Thursday, July 2, 2015

I got a serious case of bike butt‏

Hello my cutie family :)
Sounds like things are going great at home but also maybe a little
crazy as well. I was shocked to see that yall had been to the cabin,
AGAIN! That's so much fun :) maybe yall should just move up there for
the summer? Haha sounds like girls camp was a fun time as well! That
river rafting sounds like it would be a ton of fun!
Wow well this we has been really good but also so crazy and a little
stressful (40 day English fast...) it was pretty hard the first couple
of days, but it's getting better and easier. But we have seen like so
many miracles this week, and I know that it has come from doing the
fast! Seriously, it's been awesome!
Tuesday we had zone conference, it was so good and so much fun. Expect
for when the zone leaders called us Monday night and asked if we would
do a musical number for the conference Tuesday morning. They literally
called us at 10:15... And like all of you know, I am not at one bit
musically talented. Long story short we went to do the musical number
and it was so awful!!!!! It was a good learning experience for the
zone leaders not to ask people do last minute musical numbers,
especially people like me!
Thursday we had an awesome relief society activity at the rs
presidents house. She lives out in the country a little bit and has
tons of land and a really awesome swimming pool. We invited our
investigator Laura to come, and she brought 2 other friends with her
as well! It was awesome. Everyone had a great time swimming and
talking (except for us... Disappointed face) it was awesome to see how the branch is
starting to break the language barrier little by little! But also
that's the hard part. We have nooooo members who speak Spanish. Only
one. And he is inactive and works every Sunday... That's probably what
makes this area so tough.. But I know that there are Spanish
missionaries here for a reason and that as we work hard we will come
to find out why as well :)
Also I wanna hurry and tell yall about our two awesome new
investigators Gudalupe and Miguel! They are so awesome. So we were
going through all our former investigators and we came across
Guadalupe. So apparently the elders had found her and she was super
awesome and golden, but then her husband got mad and told the elders
to leave. Well then another set of elders tried to see her and the
same thing happened to them. Well when we saw her name we just really
felt like we needed to go and see her, so we did and she let us right
in. She is so nice and cute. We had a good lesson with her and she
invited us to come back. So last night we went back and saw her and
her husband was there and he sat in for the lesson. And he was soooooo
nice! It was awesome to see how the spirit really changed him through
out the lesson. The spirit was so strong and it was so awesome to help
both of them come to recognize what the spirit is and how it works. At
the end of the lesson Miguel was just saying how he always told the
elders to leave but now he is saying we can always come back. It was
awesome :)
This week was a great week and I am really looking forward to this
next week too :) HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! Confetti ballCollision symbolParty popperFireworksFirework sparkler I am pretty excited
because there is a huge firework show on Friday night at the lake,
basically our back yard, so it will be fun to watch :) I hope yall
have a great rest of the week and a happy fourth. Thanks for all the
love you send me! And support :) I love yall so so sooooo much!
Hermana Brown
Ps If mom and dad go down the slide at uncle Gordy's on Friday I
expect some videos!

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