Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello my dear family !
It sounds like you all had a great week :) I had a great week but it
went by like insanely too fast. For real ! But it was great and full
of cool miracles and spiritual experiences.
This week was great because 1 women's general meeting , which was
AWESOME, and 2 interviews with president Andersen. I just have to say
how grateful I am for modern day revelation because seriously the
women's conference was SO inspired. I loved everything about it. Also
I watched it all in Spanish. And I was able to understand all. I felt
so blessed :) I will have to admit my notes were in perfect Spanglish
though. I think that is my absolute favorite language. Haha I can
definitely say I am fluent in that language Winking face
Also we had interviews with president Andersen. He is amazing. And I
am just so grateful he is my mission President. He is so wise and so
cool and knows the scriptures like PERFECTLY. I feel like he has all
the standard workers memorized or something. Seriously such an
inspiring man.
We also did exchanges this week, which is always so much fun. I stayed
here in Buena Vista and a sister from stones river, sister Peyton came
up here with me. It was so fun :) but also hard ! It's hard to make
the exchange good when they don't speak any Spanish and you also have
to try and teach everything on your own but also try and translate
things into English so the other sister can know what's going on...
Ahhh its like my brain can't speak to languages at the same time haha
but it's good practice. Hopefully I can be like a professional
translator when I come home or something haha who knows. Alien monster (that's
how I feel like my brain felt that day haha ) but overall it was a
great exchange and we had a lot of fun :)
Okay and now onto a pretty lengthy but pretty awesome miracle.
So last week we got a notification saying we could sync our iPads to
the iOS 9. So Hermana Dansie decided to update her iPad and guess what
happened. Her
iPad didn't update correctly and was stuck on a screen and wouldn't
let her use it. Haha thankfully mine had too many pictures on it so I
didn't have enough room to update. Well so We didn't know what to we just kind of forgot about it and didn't worry to much. We
found out that we need to hook it up to a computer with the latest
iTunes, but we didn't have a computer. We decided to call some members
and see if they had a computer and could help us out. Nobody had
iTunes on their computer, we thought about Olga Alduenda and decided
to call her. She said that she did have it on her laptop and that we
could come by. We went by and started working the iPad trying to get
it to work. It wasn't working. We decided to call someone who knew how
to get it to work.When we went to look for our phone we couldn't find
it. I had lost the phone.... Oops. Haha We looked everywhere !! The
phone was a goner. The worst part is like this was all taking place
around 4:30 and we told our RS pres we would go help set everything up
for the dinner and broadcast at about 5. And we still needed to remind
a few LA and inv to the activity... We went back to the area we were
tracking moments before and we couldn't find a thing. We decided to go
back to Olga's house and try get the iPad working and then we would go
back and look for the phone. The iPad started to do something, it said
it would take 25 minutes. While it was doing that we went back to look
for our phone. We went house to house that we tracted. Finally we
found it chilling in the grass in the front of someone's yard.  We
found the phone!!! I was so grateful I was just screaming. Seriously.
Haha so then we went back to fix the iPad, but Hermana Alduenda needed
to leave to go to the church for the relief society broadcast thing.
She told us just to bring the computer with us to the church and we
can finish working on it there. We get to the church and get the iPad
working!! Wooooooot!!!
So needless to say we were pretty excited !  Since We had a dinner at
the church before the meeting with the English wards, we split up to
watch the conference in Spanish and English. Then satellite dish
wasn't working. Oh my satan ! Seriously working so hard. Anyway they
had to play the conference through the Internet. At first it wasn't
working in Spanish but thankfully Hna Dansie and I got it working on,
when all of the sudden a sister from the English
ward shows up and says they can't get the conference to work in
English, that it kept freezing or crashing. they figure out that they
needed a computer. We over hard them say they needed another computer,
so then Hermana Olga Alduenda was like, hey I brought one. They got is
all set up and everyone got to watch the conference. So here we see
that though small things great things can come to pass. By having a
broken iPad, and losing our phone, Heavenly Father provided a way for
us to have he laptop at the church so we could watch conference. It
was a cool experience to have and to see the wisdom of Heavenly Father
! I am grateful we were able to be instruments in the lords hands :)
Lupe is progressing awesomely and is super excited to come to General
Conference next weekend too. This guy is just so cool and has such a
good sincere heart. We talked a lot about modern day prophets
yesterday and he got pretty excited when we told him that this next
weekend we are going to be able to listen to the prophet and the
apostles :) I love general conference ! It's the best time of the year
Anyway that's really about it for the week :) it's starting to be fall
again and I am pretty happy because I love the fall here ! It's sooooo
beautiful :) I am grateful I am a missionary and there is no other
place I would rather be or no other thing I would rather be doing that
the work of the Lord! This truly is the work of salvation! I just want to
end with something I learned from the Women's Session, which is,
happiness comes as we trust God and see our blessings, even in the
middle of our storms. Faith and Hope bring up joy and happiness in
this life, and that we truly all are children of God. And he wants us
to be happy ! When you aren't happy all you gotta do is turn that
frown upside down, and don't let satan get you down Smiling face (black and white)️ (that's my
favorite song to sing to investigators when they are being stubborn or
I love you all so much. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family
!!! Happy general conference week :)
Hermana Lizzy Brown

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