Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last week of the transfer! LOCO‏

Hello family!!

Sounds like all is going well back at home, that makes me happy! I am sure it was sad to see Brandon and Haley leave, but pretty exciting for them to start their new adventure in Washington!

This week was great! but I am mostly shocked that it is already Monday. Also can you believe that its the last week of the transfer too? I am shocked I have already been in Hermitage for almost 6 weeks now. CRAZY. Time is just going by way too fast. I honestly can't tell if that is a good thing or a bad thing... but it is what it is!

This week was filled with a lot of teaching, exchanges, service, and a BODA (wedding :) ) This last week we decided to do all of the rest of our exchanges with the sisters so that the last week of the transfer we don't have to worry about doing any of them. That was great but also was a lot of work. For the first exchange I stayed here in Hermitage and Sister Carbine, a new missionary who only has about 1 month in the mission, came up here with me! it was a lot of fun. One thing that i learned on that exchange is the importance of the spirit and how the spirit truly does help us and guide us to know what to say and when to say it. It was cool because Sister Carbine doesn't know any Spanish, but as she just bore her testimony in English you could really feel the spirit so strongly. It just gave me more confidence that the spirit will testify to our investigators that the gospel is true :)

We also went on another exchange with Sister Trussell this week. I love Sister Trussell! We served in Clarksville at the same time as each other and we had a lot of fun :) her companion went home half way through the transfer to start school and so she went to be in a trio with another set of sisters in the zone for the rest of the transfer. We had already done an exchange with those sisters, so sister trussell just came up to hermitage for the day and we were in a trio! it also was a lot of fun. Sister Trussell is just hilarious.

This week we did a ton of service for our investigator Aida. Her daughter Jassy is turning 8 in a couple of weeks and Aida is planning her big 8th birthday party and she has so many things to do, so we offered to come and help her :) it has been fun. Aida is so awesome. i just love her! Her whole family is amazing. Its so cool to talk with people and see how Heavenly Father truly is preparing all of his children to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. its just a testimony to me that this work is TRUE! that Heavenly Father truly is in charge. I am so grateful to be a missionary and i get the chance to meet so many truly amazing people!

 Also there was a wedding this week! We got invited so we thought we would take our dinner hour and go to the wedding. It was so much fun!! Hispanic weddings are hilarious and seriously so fun!! :) We even had 4 investigators come to the wedding as well. I guess it wasn't an official church event, but it got them to come to the church and talk with more members, so that was great :)

Another cool story, we got a referral from church head quarters last week requesting a bible. So we went over to take the bible and we met this guy named Carlos. He was so cool! The crazy thing was that the person whos name it was under for the bible didn't live there and Carlos had no idea who the guy was.  it was totally strange but the awesome thing was that carlos was excited about the bible and we were able to set up a return appointment to teach him and his family :) God is good and works in total mysterious ways! :)

I really wish i had more to report on. But i don't.. haha we have been struggling with getting those golden investigators. We have so many people to teach, but not that many people who actually want to learn... but its okay because I know that we will find them and that the spirit can touch anyones heart! I just feel so grateful to be in this branch and this area. I truly feel so much love from these amazing people.

Next week we will find out my destiny with transfers! I am pretty sure I will stay here in hermitage with hna dansie, but who knows! You never know. I hope yall have a great week!! Thanks for all your love and support, i know i couldn't be doing this without yall support and prayers.

Hermana Brown :)

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