Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hey! Well not too much has happened since we last talked. I LOVED talking on Christmas. But it also made me a little homesick afterward... Oh well that's good I guess! So after we talked we went over to our investigator, Irene's, house and had some pozole and pan dulce. Some of my favorite things! :) we shared a really good Christmas message with them. They are a great family! But they have a hard time actually taking the steps which they need to... I just know that if they will come to church, they will get a confirmation that these things are true and Joseph smith was a true prophet... On the plus side our church is changing times to 1 o'clock next week so I just know we will have a lot more success with our investigators coming to church :) 

We are kind of running out of miles for the rest of the month so we decided we should start walking some more, well on Saturday the day we decided to walk it POURED. like the worst rain storm I
have seen since being here in Tennessee. Haha that was wonderful Winking face we found a lot of people and set up return appointments. Oh ALSO we got transfer calls on Saturday. Hermana torres and I are staying here for another transfer, which I feel okay about. We had a huge miracle Sunday. We had set a goal to have 6 investigators at church on Sunday. But Saturday night we were a little worried we would only have four. But guess what? SIX!!!!! And it was a huge miracle. We had the 3 girls, Natalie, Amanda, and Melanie, Sabu, Felipe, and Beto!!! Okay so Beto and Felipe are the miracles. First Felipe's phone hasn't had service all week. And we haven't been able to contact him or even find him! But he came to church. And he actually wore slacks, WHAT? That never happens. So Beto, he is angele's boyfriend and I don't think even too interested in the gospel. We went over on Wednesday and shared a little message with him and angele's and Then I guess on Saturday night he texted sister noble and said he wanted to come to church and if she would wait for him so he doesn't go in alone (angele's has to work some Sunday mornings) well he came!!!! With angeles too!!! But she had to leave after sacrament and he stayed for all 3 hours!!!! WHAT. then we asked him if he wanted to start taking the missionary lessons and he said yes!!!!!! And then later that night he had sent a text to sister noble saying how he was pretty excited. What. Miracle. It was awesome. We taught him last night and it went pretty good! He likes to try and not understand something's we teach him, but he knows it's true.... He just needs to soften his heart. 

This next week should be fun! On Thursday we get to sleep in until 8! Then we have a super p day from 10 am to 8 pm. That should be fun. President is letting us get together with the zone too. He even is approving a list of g or oh rated movies to watch. That should be great :) we have a ton of return appointments too. I'm looking forward to this week and this next transfer. :) 

I am so thankful for technology and the chance we got to FaceTime. It was great seeing you all. I hope you like the Tennessee shirts! They are pretty cool I think ;) hope you guys have a great week and a HAPPY NEW YEAR Confetti ballParty popperTanabata treeWind chime be safe :) 

Hermana Lizzy brown :)


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