Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I fried an egg on the sidewalk aka ITS BURNING HOT HERE‏

Hi my cute family!!!
Well the good news is that I haven't melted yet... So that's good.
This last week was SO HOT!!!! The actual temperature was only about
96-97 degrees, but add in all the humidity and it feels about 110-115
so that's just awful, am I right? Add riding a bike, it brings for
quite an experience, that's for sure! Haha but all is well and this
last week was awesome, so it all is worth it!! :)
So probably the best news is... LIZ GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Smiling face (black and white)Smiling face (black and white)️ so she
was originally planning on being baptized on Saturday (July 11th) and
I was in the process of trying to find a ride to go to the baptism in
Clarksville, but wasn't having any luck. Well on Tuesday We were
having interviews with President and Sister Andersen, and I was
talking to President Andersen about liz and he said that he had
actually had her baptismal interview the night before and that she was
getting baptized Tuesday night. I almost started crying. I was so
happy. It was just the best to hear :) so that night I was able to
skype into her baptism. It was beautiful and such s great service as
well. I have been on like cloud 9 thinking about it all week :) I hope
one day yall will be able to meet her, she is awesome :) and be such
an amazing addition to the church Smiling face with smiling eyes
Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with our investigator Erlinda. She
is so cute, but also very very catholic. We had taught her the
restoration a little bit ago but we weren't able to see for a little
while. Well we went back and saw her and went over the restoration. We
showed the clip of the first vision, and the spirit was very strong.
We asked her how she felt while watching it and she said she felt
really peaceful and happy. We explained that's the spirit. We then
invited her to be baptized. She quickly said no, because she had
already been baptized in the Catholic Church. We explained the
importance of the authority of the priesthood power. We really
testified of the need for a restoration of the church of Jesus Christ.
She thought about it and then said "so it's like I need to be
restored" she then agreed to pray if these things were true and about
baptism!! I am so excited to go and see her again this week.
Okay and another awesome miracle happened this week! So every morning
Hermana Capener and i have been diligently running, well on Friday we
woke up and we both just felt really tired and crappy so we decided to
just walk. Well, best idea ever. We walk down by the docks and while
we are walking this Hispanic guy just pulls up his truck and parks it,
and just sits there looking at the water. Well we decided to go talk
to him, and that's when we meet Pedro. Super super nice guy, but the
coolest part was that he said "yeah I don't have to be to work for
another hour or so, but I just have a lot of things on my mind and I
thought i could come down here and try to figure it out" WHAT! Chance
that the day he had a lot on his mind, he went to find his answers he
found the missionaries? I think not! I know with all my heart that
this is the Lord's work. He has a plan for everyone we meet. I am so
grateful to be a mission and help people every single day. I am so
grateful for the Lord's timing :)
Also a couple of other funny things happened. We ran into this huge
confederate flag rally going on at Walmart the other day, it was so
crazy and so funny. And we went to a Spanish church of God of prophecy
this week and it was CRAZY. Seriously. But, a good experience. The
people were all very very nice and welcoming but it was crazy. Like
people were crawling on the floor. It freaked me out. Haha oh the
I think that's about it for this week :) sounds like mike had a great
mission! I am glad he is home and doing well :) also thanks for going
to visit my cute friend Madi :) I hope you all have a fun week! I love
you all tons tons tons!! Heavy black heart️
Hermana Brown Heavy black heartHeavy black heart
Bible crossing

Confederate flag rally lol

Pork rinds... Chícharones Grinning face with smiling eyes

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