Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Hello family !
Wow I can't believe that I am starting my last week of my mission this
week. Can you believe it ? The time has flown by sooooooo fast! I am
seriously so grateful for my mission. It's been the best, hardest,
craziest, funniest time of my life and I am very grateful for all that
the Lord has taught me and helped me become while I have been laboring
in this part of his vineyard.
This week was a great week and I am excited to fill y'all in on
everything that has been going down here in Tennessee :)
the weather has been cold and warm and wet and snowy and icy... My
body can't take these climate changes.... But it's okay. Last night it
was literally raining ice... Not hail, ice... That was interesting Droplet
So I think one of the biggest miracles we had this week was.... We
found Margarita Anderson! After you know knocking on almost every
house, getting the cops called on us and screamed at by a bunch of old
people we found her :) she is the sweetest lady I know and my love for
her is already so big ! It was literally such a big miracle that we
found her and she wants to start meeting with us too! We had planned
with Hna Burgos to go and try and find her this week because she said
she remembered a little bit where she lived, but then it started
snowing and Hna Burgos didn't feel comfortable driving in the snow, so
we said its alright and that we would go another day, well as we were
leaving our apartment I said to Hna Reynolds... Should we just go try
one more time to find her ? And so off we went ! And because it was
snowing, she was at home and didn't go into work.. MIRACLE. so that
was pretty awesome Clapping hands sign
We met with the Leguna family this week and we had another amazing
Lesson with them! They are so prepared, both of them! Lupe came with
us to the lesson, his first time not being the one we are teaching,
and he loved it! I was pretty nervous because ya know he is still
learning and has only been baptized a month and you know how sometimes
investigators can say some weird things and such.. But anyway it was a
perfect lesson and a perfect lesson to bring Lupe to !! Dorian had a
few questions about how he could know if Joseph smith really saw
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and was a true prophet, and Gilda
just wants to know how she can grow her relationship closer to God and
Jesus Christ. We had a great lesson all about the Book of Mormon and
prayer. They asked Lupe how he came to know it was true and he said
"to be honest I haven't been a part of the church very long, but
really all it is, is praying. I prayed and I know that this is
Heavenly Father helping me and showing me that this is the truth" bam
SPIRIT!!! It was awesome. We have another lesson with them this week
and I am excited to watch them keep progressing. The best part was
when we were leaving Lupe looks at us and said "what you guys are
doing is really awesome" HE FELT THE MISSIONARY SPIRIT. And I think he
really realized how the gospel can really bless everyone. That was an
awesome night !
Oh also, Lupe blessed the sacrament yesterday !!! Annnnnnnnnd he got a
calling. He is progressing SO much. Who would have thought, my first
Sunday here he came , just because presidente Burgos invited him, and
now, my second to last Sunday he is blessing the sacrament. This truly
is the work of the Lord and I am amazed that I get to even be apart of
this work. I love my mission sooooo much Smiling face with smiling eyes
Oh also this week we went to the temple and that was awesome :) I love
the temple! And a couple from Winchester was working there that day so
I got to see them. That was a sweet tender mercy :)
I think that's probably about it for this week.... It was a good week
! And now, this week is gonna be even better ! Try not to do anything
toooooo fun without me this next week Winking face
I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me while helping me
on my mission. I love you all sooooooo much ! Have a great week !!
Hno Alduenda, he is sick and can't leave his bed, so we go and sing to
him every Sunday. He is sooooo sweet.

At the temple with Hna Reynolds

Hna Alduenda she said she didn't want her picture taken but I had to
get one anyway. I love her :)

Temple with Diana, I love this woman !! Next year we are coming back
for her sealing in the temple with her husband, just so y'all can
start making plans now Winking face


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