Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December already??????

Mi familia! Hola!! Como estan? Espero todo es bien con usteds! Haha how is my spanish?? Well first off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and HAPPY FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER!! I can't believe that it's already December... So crazy. Well it sounds like your thanksgiving was good!! I'm going to be honest.... This thanksgiving was definitely different..... But it was okay :) it just is weird to have holidays on your mission... I am so excited for Christmas though :) president said we can skype!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!! I'm so stoked. I will get more info and let you guys know when and how and how to add me and all that jazz. 

Anyway this week was so dang hard. But it was a good week. We struggled a lot and walked a lot more, but we also saw tons of tender mercies from the lord. Always the best!! We decided not to be in contact with Felipe this week and just kind of let things be. We ended up seeing him at one of our members birthday party and it was good!! This member is Hispanic so they invited us and we were able to talk and contact a ton of people!! It was actually great. We got a new Ward mission leader, and he is American but speaks Spanish and is married to a Mexican lady and he was just fellowshipping Felipe the whole time at the party. The best part is that we are having a family home evening at their house tonight with felipe! So let's see how that goes :) 

Besides that we did a ton of contacting and finding and trying to visit some of our potential investigators. On Wednesday we walked so much and so far and when we finally got to the house of a less active we knocked and no one was home. We went and knocked a few more houses and decided to go and try the house again. We knocked and knocked and knocked then it started pouring and storming. We decided just to wait on the dry porch for a little longer and wait for our ride. We decided to knock one more time, and Luis answered!!!! We were able to talk with him about his baptism and everything. Hopefully we can get in and get him back to church. 

Also!!!! We are trying to build up our priesthood in our spanish so we can start a branch sooner if we have so many Spanish priesthood holders. Well we were talking to this guy at Walmart and he told us that his cousin is a member and served his mission in Monterrey Mexico too and he just moved back here but he didn't know where the church was. Well yesterday we got a call from The guy!!! His name is Daniel and he is an RM and everything. It's just what we need!! :) 

Onto thanksgiving. It was different. We got ready and went around and shared little messages about being thankful and gratitude. The thing we were scared of was that every Hispanic we go and visit will want to feed us. And so We went to the Abacs and they forced us to eat... It was really good. We had turkey and rice and beans and tortillas. Haha it was different but really good too!  After we had our dinner appointment at the cooks. It was good as well!   it was so nice of them to feed us and it was really good too!! Then our dinner at margaritas.... Hahaha she canceled on us.... Joy. We ended up going to say happy thanksgiving to our less active Beaty, and they invited us and it was so good!!!! This way good pork, and noodles, and pancho and that was good. It's like a little bit like wassel but different at the same time haha. Overall it was a great thanksgiving. And I have so much to be thankful for in my life :) 

This next week we have a ton of appointments and are even going to try and set a date with this guy named Franco. He has been to church the last 2 weeks and he loves it!!! He even asked one of our members what he needs to do to be baptized. WHAT. Please pray for him. He is just such a cool guy and kind of reminds me of Pedro off of napoleon dynamite. Hahaha he is great!! :) 

Dad, the house looks great!!!! I love the white lights around the windows. It looks great. And mom the tree looks really good too. I need a picture of that camel in the window though!!! I'm glad it was fun to have brandon and haley come up too. They are the best!!! Also mad props to you all for doing that 5k!!! I want pictures. I love you all so much. I am so blessed  to have the best family ever. I missed you guys this thanksgiving but I am more thankful that we are gonna be together forever. Have a great first week of December hopefully some snow will come too to add to the house :) 

Love always, 
Hermana Lizzy Brown :)

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