing elders... It was very dirty... So we cleaned it up a
little and the VZ's took us to Walmart to buy some more cleaning
supplies and some food. Well then we come back to our part,met and are
cleaning when a HUGE thunder and lightning storm starts... Then our
power goes out.... You know how I am kind of a baby when it comes to
that... Haha it was a great way to start our first day here in
Winchester Winking face
The people here are awesome and they are so southern. It's so funny
and cool! I love it so much. But it's also soooo hot here too... Like
super hot. And humid. And on Thursday guess what we did? Yup that's
right, we rode our bikes. Haha it was great, but I looked like I just
took a shower or something so that was disgusting. Us Browns have some
type of gene where our body's just don't do good with humidity or
We only have one member of the branch who actually speaks Spanish, but
he is pretty less active, so that's kind of different. To be Spanish
missionaries is a small English branch, that meets in a funeral
home.... Haha but the elders were teaching this family before they
left and they are awesome! Hugo and Laura (haha you can't help but
think of the treehouse of terror with Bart's evil twin brother Hugo,
am I right Winking face) but they are so cute and want to know so much about the
gospel. They have two little boys who are 2 and 6 months old. :)
This email is kind of scattered brained right now, but I hope yall can
make sense of it. This area is awesome, and the members here are
amazing. I feel so lucky to be the first set of sisters here in the
area in over 2 years, and the first Spanish speaking sisters as well!
I am so excited to see what will come of the promised land of
Winchester Tennessee :)
I hope yall had a great week and an awesome Father's Day! I am so
lucky to have the best dad in the world. He seriously makes everything
better :) I love you family! Thanks for all your love and support. I
hope you have a great day and week!
Hermana Lizzy Brown

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