Thursday, November 19, 2015

Teach, testify, invite, BAPTIZE‏

Dear cute family,
Wow can you believe that another week has already gone by?? that's just absolutely nuts! it sounds like yall had a good week but that it got a little bit colder with some rain and a little bit of snow! crazy. nope, no nieve here yet but maybe soon? I think it might just rain for awhile, we'll see! Thank you SO much for my package. I loved it! and I Think the contacts are better too, so yay :) and I love those socks, they are SO comfortable, I love them! yall are the best :)

Well as for this week, it all went by so fast and was filled with so much awesomeness I hope I will be able to remember all of it ;)

To start off on Tuesday we had MLC with Elder Zwick, and it was awesome. He really focused on how our job as missionaries is to teach simply and clearly, testify of what we know to be true, invite them to be baptized, and to BAPTIZED. Elder Zwick is sooo missionary minded and is just in love with the work, its so inspiring. He served his mission in Argentina, was a mission president in Chile, and in Puerto Rico and his Spanish is perfect! After the meeting with him we were eating lunch and Hna Danise and I started talking to him, seriously the nicest, coolest guy ever! He was asking about our investigators and we told him how we have so many awesome people prepared for baptism but they just needed a push from someone other than "the missionaries" haha well we found out that next week he is coming to our stake conference to put in a new stake presidency and that he said he would love to talk to Aida, Jose, and Mario ! I am pretty excited :) He is just like so full of the spirit that like literally it just attacks you at any word that comes out of his mouth.

Wednesday was out mulit-zone conference with Elder Zwick and it was amazing. All my companions were there and so that was fun to see everyone and such :) Can you believe my bestest buddy Hna Torres goes home from her mission in like 2 weeks?? I cant believe it! :( But it was awesome seeing her. Elder Zwick gave some incredible tranings and so did President and Sister Andersen. I just have to say how much I love President and Sister Andersen. They are sooo amazing and I truly feel so blessed to have them as my mission president and wife. Something that I really learned from our Wednesday meeting was how important it is as missionaries is to testify in the name of Jesus Christ while teaching lessons. As we role played how to be better testifiers my desire to share the gospel with everyone sky rocketed! So that was awesome :) 

As for the rest of week it went by wayyyy too fast. But some fun cool things did happen :) We were able to invite 5 of our investigators to baptism! They all said yes! As of right only one of them have a set date. but the others are praying for a date and so they should have a set date by the end of this week ! MIRACLES!!

Also another miracle. One of our members signed up to go visit people with us on Tuesday night but we were kinda of freaking out because we had no set lessons, and we had planned on just tracking... well it would have worked out perfectly if our member wasn't 80 years old who was coming out with us.... haha Hno Ambriz is such a sweetheart! So we decided we would meet at a trailer park close to his house. There is a family in the trailer park that we have been trying to contact but they moved and we didn't have their new address. We first tried a potencial but he wasn't home... so then we just decided to drive down the street and try a couple of houses that might have been the Carcamo's (the family we have been looking for) , God is good because... the first house we tried, IT WAS THEM! it was awesome :) she even had her book of momon sitting on her counter top! yahoo :) So that was a miracle. we had a great first lesson with her and her family and set up another appointment for this week!

Oh also my life long dream came true too! I got a baby named after me!!!!! yessssss! haha our enterigator, Ozmara, she had her baby this week! Her name is Amaya Elizabeth :) ahhhhhh yeah! I am so happy :) haha dreams do come true.

This week I also ate like a ton of Pozole! that makes a happy hna brown :)

As I was studying this week I came across this scripture in Ether 4:19

"And blessed is he that is found faithful unto my name at the last day, for he shall be lifted up to dwell in the kingdom prepared for him from the foundation of the world. And behold it is I that hath spoken it. Amen."

I know that as we trust in the promises of the lord and stay faithful to him, we will be blessed ! Always remember the promises of the Lord are true promises, he will never let us down.

Thank you family for all you prayers and support. I feel so blessed! You are all in my prayers! I love being a missionary and I love teaching those around me about what I know to be true with all my heart :)

Have a greeeeeeeat graaaaaant week :)

Hermana Brown

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