Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 6 & Big Smo‏

Can you believe that this is the last week of the transfer?? How nuts
is that? I can't believe I have already been here for 6 weeks. It's
been a good six weeks but also has gone by soooo fast. I hope and pray
that Hermana Capener and I can stay for at least another transfer
together here in Winchester. We get transfer info on Saturday...
Wow so this last week has been soooooo much fun but it has also been
deathly hot..... We had a few heat warnings this last week, so that
was crazy. It was too hot to even ride our bikes.. It was just
terrible, but we survived and hopefully after this week the
temperatures will lower a little bit :)
This week was a week full of miracles. We have this really cool new
investigator, Jose and he is just really awesome. He has some really
great questions, and something I just love about him is that all of
his questions are really really genuine and he truly wants to know and
understand. We were teaching him about Joseph Smith, and he asked if
he had done any miracles like Moses or noe, we told him yes, and then
we started teaching about the Book of Mormon. He looked at us and
said, "wow that is a miracle" it was so cool! He is a genuine seeker
of truth. I have high hopes form Jose :)
Next we had the coooooolest miracle EVER on Wednesday. We found a
paper in the apartment with an address that said 407 shepherd street,
so we really felt impressed to go and try to contact whoever lived
there. Well we were driving the whole street and there wasn't s 407,
but we stopped in front of a house with the address 704, so we parked
and decided to try it. That's when we met Annie! She is the nicest
lady ever. We started talking about the restoration and and about the
apostasy. she was really surprised because she had never heard any of
this before. She then invited inside and we taught her about Joseph
Smith. as we share the message of the first vision the spirit was so
strong! She said that this was something she had been looking for. She
mentioned that she had been having some hard trials over the last
couple of months and she kind of started to give up on God. She said
just s little bit ago she started to pray again. We decided to share
with her how exactly we ended up at her house. We were all in tears. I
know the spirit testified to her that Heavenly Father knows her and
that he is so aware of her and her needs. I am SO grateful that we
were able to be in tuned with the spirit to bring the message of peace
and happiness to someone who was in need. I love being a
missionary!!!! I can't wait to go and see her again on Wednesday ! :)
Sad news, we had to temporarily drop Hugo and Laura... They just
weren't keeping commitments and as missionaries we can't keep teaching
people who aren't going to act. Ah it was terrible. I seriously feel
like we went through like s breakup with them or something haha it was
so hard. I seriously thought I was going to cry... I love them and
it's so hard to watch the people you love not do what you know will be
best for them. But all in all it ended really well. They understood
why we need to take s break, (give them some time to spiritually bake)
and they even invited us for dinner after the lesson, so it all ended
well, and I pray that soon they will be back and ready to fully accept
the gospel.
Today was a fun morning! We got up and a senior couple took us fishing
this morning :) it was so much fun! But also really really hot. I
caught a lot of rocks and pieces of wood, but my comp caught a fish !
So that was a fun experience. We are pretty tired from that this
morning so we plan just relaxing the rest of the day. We are also
going on exchanges tonight too so that should be fun! This transfer
has been a ton of fun but also a ton of work. I am pretty bummed we
weren't able to get a baptism with transfer but I know next one we
will ! :)
Sounds like yall had a great week and j am still in a little shock
about mom going bunji jumping. I need some pictures of that ! And the
gorge sounded fun too. Aunt les sent me a cute video of Millie, and
she told me she had quite a scene at flaming gorge haha Well, I hope
you all keep on having a good week and all will be well. I love being
a missionary and I feel so blessed to be here at this time :) thanks
for all you do!!! I love you!!
Hermana Brown :)

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