Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas in Dixie....‏

I have wanted to title my Christmas email that since I got my call.... I hope you enjoyed and sang a little bit of the song with it.. Haha I get to see you on Thursday!!!! I am freaking out. Best Christmas ever!! Also I got your package. And I loved the little nativity, so cute, so thank you :) I am honestly shocked that this week is over... How did it happen so fast? I have no idea, but that's okay! This letter might be a little shorter than normal but we get to talk on Thursday! Yahoo. 

Best news ever. So we decided to help Felipe want to read the Book of Mormon more, and so we started giving him questions to find while he reads. It's great. So we had this awesome lesson about faith with him and sister noble and we left him alma 32 to read, well the next day we were close by his place so we thought we would just say hi, well we did and when we asked him if he read (expecting he wouldn't have cuz he never does...) HE READ!!!!!!! He showed us his Book of Mormon and he had high lighted all the answers to his questions. WAHHHH!!! We were freaking out. I might have almost started crying.... Haha it was seriously so great. 

I still haven't been able to go to the temple yet... We go every six months and they went like 2 weeks before I got here... Sad. But we went to Franklin this last week for a couple days and we stopped by the temple and took some pictures. It seriously is just so super tiny. The stake center is next to the temple and is bigger than it... Haha I feel like I could jump and touch angel Moroni. But it's so beautiful!!! 

Well the little girls we have been teaching are doing great too! They came to church again this week :) that's 3 weeks in a row. They are the sweetest girls in the world and I love them to bits and pieces. We taught them the plan of salvation and they really liked it and could understand it. We are hoping to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ this next week and talk with their dad about being baptized if it's okay with him. They are so sweet, cute, and smart. I love them!! 

Saturday we had our Ward Christmas party and it was so much fun! Santa came and brought toys for all the kids! It was a blast. I love the ward here! On Sunday we also had the Christmas program  in sacrament meeting. The Spanish group sang La Primera Navidad... It wasn't tooo awful but not good haha my ward is great but let's just say not too much music talent... But it was still a nice meeting :) 

This week was great and sorry I'm not writing much but we get to talk in 3 days!!!! Yahoo :) 

I love you so much!!!

Love always,
Hermana Brown :) 

Also! GO UTES!! I started doing the Utah man when I read they won. Hermana Torres thought it was weird.. Oh well. Go Utes!! 
These are some of the girls we teach. The cutest. Left to right. Hma Torres, Natalie (9), Zuly (2), Melanie (8), Amanda (7), me :)

Christmas pics with our district... Kinda weird haha

Me and my buddy hma Torres :)


We made a mega "Él es la dádiva" (he is the gift) thing on our wall...

Funny pics....

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