Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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Hey Family !!

Happy monday! :) I cant believe that it is already monday ! that is absolutely crazy. The time is just picking up faster and faster..... I cant quite tell if that is a good thing or a bad thing as of right now... i am going to go with a both... haha But i am excited to tell you all about our great week!

So we had some sweet miracles which i am very excited to tell yall about!

FIRST OFF we have a baptismal date!! yahoo! its for a 9 year old boy we are teaching him and his family! The date is set for March 5 and i am sooo excited! I dont know if yall remember me talking much about our investigator Maggy Romo or not... Well back in the spring the missionaries found her and started teaching her, she started progressing and then went from progressing to not progressing and so forth, SO frustrating as a missionary. Literally a roller coaster of emotions with her. But its awesome because we started teaching her and her son Carlos again and now Carlos has a baptismal date! they use to be going to the catholic church and her kids were getting ready for their baptism into the catholic church, but then some things happened and such and now her and her husband both want their kids to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Yahoooo! so sweet! So this is all pretty exciting. Now we just have to get maggy on date and soon her husband which could be hard considering i have never met him before... BUT we will start to teach him soon :)

Next I dont remember if you guys remember me tell you about Gilda Lenguna, she was this total miracle we found back around Thanksgiving and since then we have NEVER been able to meet up with her, BUT this week we had our first lesson with her and her husband, Dorian and it was AWESOME! they are sooo totally prepared. So that is awesome :) and seriously they are just looking for the true church and I am just so excited to start teaching them! 

LUPE GOT THE PRIESTHOOD! Lupe got the priesthood yesterday so that was sweet! He is progressing a ton. and that makes me really happy! He is really growing in the gospel too and he fits in perfectly with our little branch :)

Okay here for the big miracle of the week!
So we had a lesson set to go and visit the Guttierez family but since its a single dad and his sons we always need a member to come with us. Well, we had a member set up and everything and then like right before, things happened and our member couldnt come.. haha typical ;) BUT i just had the feeling that we needed to go and that everything would work out. As we were driving to their house frantically trying to call as many people as we could last minute to come with us. No one answered. it was soooo strange because usually i would have just been super stressed but I was strangely calmed the whole time. Which was kind of freaking me out that i was so freaked out, ya know what i mean? haha hna seemed a little bit just mad, so i was trying to be positive and everything and just saying "its fine everything will work out, no worries, God has a plan its finnnneeee" AND GOD HAD A PLAN!! SO we pull into the apartment complex and head towards their building, we are about to park and i see this lady walking and i am like "is that mari's mom?!" (Mari, our recent convert lives in the same apartment complex but on the other side, and her nonmember mom has been staying with them for the last 4 months or so) and i am like no... then we get closer and it was TOTALLY her! So we hurry and park and we run over and start talking to her. We told her we were going to go and visit some friends real quick and asked if she wanted to come with us and she totally says YES!!! IT WAS A HUGE MIRACLE!! literally i had the biggest smile on my face ever just thinking WOW GOD IS SO MERCIFUL!!! THANK YOU! So although we werent able to get a member present, we were able to go in and teach an awesome lesson all about the book of mormon to the guttierez family and to Rosalba. I feel really grateful God's plan that he has for all of us and that he allows me to see all these incredible experiences everyday. I am so happy and i love being a missionary! 

Funny story. We went to go see a less active family and at the end of the lesson we asked them all if they would come to church on sunday. one of the daughters, trying to make excuses said "i dont have any shoes..." so i took mine off and said "okay here are your shoes, now you have shoes to come to church in" and then we left. I think that they thought i was joking and would come back for the shoes, but nope, we didnt haha it would have worked out perfectly... but then i remembered we had to stop at the store on the way home... so i had to walk into walgreens without shoes on... but hey it was worth it because THEY CAME TO CHURCH :) 

Thats about really all for this week! its been a great week and I am excited for this next week too! we get to go to the temple! yahooooo! :) so that is excting. We have a lot of good things going for us these next few weeks and I am pumped to keep working hard these next two weeks :)

Thanks for all you do for me! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and to have so many prayers given for me, i can feel them so much! The gospel is soooo true! never forget it! have a great week! Love yall sooooo much!

Hermana Brown

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