Monday, November 30, 2015


Hello family ! 
It sounded like y'all had a great thanksgiving and that makes me happy to hear :) this week went by super fast ! I am amazed and kind of freaked out how fast the time has gone by... I am down to my last 12 weeks... Like what ?! That's crazy ! Well as for transfer info goes.... I am staying here in Buena Vista for another transfer !!! Annnnnnd with Hna Dansie ! Like what ?? That will be 4 transfers here... And I am killing her, meaning this is her last transfer ! Which also might mean that I might stay here for the next two transfers as well ! :) I would love that !!! Needless to say we know there are gonna be some BIG things happening since we are staying together for another transfer. We are hoping for a white Christmas, not necessarily with snow, but with too many people in white baptismal clothes being baptized Smiling face (black and white)
Okay so on for this week Thumbs up sign
Thanksgiving was awesome ! We spent most of the day visiting investigators, members, and less actives and sharing short gratitude messages. I'm not sure if y'all remember me telling you about our miracle find of a less active, Ausencia, but we have been working with her for quite some time just trying to get her to open up more with us and such. Well we went over to her house Thursday to share a thanksgiving message and she then asked us to eat with her and her family (Meal #1..) which is awesome because knowing Hispanic people if they offer you food, you know that they like you :) it was great and it's been awesome to watch how much more opened she is with the gospel. Poco a poco :) 
Then we went to visit Aida and Jose (meal #2...) I love this family and we got the BEST news ever !!! So they have literally been investigating and coming to church now for a year... They have wanted to get baptized but can't because they aren't married and Jose isn't legally divorced from his last marriage yet. It's been this crazy long messy problem, but the thanksgiving miracle is that they got a letter in the mail saying the divorce will be legalized on DECEMBER 19!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAT!!!!! I am SO happy and so excited :) I know this has got to be one of the reasons why Hna Danise and I are staying here for another transfer together. 
Then we went to our branch presidents house (meal #3.....) and it was awesome :) I seriously don't think I can express the love I feel for this family ! Seriously they are amazing. It was such a fun thanksgiving and our investigator Lupe came too which was awesome. Lupe has been coming to church for the past like 5 months now ! And yesterday we had an amazing lesson with him about baptism. He said he wants to be baptized and now he understands why he needs to be baptized! I feel so blessed to be serving here in this mission and this area at this time :) 
Remember the family I talked about last week ? The single dad and his two sons? Well this week we had a great lesson with them. We followed up on their prayers about the restoration and being baptized and then The oldest son Eric just started testifying to his dad about how he knows the things we are teaching are true because he can feel it! He says he just feels so much peace and happiness and how he just loves to pray. Like what ?! So then we extended a baptismal date for December 19 and the dad just kind of was unsure... He said that he has a hard head and that it would be hard for him to change from being Catholic (like every person we teach....) so then we asked Eric, if it was okay with his dad if he could be baptized, if he would want to be. Eric looked at his dad and his dad said "if you want to" and Eric just looks down, then back up, raises his right hand and says "yes!" It was AWESOME :) so that was a sweet miracle we had ! We are confident that as Eric starts to progress the dad, Heriberto will too :) 
Also this week there was another BODA !! Bride with veilMan it was for a less active we have been teaching, who well is now active and back to the temple with one of the recent converts in the branch! Diana and Jorge. SO CUTE !!! Seriously. We were here when they went on their first date and now for their wedding. I am so happy for Diana ! She and her son Jazer have gone through a lot the 5 years and Jazer really just needs a dad in his life and Jorge is the perfect guy for them both. It was awesome :) Hna Dansie and I were the damas! Aka the bridesmaids :) it was fun ! Also I got some good ideas for my own wedding... Haha they do this really cool dance called the dollar dance and what it is that everyone at the wedding just pins money onto the bride and groom and then you can dance with them until someone else comes and pins money on them. Like what ?? And everyone like tries to pin the most money on the bride and groom. It's so funny ! And a good way to get some nice pocket money Winking faceBanknote with dollar sign
I think that's about it for this week. It was great and I am sooooo excited to see what this transfer has in store for the Buena Vista branch :) I know that this work is truly the work of salvation and that if we are willing to do the Lords work we can be great instruments in his hands :) 
I am so blessed to have such an amazing family ! Thank you for everything y'all have ever done for me. Laughing at my jokes, supporting me in all that I want to do, putting up with my craziness and always loving me. I hope y'all have a great week!! Thanks for all the prayers ! Know that I am praying for y'all too :) I love y'all ! HAPPY DECEMBER. 
Hermana Brown 
Ps have you seen the new Christmas video from the church ?! ITS AWESOME. Check it out. A savior is born :) 

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