Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Hey cute fam ! HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃 I am so thankful for every single one of you !! I am blessed to have the best family and people in my life :) thanks for being so amazing. I can't believe it's already time for another thanksgiving again. This past year I have seen so many miracles and been able to see the hand of the Lord in my life soooo strongly. And to that I am truly grateful because I know it has changed me into a better person and is still changing me to be who the Lord needs me to be.

This week was definitely a week for the books. I hope y'all are ready to hear about crazy Lamanite dreams, hitch hiking across the highway , and our epic roll up to stake conference in a Cadillac Escalade full of random Hispanics... If you think this sounds a little like Napoleon Dynamite I would have to say you are right. Enjoy Thumbs up sign

So to first start off the week I have to tell you about the cool new family we are teaching ! It's a single dad, Heriberto and his two sons Eric and Fransico. So Hna Dansie met them while tracking while on an exchange and they said we could come back. Well the next time we went back it was a Saturday night and the son Eric answered the door and said that that night wasn't the best night to come by. The house reeked of cigarettes and beer and the dad was just sitting there at the table drinking... We made a return appointment but weren't too hopeful about it. BUT we went back and we had an amazing lesson with them about the restoration. These kids are amazing and seriously just want to follow God. And it's been cool because the dads interest to learn more is starting to grow as well! We invited them all to be baptized and they all said yes !!! :) I am excited to see how the gospel will help this family more and more in their lives ! 

MIRACLE : so we were tracking this street this last week and we had never been on it because it's like on the edge of our area, so decided to go and try to contact some potentials that lived over there. We then decided to just try tracking the rest of the street. We met this nice American lady and she was awesome and gave us tons of referrals to all her Hispanic neighbors Thumbs up sign we knocked one of the houses she told us about and this little boy answered and told us to come.. We were like ... "Uh is your mom home?" And then she came out of the kitchen and was like "hey!! Come in, come in!" We are like "okay !" So we sit down and we are talking to Gilda and she is like the nicest person ever and we all just clicked super fast. She told us about 3 years ago the Hermanas use to come visit them and teach them but they had gotten super busy that time just went on and they didn't see the missionaries for awhile. She said they had even gone to church a few times and that they really loved it ! WHAT. So then we continue talking and she goes "I really really want to learn more. I know this is something I need in my life." WHAT. So then we set up a return appointment and everything and it was just awesome. Like the spirit and everything was just so strong inside her house and I could really truly feel so much love for her and her family. And the love that God has for her and her family. We end with a prayer and left. As Hna Dansie and I are walking to the car she goes "wanna hear the craziest thing? I had a dream about that lady 2 weeks ago. In that exact living room and in the exact places we were sitting and everything." WHAT! Oh my gosh. We were freaking out ! How cool :) Thankfully Hna Dansie is half Hispanic and has some of that Lamanite blood in her . God is good!! The work is rolling forward :) 

So the CRAZIEST thing also happened this week ! We were driving to stake conference for the adult session Saturday night and we were driving with Our member John and another member Hna Olga. We had missed our turn and we're making a u-turn when we started to go but the tire like was dragging and the car just wouldn't go. So John tried to go again , and it just sounded bad so he got out of the car and he goes "get out of the car the freaking tire is on fire !! " so we are like oh crap. So we just grab everything and go to the middle of the highway. So we are there and like the tire isn't just like smoking or something like that, it's legit in FLAMES !!!!!! Like flaming with sparks flying and everything. So we start throwing water on it and start taking stuff out of the trunk and John was going to translate at the meeting so we have these two big briefcases full of translation equipment with us on the side of the road. So then pulls over in the median with us, this big Cadillac Escalade full of Hispanic guys and they jumped out and just start throwing water and powerades and stuff on the car and thankfully the fire goes out. So we still needed to get to the conference to translate so John was like I will stay here with the car but you three, us and Hna Olga , need to go to the church. So we asked the Hispanic guys if we could get a ride and they said yes and like legit it was us three in this nice Escalade with four other Hispanics haha so we put the briefcases in the trunk and jumped into the car. These guys were super nice and really such a blessing. So we are driving to the church and they start talking with us and stuff. They are just like "are there drugs in those cases?" Hahaha We told them it was translating equipment for a meeting that we were going to the church for. Oh wow they totally thought that we had drugs with us!! We cleared that misconception up really quick Winking face

 So that was a crazy adventure but all in all we ended up hitching a ride with some awesome Hispanic guys, who we actually got to teach them a little and gave them more information about the church and made it to the session without anymore fires or car explosion. And the session for stake conference was incredible ! All about keeping the sabbath day holy. One question that was repeated a lot was this one "Are you really willing to change?" It made me think, am I really willing to change to the little things in my life to make the Sabbath day more holy, and more of a day to reflect on Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ ? After this week, and seeing so many miracles and the Lord's hand so much in my life, that is a complete and undeniable yes ! God is good and miracles happen :) and I know that he truly is watching over His missionaries! 

Oh also this weekend we got a new stake presidency and the guy that got called, President Pennington is family with like almost half of the spring hill Ward I served in in Columbia !! So I got to see so many people I just love!! It was awesome :) oh and we don't have a stake center yet for our stake so we had the Sunday session of stake conference at a hotel... Talk about a nice continental breakfast Winking face haha 

Seriously though, this week was AWESOME. Missionary work is awesome, and the gospel is awesome !! :) I am excited for another week full of turkey, tamales, and pozole. The best Thumbs up sign I hope y'all have a great week and a happy thanksgiving !! I hope you are able to really think and ponder about that which you are grateful for :)

"Not that I speak in respect of want: for I am learned in whatsoever state I am, there with to be content." Philippians 4:11

 We have so much to be thankful for ! 

I love you all so much !!! 

Hermana Brown 

Ps this is also the last week of the transfers..... Saturday I will find out my fate... Only two more leftFace screaming in fear😮

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