Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The reason why her hair is so big is because it's full of secrets‏

Hello family !!! 

Wow your trip to Washington looks like so much fun!!! Your picture made me so happy :) i am glad y'all had such a fun time ! Also I am so happy that the Utes won too ! Even better :) also I am glad John brought over the package I sent. I hope you enjoy all that delicious Mexican candy :) oh btw the thing that looks like a chocolate candy bar isn't a chocolate candy bar. You put it in a drink to make it :) if you don't like it just give it to josh, he might Thumbs up sign oh and I am glad you ate at panera bread, SOOOOO good! I love the turkey avocado BLT . 

So this week .... What a week. I'm gonna be honest with y'all, this was a hard week. But that's okay. I don't know how else to explain it, just a tough one. But at the same time it was great. A mission is like bipolar haha but God is a god of miracles and boy did we see them this week ! :) this might be a long email but I hope you enjoy it ! 

So first off Monday night we set a baptismal date with our investigator Mari ! Yahoo ! For Dec 5 :) which is awesome. And she came to church yesterday. It was the primary program and I think Mari really liked it . I love this woman . Then later Monday night we had our weekly noche de hogar with la familia morales y Cardiel and it was amazing. Our inv Mario gave the lesson on enduring to the end and it was so spiritual and amazing. I can see him being like a bishop in 10 years. But let's just focus on the baptism thing first Winking face haha 


So in the morning we didn't have too many set appointments for the day so during comp study we were looking through our areabook and writing down people's names that we haven't met or seen before. So I was making a list and I found a name I had never seen before her name was Romelia Tolentino. As I wrote down her name I just had such a strong impression we needed to go and see her. Anyway we finished making our lists and got on with comp study. Well as the day went on we went to try and visit our investigator Ozmara. When we got to her house her car wasn't there but we thought we would just try anyway. As we got out of the car another one of our investigators who lives on her same street , Reyna called us. She said she saw us drive by and asked if we could just come over for like 5 minutes, we said yes and hurry and walked over. Well we walked in and that's when we met Reyna's sister in law Romelia.... I heard her name and inside I was like "oh my gosh no way this is the same person I wrote down earlier I today" well we start talking with her and I just kept thinking "oh my gosh this is the same person. This is a miracle holy cow ! But wow she is such an amazing person. The first thing she asked us was "so what do I have to do to come to church?" Hna Dansie and I just looked at each other and said "nothing, just come" she smiled. As we started talking she started opening up to us. She has a lot of things going on in her life right now and all she wants to do is find God. She knows that he is there and Jesus Christ is too but she just doesn't know quite how to strengthen that relationship with them. Well, isn't that was the missionary purpose is ? To invite others to Come unto Christ ? I think so ! :) the spirit was so strong as we testified that as she meets with us and comes to church that she will feel her life change and find the peace she is looking for. Tears were rolling down my face as she said, "that's all I want. Peace." We then get her contact info and set up a return appointment. We got her number and Hna Dansie asked for her last name. You better believe it, Tolentino. It was her ! My smile was so big it probably freaked everyone out, but my heart was so happy ! We said a closing prayer and left. As we walked to our car Hna Dansie goes "wow well that was a miracle" I turned to her and said "the craziest thing about it is that today I wrote down her name and just had the strongest impression to find her." We were both in shock. It's times like these I just wish I could just press a pause button and stay in those moments forever. This truly is the work of salvation :) 

We also had exchanges this week and I have to tell you about this funny thing that happened. I stayed in the area and was with another sister. Well we had a lesson set with this guy named Pauplino at 7. Well I had never met this guy before and Hna Dansie met him when we were on another exchange and said he was kind of creepy and drunk when she met him ....... Anyway he keeps calling us and wants us to teach him so we set an appointment and call a member to come with us. We go to pick up our member and she cancels right then... So I'm just like uggggh I don't know if we should go or not... So then we just decided to drive over to where he lives and check it out (after being a missionary I have become a professional stalker..) let me just paint you a picture of what this neighborhood looks like. The sister I am with says "are we in the projects??" Hahahaha unfortunately  the area we were in was actual a nicer area compared to other places we go to... AnYway we like park our car outside the house (across the street of course) and I am just like not having a good feeling. So we decide to pray wether we should knock the door or not. After the prayer we decide just to call him. So we are sitting in our car talking to this guy and he seemed pretty nice. We told him we couldn't come over but that we could talk about the pamphlet we left him over the phone. So we start talking and I am thinking wow this guy is a pretty nice guy, maybe he is pretty solid. So we are talking and I look down the street and I see this guy walking with a bag holding alcohol and talking on the phone. I lean over to the sister I'm with and say "that would be hilarious if that was Pauplino" well I spoke to soon. IT WAS HIM !! Hahahah so he gets closer and I'm like "duck!" So there we ar hiding in our car talking to our investigator on the phone and he is walking right towards us. Well so then he gets close and this big truck pulls up at his house and this lights are like beaming into our car btw we have like the lowest tinted windows in then world. So we are still hiding and talking on the phone when Pauplino is like "why don't you send me a photo of you. I want to see you." AHHHHH. I put the phone of mute, start the car and speeeeeed away. Then he keeps talking and is like "I am looking for you." WAHHHH we hung up and then he kept calling and so we just kept rejecting it. Hahahaha the best part was that the sister I was with is an English missionary and doesn't know any Spanish hahaha she had no idea what was happening. So that was hilarious :) a little creepy but makes a good story Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye

We also went out to eat with our branch president and his family and our investigator Lupe to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was so fun and guess what ? My companion , Lupe and 2 of presidentes sons , Byron and Heber did the Blazin challenge. It was hilarious. I will send you pictures and videos. Lupe and Hna Dansie were the only ones to actually eat all 12 wings in the 6 minutes. Hahaha it was so fun ! 

Well I think that's about all for this week. I hope y'all have a great week !! Be safe on your travel home :) thanks for all y'all do for me ! I love y'all !!! 

Hermana Brown 

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