Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Praying I don't have lime disease...

Hey family!
Sounds like yall had a great week and a very happy 24th of July!  Okay
this week has been crazy!! And I do have transfer information... And
apparently this is going to be like one of president andersens biggest
transfer meetings ever. There are gonna be some big changes made,
which is pretty exciting but kind of stressful. ANYWAY on Saturday we
had just finished our studies and were eating lunch and watching our
favorite missionary reality tv show (the district 2!!) (please don't
judge us..) and our phone rang, and it was president Andersen. And he
asked me if I would be a Sister Training Leader (STL) WHAT?? No
wayyyyyyyyy. I was like "seriously?" I was soooo in shock, I am still
in shock. SO, that means yes I am getting transferred :( boo. I am so
sad to be leaving Hermana Capener. We work so well together and it
will be so sad to be leaving her and leaving my cute little town of
Winchester. Pensive face
BUT we had a week FULL OF MIRACLES. it was awesome :)
First off, the strongest testimony of prayer, ever.
So we kind of hit a brick wall when we were tracking the other day, so
we decided to say a prayer and seek heavenly fathers guidance. So we
said a prayer and we asked that 1 someone would give us some water, we
were dying of thirst and heat, and 2 we could find someone to teach.
Well, we started riding our bikes and we came to this little street.
We decided to start knocking doors, and as we parked our bikes this
guy from the other side of the street yells "hey! Can I talk to yall"
so that's when we meet Austin. So he goes on to say "I have seen yall
3 different times today and I just need to know who you are and what
yall are doing riding your bikes around in this heat?" So obviously we
started to teach him and he thought everything we said was really
interesting and cool! And then he just goes "wait hold on, I'm gonna
go get yall some water, I am sure yall are super thirsty" DOUBLE
MIRACLE. HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes well anyway we give
him a card and then that night he went online to LDS.org and ordered a
Book of Mormon. The elders took it to him Friday and he has been
reading it. He also came to church yesterday and stayed for all 3
hours and said that he was going to come next week too. It was sooooo
Next miracle is Gudalupe! So we have been teaching her for quite
sometime and every time we come over we always would end up talking
about the Book of Mormon and trying to help her truly understand the
importance of the Book of Mormon and what it is exactly, well after
our lesson on Tuesday we decided to leave her the Plan of Salvation
Pamphlet to read for when we would meet with her again on Friday.
Well, we came back on Friday and she says "well I read the pamphlet
and I did the additional study in the back, and I realized that this
book isn't another bible, but it completes the bible and is a
THAT SHE GOT IT!!!! Hermana Capener were freaking out. It was so
awesome. And now Guadalupe she knows, and understands that the Book of
Mormon is a true book from God and goes hand and hand with the bible.
Its so amazing to see how truly important it is to get our
investigators to read the Book of Mormon. When we read the Book of
Mormon we are inviting the spirit into our lives, and the spirit is
the best teacher and testifier of truth :)
Also after 11 months I got my first tick. I WAS FREAKING OUT. At first
I thought it was a mole but then I realized it had legs and was
sticking halfway out of my leg. Thankfully my loving companion took
one for the team and pulled it out for me, and thankfully we got the
whole tick out. But it was so scary and so stressful! But all is well
Wow sorry this email has been pretty crazy but overall this week was a
great last week of the transfer. I am so sad that I will be leaving
Winchester :( I am pretty nervous to become an STL and i totally feel
like not even at all qualified to be one. I just hope and pray I will
be able to do what the Lord needs me to do !
Stay tuned next week to find out where I am off too, and who my new
companion is. I love yall so dang much. Thanks for all your prayers,
love, and support you give me :)
Hermana Brown 

Southern sunset on the lake :)

Our last district meeting, and this elder is "dying" Hna Capener
and I aren't happy or anything...

Please look what I am sitting on.  The only seat open... Yall know how
much I hate standing

MY TICK!!!!! Eeeeeewie.

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