Tuesday, December 16, 2014

La primera Navidad‏

Wow this week went flying by. It was so busy!! First couple of things, I got your package with the paper Christmas tree and everything. I love it :) I put it up right then! I will have to get a picture of me by it or something to send home. So thank you! And dad thanks for the book, it will probably make me bawl like a baby but crying is sometimes good, right? Haha so this week was great!!! So we had noche de Hogar with the hales family on Monday with our investigator Franco and when we got there he had brought his friend Sabu. But it was a little tricky Sabu doesn't speak Spanish. So we had our lesson half and half. We would discuss half in English, translate to Spanish and vice versa. It was actually really fun and we learned a lot! And Sabu is so cool!! Like he really wants to know the truth. He was also very excited about reading the Book of Mormon too. Franco couldn't come to church yesterday, but Sabu did and he stayed for all 3 hours and he really liked it. So that was awesome!! 

Well we did exchanges with the STL's again this week.... And I stayed here in Columbia... Me and all my little Spanish. BUT it went great. I was so nervous and I don't think I have ever prayed so hard on my life before. And my prayers were totally answered!! So me and sister carpenter went to our night appointments. We couldn't get in anywhere because the families were leaving or weren't home. We decided to stop by at one of our potential investigators, Jacinta's. And I just have this love for her. She is just this amazing lady and is so close to the spirit. Well we have taught her before, we taught her the restoration about a month or so ago but haven't been able to see her again because she is always working and busy. But we drove past her house and her car was there and all her lights too!! I was kind of nervous but just so happy to see her. We went in and starts talking and recapped the restoration. She had a lot of questions about the apostasy and Jose smith. So it was really good to go over it. Over all it went really good!!! And I could understand all she was saying. Seriously. It's such an amazing blessing and tender mercy from the lord. After we had missionary correlation and then we went to stop by and see Felipe. Well usually he is like "come in come in" and we never can because Olivia isn't there but it was so cool! He just grabbed his jacket, turned a movie on for max and came outside. It was incredible! We talked a lot about the temple and life and the scriptures and baptism. Usually Felipe just kind of messes with me because I can't speak Spanish all too well but he was serious the whole night. It was such a tender mercy! He is such a cool guy. 

On Friday we had zone conference so that was way fun too! Elder Rundlund from the seventy came with his wife. He is way cool!! Overall it was a really good zone conference and I got to see Hermana Levao so that's always fun :) she is a cutie! Let's just say her companion and I are a little different so I think she is struggling a bit. But it's good for her :) 

On Saturday it was sister nobles son, Alex's baptism. It was really and cool. He is such a sweet cute boy! That night was sister nobles daughter quincera! We stopped by for a bit to grab some food, talk to some less actives and find a few new potentials. That was really fun too! Also we went and visited one of our progressing investigator family in spring hill and earlier the mom was telling us that her son just really wanted a Christmas tree but they just didn't know if they good be getting one this year or not. Well there was a tree at our apartment with lights and ornaments and we decided to go and take it to them and decorate with them. It was so much fun and they kids were so cute!! I don't think I have just been filled with so much love and happiness. I'm so grateful for the chance I get to have to be a missionary right now at this time. Let alone a member of this church. I also just love this Christmas time when the whole world can truly focus on the Savior and his birth and life. 

Also miracle!!! We had an amazing lesson with Felipe!! We decided to have it at the church and wow that really brought the spirit. We read 1 Nefi 8 all about the tree of life and everything and it was great. He was just eating it all up :) we even asked him to say the closing prayer and usually we will argue it and Hermana Torres and I will end up saying it after about 10 minutes, and this time he just said it. And it was a real sincere heartfelt prayer. It was so amazing. I can't believe how crazy it's been at home, but busy is always fun I think :) I'm sad to say I missed the Santa party... But it looked like it was fun like always. I am stoked to hear about Murray basketball and the Utes!!! Thanks for all your love and support and like Brandon would say, keep it crunk. Haha

Love always, 
Hermana Brown :)
On Monday night we were visiting Hermana Angeles and she totally caked me for no reason....

Me and Hermana Torres

Sister nobles son, Alex, got baptized on Saturday! Cutie.

Amy and Edy jr by the Christmas tree. SO cute.

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