Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crazy dogs and ozone toxins and MIRACLES‏

Mi Familia! Hola!

well it sounds like your week was fun! Those swag drinks looked pretty good if you ask me! Mommy, the ocean looked beautiful! im glad you had fun with grandma and grandpa too! they are just the best and so cute! I hope you keep having fun in Vegas too! but go home to my dad soon! Dad sounds like you had a fun week but a little bit lonely, i don't blame you! i don't like being home alone... 

okay well this week was crazy!! and so much happened! im excited to tell you all about it :)

well so first off our apartment stinks! just like a smoker, its bad. so we had been telling our bishop about it and he told us he had something that would take away the smell! its called an ozone machine and what you do is you just plug it in, turn it on, and leave the apartment for like 6 hours then it will turn off by itself and you just have to wait an hour from when it was off to occupy the space again. so what happens is that this machine puts out ozone or something and it basically sucks ups all the bad smell. well so we did it and we came back at 9 and the smell was pretty strong. and so then we got nervous because we thought we were going to get like ozone toxins inside us and die so we kind of panicked and we called president asking him what we should do... haha he said that would should be fine and not too worry about it... well the good news is, we woke up in the morning and we didn't die! haha i guess the side affects from the machine aren't anything serious just like respiratory irritation and mucus membrane build up? But now, our apartment doesn't even smell that bad anymore! so we are so happy :)

next story happened on saturday... so we decided to walk to some of our appointments and as we were walking we had to text one of our members who was going to pick us up. so we were walking down the road and this road isn't a super busy road but there are always a couple of cars on it. well so we stopped and i hear this dog barking and i don't think much of it until i hear hermana torres start screaming and yelling crazy words in spanish, i turn around and this dog is just bolting towards us! it wasn't a huge dog, but it was a little rat either and it was showing teeth like it was going to bite us. so i turn around trying to protect myself and start swinging my bag at the dog because i don't want to run away and have it start chasing us. well at this point we are like it in the road and all these cars are just honking at us, but this dog just keeps barking and trying to get us! then another dog comes out! i am freaking out just like screaming "no! no stop!!!" then finally the owner calls for it and they go back inside.... it was the worst! then this other car pulls over and gets out to make sure we are okay, but yes, that is the story of our crazy dog encounter... haha dogs are the worst... and everyone in Tennessee has one and they are never on leashes either.... the worst!

Okay and now here is the miracle! so my ward is having a special convert baptism on the 22nd of February and so we are all trying to have one of our investigators to be baptized then, so we have just been praying so hard to know who could be ready for baptism this date.. well last week i told  you all about Narsico. the 14 year we met who is just plain awesome! well we had another really really great lesson with him last night! and we got him to commit to baptism on the 22!!!!! MIRACLES so we started the lesson out just answering some questions he had. then we invited him to prepare for baptism and he said he would like to, but he just doesn't feel like he is worthy cause he sins and stuff, so we talked about the atonement. the spirit was so strong. he said that about a month ago he had prayed to God to help him go back to church and to have someone help him out with going. then 2 weeks later we knocked on his door, he was so surprised. We told him our we felt inspired to go to his door. We then asked him to prepare for baptism and he said he would! YAY!!! Please please please pray for him. He hasn't been to church once yet, and he needs to come the next 3 weeks in a row in order to be baptized on the 22nd so if you all could please pray for him? he is amazing!

I truly just have such a strong testimony of this work. I truly know that the Lord's hand is in this work. I just have such a strong testimony of following the promptings of the spirit. I just am so thankful that i get to be out here serving the lord and building up his kingdom here in middle Tennessee!

I hope y'all have a great week! love you tons!

Hermana Lizzy Brown :)

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